Undeploy option


I think with all the new plants and the ability to un-deploy them to your stockpile we need an option to undeploy select similar to the loot and harvest options. it could fit into the harvest options tab


I’d really like an underplay option for wIndows and doors tbh


hum that’s a good idea that way you could swap them out for a better quality or a different color or type:merry:


This is one of the quality of life type of suggestions that keeps returning from time to time, and so has been seen in various shapes and colors. But at the core, it’s a tool to undeploy a bunch of items. Something infinitely useful in the name of convenience. Something that seems so simple, yet never comes.

I wonder if @sdee or someone else could say if it’s something we can hope to see in the future.

In the meantime, I can recommend Wharp’s Box Command Tool mod, a super amazing blessing directly from sweet heavens. A tool to mass-undeploy and mass-move objects around the map. It works for me so far in both A23 and the unstable A24 without issues.

PS: I, too, would like to undeploy and replace doors and windows.