Needing help with roofs

ive been having some problems with roofs lately
I have an outline that I like for how I want to set it up but it wont let me build a roof on it.
I have tried this with different houses and setups with not one that would let me place a roof

tried using foundations and slabs as a base since I wanted to have some houses that looked like they had a deck

im I missing a step to get a roof?

As far as I know roofs can only be placed on top of walls, house or free standing. They can not be placed on top of slabs. Is that your case?

Have fun, Kyth.

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the walls are still on top of the slabs or foundation but some of my designs do have a lot of coloums to them. could that be part of the problem?

I loaded the gave up again and I got this message after going to the build option:
develop-3169 (x64)
stonehearth/lib/build_util.lua:871: assertion failed!
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function 'assert’
stonehearth/lib/build_util.lua:871: in function 'create_edge_loop_for_wall’
stonehearth/lib/build_util.lua:958: in function ‘calculate_roof_shape_around_walls’
…th/services/client/build_editor/grow_roof_editor.lua:116: in function ‘_compute_roof_region’
…th/services/client/build_editor/grow_roof_editor.lua:78: in function ‘fn’
…ces/client/selection/entity_or_location_selector.lua:233: in function ‘_get_selected_entity’
…ces/client/selection/entity_or_location_selector.lua:269: in function ‘_on_mouse_event’
…nehearth/services/client/selection/selector_base.lua:115: in function '_mouse_cb’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_capture.lua:55: in function '_dispatch’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:70: in function '_dispatch_input’
stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:12: in function <stonehearth/services/client/input/input_service.lua:11>


Could you provide us with a print screen of the building, or maybe a save too for the devs, As said, roofs don’t work on slabs but should work on the wall tool,

there are the save and templates one of them I made a slab roof but the downside on that one is that you cant see thought it too well

I tried a roof even with no floor or slabs and it will would not work at all