StonehearthKingdom Qubicle Contest Update Thread - Winner gets Home Edition of Qubicle [Monthly]

Stonehearth Kingdom is hosting Monthly Qubicle Contests! Each month a theme is chosen where people upload Qubicle models in that theme, whoever wins gets the Home Edition of Qubicle, simple!
I will keep this thread updated with the new contests/winners/updates/etc
So register @ StonehearthKingdom for future Contest notifications and to submit!


Er… this is different from the official contest? Could they maybe be… combined? There’s likely to be more entries that way, no?

It’s a different theme and is hosted by Stonehearth Kingdom, along with the winner getting Home Edition of Qubicle.

Can I make an entry on this contest using the same model as in the Qubicle Competition from this forum? Or is it against the rules? I want to participate in both.

You sure can! Participating in both is always fine!

bumping so more people can see

I want to change the submission I made for this contest. But I can’t find a way to delete it from the gallery, is there any possibility to do this? I’ve made another pet and I want to remove my previous entry in order to upload the new one. There’s still time before voting. Thanks.

Go ahead and upload the new submission and I will delete your old one!

I am submitting a pet. Its a wee baby Stipan. I find it pretty darn cute.


I’ve already submitted my new entry. You can delete the monkey now. Thank you very much!

No problem! . . . . . .

Only 3 days left to vote for a winner! The site has been equipped with a new theme as well as friendlier URLs!

Hm, likded the old theme more, as the new one is not related to Stonehearth anymore, no?

I’m still working on making the theme more Stonehearth-y :stuck_out_tongue: no worries

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I like that you’re looking for ways to improve it, but agree with Voxel, preferred the old style.

This one doesn’t seem to have the right contrast between the vibrant orange and the different sections?

The main bit actually looks quite good, and I like the top bars (reminds me a lot of Windows 8), I just seem to lose it a bit when I enter topics and comments.

Yeah the orange is just temporary until I find something that fits better, any suggestions?

I would go with a simple, light design as the or the discourse-forum. Maybe some random icons linked to Stonehearth?

For a colour other than orange?

The brown actually looks quite nice, I’m a big teal fan, so, try teal? :heart_eyes:

Hmmm, teal seems nice

Yep, I plan to get Stonehearth forum icons and such implemented