Click and drag undeploy

ive noticed that in some cases when your starting out and you have some tables chairs and beds without them being in a house. once you start building houses or are doing a large scale redo of your village or town you might want to remove those items you have out and return them into your stockpile. I think it would be nice to have an option like the loot, clear and harvest buttons that you can click and drag over a large area to un-deploy the items you have out. it would save a lot of clicking to select the item and then click un-deploy for each item


very interesting idea but i think it wold be a waste of effort to save 10 minute per game

What if I want to re-do my fences and walls ?? Is that not worth the 1/20th piece of time of the game.


that is something I have run into. I made a large fence area it was 150 or so pieces. it was easier for me to clear them out and destroy them all and remake them because I didn’t want to click 300 or so times to remove them all

My point exactly, if you fence some stuff off it’s gonna be a bad ride.