[A20 r699 (x64)] Ground selection tool not displayed

Try to select something and the selection box does not appear if you start to click and drag while on a building tile


It’s interesting. I think the game believes the road is a function of how it was dug downwards one block. So, when you are attempting to harvest from that block, the game think you intend to harvest a block below ground.

it seems like it, probably the buh happened when it was being constructed. Do you have a save from before building the road? Try building it again and see if you can replicate it.

It is more or less a bug, since there can not be plants on structures, normally.
And because there can not be plants you can not harvest from there.
Actually it should not work that you start on the construct which should be the actual bug.
I think :smiley: but could be wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the thing is, if I start the click and drag on the ground and go over a road and try to harvest something it still works.
it all has to do with the starting block - and I don’t think it should matter.
if you are on the same block height you should be able to left click the ground anywhere and try to harvest something at that elevation

Ok, all of the box harvest, clearing, and looting tools have been made to work properly with roads and floors. Thanks for the reports!