[ACE] Dwarf Build Contest!

Greetings, hearthlings! :merry::sparkles:

And welcome to the first…

@Cirdain - alongside the ACE Organizer team - has took the initiative to come up with, organize and host this awesomesauce contest!

Here is the original post, featured in its own channel inside Stonehearth ACE Discord Server! (click to join)

Hey, everyone! Announcing the first ACE contest, the Dwarf Build Contest! With Dwarves (hopefully) approaching, we thought it’d be fun to have a little contest for you guys! Got yourself a nice little Dwarfish building? Perhaps an entire town, or even some ruins or an excavation you’d like to show off? You could win some snazzy prizes!


  • One entry per person. If you wish to change your submission, that is fine, but you will only be judged on one. If you decide to change, just let me know.
  • Entry may anything, as long as it’s Dwarf-inspired.
  • Any furniture used must be from vanilla or ACE.
  • DM entries directly to @Cirdain
  • Entried will be judged by a panel of judges. (panel TBD)
  • The contest opens today, April 22nd, and will close on May 31
  • Winners will be announced on June 7th, to give the judges time to do their thing.


  • Third Tier (all participants): Fancy Dwarf role on the Discord
  • Second Tier (10): Previous tier rewards, as well as getting to choose random names for Dwarven Hearthlings (Dwarflings?) (Names must be appropriate, and fit the universe)
  • First Tier (3): Previous tier rewards, as well as getting to name an NPC that will appear in quests/throughout the game. (Names must be appropriate, and fit the universe)
  • Grand Tier (1): Previous tier rewards, as well as having your design inspire a building, template or even a landmark in the final version of ACE.

This is an announcement post for the Discourse community!
For those wishing to participate, join the Discord by clicking here and follow the instructions there!

If you don’t have Discord, you can still participate by PM’ing me with your submission just like you would PM Cirdain in Discord. I’ll make sure to forward them the submissions! But (for obvious reasons) you won’t be able to get the Discord title if you win :jubilant:

Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


just entered one via the discord to cirdain, have there been some submissions yet?

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I want to, but I can’t seem to find the time right now to sit down and play Stonehearth. Other games keep calling hard. I can’t wait to see other people’s submissions, though!