Actions on multiple selected items

Just some suggestions for some QoL-features :slight_smile: I apologize If I have missed a solution to this problem, but I don’t seem to have found one.

When building it’s possible to specify if blocks should be considered ‘Block’, ‘Roof’ or ‘Wall’ which is really nice for making custom builds. However, it get very tedious when you have to select each block or group of blocks and set the ‘type’.
I’ve noticed that you can shift-click blocks to add them to one combined selection, and I would love if you could specify the type on all selected blocks/groups of blocks, thus reducing the time spent on managing the build.

This thing also applies to deployables aswell. These can be undeployed, but only one at a time. If you could select more and apply an action to them e.g., ‘Undeploy’ it would be perfect.


I also want this badly for houses :slight_smile:

For items in the world to undeploy or redeploy you can use the “box command tool” it’s awesome QoL Mod

Also on Steam Workshop :slight_smile:

Those box features were also independently added to ACE (but ACE is still unstable for other reasons at the moment).