Adding roofs with holes

I’ve found here a way to add roofs that have holes in the middle of them, even if there would be no walls to support this behaviour.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open up the Building Designer screen.
  2. Draw a floor.
  3. Grow walls around it.
  4. Remove a part of the floor in the middle of the building (at least 5x5 needs to be removed).
  5. Add roof to the building.

Expected result:
The roof is added without a hole in the middle.

Actual result:
The roof is added as if there would be walls, or any kind of support, inside the building as well.


Version and Mods:
r195 with no mods.

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Is it possible to grow walls again and put walls in the center after adding the roof? If so, this would be a feature. If not, this may well be a bug, but not in the way you think.

The problem would not be roofs with holes, the problem would be a hole without walls.

Also: will it build?

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I’m not sure in more recent versions, but I ran into this with the Grand Sina project. From what I remember, trying to do anything with it at that point crashed the game. Maybe it changed since then?

Roofs follow floor plan with walls attached. What are u trying to do. I know work arounds to this. Few things I do to work this. Put everything together first. After roof is on then go back in and erase their area ur trying too.

If ur trying to make a court yard. U can do 2 things. Erase the area ur making it then add roof. And do individual walls after. Or erase the floor then add walls the roof.

I don’t know if its a bug or if roof is just following floor plan. But I know u can’t add roof to walls w/o floor.

@micheal_handy76_mh said it best:

That is why I consider this a bug, @coasterspaul. :wink:
Since there are no walls up in the middle I expect the roof to cover it all.

Nope it’s not I’m afraid, it sounds like something that’d be possible though. Maybe some building tools are restricted after the roof is put down?

Well, they start building it but stops after they’ve just begun on the roof.
I think that since they only work on the roof one level at a time (starting from bottom) they’re trying to build the roof that’s up in the middle, which they can’t get to. So I think if I built something that lets them reach the middle part of the roof it’ll be built.

I was actually trying to put up a house around a miningshaft that was dug up. I was thinking in the lines that you’d find a single house in the middle of the forest, and in there is a way down to an underground civilization.
Yeah I did it, in the order you described, afterwards to get what I wanted. :smile: