[ACE] Pre-Release - The Quality Update!


for all crops or specific crop?
I had issues with the Box Plant recently from Settlement Decor Mod together with ACE

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So far I’ve only tried it with Rayyas Children on the Watermelon, Guard and Acacia Tree sapling. No error on the tree sapling but got it on the other two.


I also seem to have hit a killer of a bug. I get auto saves regularly, however; after a few I get an error message and the game crashes… problem is non of my previous auto saves have worked and it reverts me back to my last manual save (a few hours work previous :sob:)


Stone Archery Target, Stone Target Dummy is missing in Building Editor
Need them for my new project :jubilant:


Hey I have been playing a lot of ACE recently, and I have had an absolute blast playing it. I can’t wait to see what comes next. You guys have done an amazing job on it. Thank you


Stonehearth ACE Released!

Smaller than the last one, pushing this one today to try and fix some errors that have been plaguing games recently (and being reported several times)!

Highlights include a fix to the training dummies and targets that were not working due to a typo, a fix to the farming water affinity definition and a possible (!!) fix to the Save crash. More details below.

Have fun! :merry:



  • Training Equipment should now appear as its own category under the fixture/furniture placement tool in the Building Mode.
  • Blacksmiths, Masons and Engineers will now have - by default - Iron pickaxes. That means they will mine slightly faster and will yield better quality mined resources.
  • Teddy was a beloved, young, very playful and cute kitten adored by everyone around it. It was poisoned yesterday (April 22nd) by absolutely vile human beings that doesn’t share that same love and, after a whole day of struggle at the hospital, has passed away today. (April 23rd) A small easter egg has been added in memory of Teddy. :forlorn: :heart:


  • The Loadout choosing window now doesn’t display the same icons on the right. This not only fixes the issue of big loadouts being rendered awkwardly but also makes it more clean and neat!
  • The visuals for the Ornate Curtains have been reworked to fit the game style more nicely.
  • The Porcelain Park Bench, Porcelain Couch and Porcelain Large Couch have had their collision boxes adjusted for better placement. They can now be placed closer to walls and the hearthlings will sit on nicer positions.
  • The Stone Kitten Statue is now called Marble Kitten Statue, like all the other marble statues that can be carved from marble boulders.
  • The Skull Floor Candle Holder now has a shorter collision box, 4 voxels instead of 5.


  • Tentative fix to the Save crash. We’re not 100% sure it is defeated - it might still happen! But testing has been promising! As before, if you still get this, please try to provide us with as much information you can!
  • Fixed an issue that didn’t allow the new Carpenter Saw recipe to work. As informed in the original patch notes for version 9.3, now the Carpenter saw can be crafted with an iron ingot (and the advanced saw is made of steel).
  • Fixed a little issue that made the raw sausage recipe be duplicated in the Cook’s menu.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible for combat units to train with dummies or targets and caused an error whenever they tried.
  • The Northern Alliance recipe for a Weaver’s Spindle wasn’t properly updated with the bone requirement and is now fixed.
  • The Skull Hearth (firepit made of skulls) had a broken collision box for the ghost instance. It is now fixed.

As before, the non-steam download link on the OP will be updated with this version! Enjoy, report any issues and hopefully we’ll be back soon with more!

Also make sure to check out the new contest the ACE team is up to!


Hey I have found a problem. When I assign training to my archers they shoot once then an error message pops up can you help me


When I assign my archers to train


I just tested and it seems to be fine here. These should be fixed, please make sure you have :slight_smile: Sometimes steam doesn’t auto-upload quickly enough!


Ok I will check I will let you know if it keeps happening thanks

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Everything’s fixed thanks a lot

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I have a question is there a way to remove the training stations. I have two but I can’t get ride of them.

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If they’re damaged, then you have to either destroy them by finishing training or repair and unpack them. If you just want to get rid of them, you can use the “Destroy” command under Harvest menu!

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That’s the problem it’s not giving me the choice to unpack or destroy them even at full health. Sorry for petulant complaining I just would like to help.


You mean you can’t use the destroy tool and drag a box over them?


Yes I have tried.


Oh, interesting. I’ll take a look!

And hey, don’t apologize :merry: we literally ask people to always report issues/bugs, so that is good! :jubilant:


Hello there. I don’t know if this as been discused yet or am I the only one having the following issue : As soon as a crab trap is placed, my fisher will become idle and will do literaly nothing, even eat or sleep. The only way to make him have a “normal” life again is by removing any crab trap. Anyone else noticed it?

Ho, and by the way : ACE mod rocks guys! Thank you sooooo much for this amazing work! :grinning::heart_eyes:


The Fisher and Crab Traps are part of Bruno’s awesome Archipelago Biome Mod! The issue might (or might not) be related to ACE but to make sure it’s nothing else (or another mod), try loading your save without ACE (it will break a lot of things, but should load) and see if your fisher remains stuck.

Alternatively, it could be some other things like placement, etc… But maybe you should give more details there :slight_smile:


Looks like I was not the only one having the issue. It has been resolved with an update of the Archipelago mod by Bruno. Thank you. :merry:

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