[Ack] Loading after saving game

so idk if i am the only one that is getting this but when i save after i load that save a bunch of stuff is broken well i only saw 4 but it seems like there was more.

  1. the area for the carpenter was gone. 2. i could not use the carpenter anymore and 3 the solders stop working all together. and the last thing was that when a goblin came to steal stuff and i rallyed everyone they just stood there did nothing to the goblin while it was taking stuff.

picture one is showing i cant use the carpenter


2 pic is showing that the carpenter area is gone


(oh and also got that error) the other 2 i forgot to take a pic for them.

i hope i am putting this in the right area and if its not i apologize. i hope this helps you guys with the game.

hi there @Drakel

i tried to break this up a bit to make it easier to read (paragraphs and directly embedding the images)… thanks for the feedback! :+1:

you mean the stockpile? yea its still there its next to the basket of berries and thats already a confirmed bug.

um like they stopped working like the workers? that one i already posted as well but im not sure if they are supposed to work or just patrol the stockpiles.

this one is um… can you explain a little more of this one. so like the workshop wont show to make anything is that it?

so for the solders when after i save the game and load the game back up all they do is stand around. they do not attack the goblins when stealing from me and when i rally for attack they will go up to the the goblins but not attack. just stand there like they are getting ready to attack but dont.

As for the carpenter bug, after i load the game back up and try to make something it will not let me. I click on the workbench icon to craft something and it will not open up to the crafting list.

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We’re looking at this right now, thanks for reporting it!

your welcome and sorry it took me so long to reply

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