Undeploying container - every item will be take out of it

This is really a heartfelt wish.
At the moment when I want to undeploy a container I have to set it on,
no items,
wait till all items have beend taken out,
set it back on all items,
and then undeploy it.

Why not have the undeploy option a integrated, take all items out of that container, routine.
It would make my life easier and way less micro intensive.


possibly even make it to where you can place a bigger/better storage box in its place and the items transfer over to the bigger one and you get the smaller container back. going back to what you said though about the undeploying container, it would make it much more easier but imagine a box holding 256 items letting loose the items it contained everywhere, a complete mess. UNLESS there’s room for improvement on adding something that can take everything out at once but have it in a cart or something.