Loot and harvest group selection not working on buildings

Since I’m an entomologist of sorts (I like describing bugs), here’s another I suppose everyone knows of. Less of a bug, more of a feature not implemented yet. Group selection (like Harvest or Loot command) can’t be used in or on top of buildings, it is applied only to the ground below.
This makes some things unharvestable/unlootable (as some items currently lack “loot” button and can only be picked up with Loot group selection). For example, if you place a stone or log pile inside a building it can’t be harvested back.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Try to use Loot or Harvest selection rectangle on something that’s on the floor/roof/slab.
  2. Whoops.

Expected Results:
Selection rectangle should be applied to player-built surfaces, layer based on where’s the cursor pointing at the beginning.

Actual Results:
Selection can only handle ground. When trying to select something above ground level it ignores player-placed blocks (and things ontop of them).

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 15 release 549

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