[ACE] Pre-Release - The Quality Update!


Many belated greetings, everyone! :jubilant:

The day to release the next major stable version of ACE has finally arrived! (Spoilers: No dwarves yet… Sorry! More on that below!)

This was supposed to be “just one more fixing version”… As it turns out, a small but very hard working part of the team ended up finding (and engaging) on a very nice work flow and team working, so we ended up going a bit over the top with an amazing and huge new list of things!

This is not the end, however! There are still a lot of things that can be refined in the base game experience before we move on to more concrete new additions - yes, Dwarves. I understand that the anticipation for our hairy little friends is HUGE - but we really want to do as much as we can for the base game experience before we move on to those new additions. The reason for this is quite simple: everything we create and balance will have to be redone and rebalanced after each new base game addition or modification. So it’s easier - in terms of work dynamics - to finish the “foundation” first and then we will be able to quickly progress through dwarves and their cool stuff, new jobs, automatons and all that!

That said, let’s move on to what matters! Just one last thing:
As usual, I’d like to really, really show my appreciation and thank all those involved, either with testing or actual development. You all rock! (@Paulthegreat best co-worker! :merry: ) ACE is something from the community TO the community :heart: :jubilant: And, of course, huge thanks to Team Radiant for their everlasting support and awesomeness! :merry:

Without further ado…

Stonehearth ACE

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Pre-Release 0.9.3 - THE QUALITY UPDATE

Download non-Steam Version | Download older versions

This version is so huge that we decided to make a new thread for it. It’s almost a re-release of ACE and there are tons of new things to discover and have fun with!

If you are still playing a 0.9.2+ game and is really invested on it, you may continue by download the older version by following the link above! 0.9.3 should be save compatible but is likely to throw a lot of errors and might cause some issues.

For organization reasons, we’ll list changes differently from how we did before - separating them in categories!

Brace for impact - these patch notes are something else…


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  • Quality Crafting! Now quality has a direct influence on crafting: if your crafting ingredients have a quality different than normal, this will greatly influence the quality of the crafted product. Note that the ingredients increase the chance but the crafter also requires the specific level trait that allows them to craft such qualities (otherwise the chance remains 0). This allows for the strengthening and boosting of economies by investing in the quality increase of raw resources. For example, higher quality saplings will sprout into higher quality trees that will provide higher quality seeds and higher quality wood that can be used for higher quality carpentry works. Same applies to crops and food, mining and the use of clay, stone and ores, etc.
  • To support the addition above, all items in the game now support the quality system through dynamically applied quality via code. Additionally, there are now some new Settings in the menu related to quality and the using of new features.
  • There are also some new settings in the Craft Window! You can now tick an option to use the best qualities on a per-recipe basis - and you might also hold the SHIFT key while crafting to instantly create that crafting order on the very top of the queue.



  • There are now two new universal values that can be greatly modified by different things and have direct impact on gameplay. These are “Humidity” and “Sunlight”. They were present in the game before - indirectly - through the very generic “Growth Time Multiplier” applied on crops under certain circumstances. These have been removed and replaced for more detailed measurements that take those two values into account.
  • Those values, as you can expect, vary a lot. The things that affects them the most are the biome, its seasons and weather types. All biomes and weather types have received bullet points on their tooltips indicating their overall humidity and sunlight.
  • Other factors influence the humidity and sunlight received by farms, more on that below.
  • The current season will now be displayed as an icon near the date, on the right of the screen. Modders can create custom icons for their seasons as well.
  • The old “Cold” and “Hot” debuffs given by some weathers have been removed and broken down into different stages of warmth (Hot → Sunstroke) and coldness (Chilly → Cold → Freezing). Different weathers will inflict the different debuffs and new pieces of clothing (and other things, like warmth from fires and forges) are now available to protect your hearthlings!
  • Simple Winter Worker Outfit, clothing.
  • Simple Worker Leather Jacket, clothing.
  • Simple Worker Bear Coat, clothing.
  • Some kingdoms also have specific, buffed versions of these - similar to the Winter Worker Outfit. Rayya’s Children can only have Chilly buffed clothing, Ascendancy goes up to Cold Buffed and Northern Alliance is the only one that has access to Freezing Buffed outfits.


  • “Early Snow” and “Late Snow” weather types now have unique images.
  • The “Hot Weather” debuff now affects animals too.
  • If a hearthling being affected by any cold weather debuff goes into the water, they get a “Freezing Water” debuff that actually hurts them! Be careful! Changes (AI and such) might come to this in the future to prevent hearthlings from putting themselves at risk - everything might be reconsidered. But we’ll be experimenting with this for this version.
  • The same applies to the “Freezing Weather”, applied by blizzards.
  • On the other hand, some things now cast a “Feeling Warm” buff that protects your hearthlings from any cold effects for 1h, for example: Firepits, Furnaces, Ovens, etc.
  • Winter outfits will not be liked by hearthlings during the Summer.
  • The descriptions of all existing weather types have been updated to cover the new additions.
  • Different foods and drinks can now give buffs that will also protect from different weather conditions, like “Warm Belly” and “Cool Belly”.



  • Completely revamped User Interface! The Farmer Field interface now displays a very informative and cute array of icons and tooltips to help you understand exactly what your fields need to be more efficient! This covers the previous needs like preferred seasons and irrigation but also the new things like sunlight.
  • Yes, we removed underground farming. Now any sort of covering on top of farm fields (and even, to some degree, on the sun’s trajectory (east-west) will reduce received sunlight. Sorry, not sorry!
  • Fertilizers! Fertilizers can be crafted by the Herbalist and can have a wide range of customizable effects. In ACE, fertilizers will improve the chances of getting higher quality crops. Your farmer needs the new Level 3 perk to use fertilizer and will automatically apply it to crops if available.
  • Megacrops! The Farmer now has a very rare chance of growing a megacrop once they reach level 6. Megacrops are giant versions of a crop that will yield a significant amount of the crop’s resource. Some megacrops also have special drops, but these will be left as a surprise for the community to find out :smiley: There’s also a special fertilizer that can increase the chance of getting megacrops.
  • Visual indicators for irrigation levels and fertilized crops. Now the farmer field will look more dry (light brown-ish) or more watered (dark brown) the more water it detects around it. There are basically three shades: dry, irrigated (but not fully) and fully irrigated - which means the crop is getting the most out of it. Additionally, you can also see which crops have been fertilized.


  • Traits & Perks: Moved some traits around, with the yield bonus now spread across multiple levels in 3 ranks: 25%, 50% and 100% and also adding some new things like the ability to use fertilizers or grow megacrops.
  • Tweaked the irrigation values so they are more flexible towards the amount of water around the farm, requiring lower water levels overall and being more achievable in the early game, depending on biome and season.



  • The Shepherd can now unlock the ability to raise Ostriches! Ostriches will provide you with a renewable source of large eggs but also with good meat, feathers and bone.
  • Moo-Moos have joined the ranks as well! These cute and chubby ruminants will bring some new delicacies to your town like milk and steak! Related products like Moo-Moo Jerky and Moo-Moo Pelt have also been added.
  • Food troughs - or mangers - can now be crafted and placed inside pastures. These will be used by the Shepherd to provide food for the animals. This allows you not only to determine where the food will be placed but also to stock animal feed, since mangers will be refilled even when animals are not hungry. There are mangers of all base materials (Clay, Wood and Stone).
  • Pasture Beddings! These new (and relatively comfortable) beddings will now be used by your pastured animals to sleep at night and to hide during bad weather that can affect them. That means you can now shelter your animals from snow by placing their beddings inside a protected area, like a barn or coop. The beddings must be placed inside the pasture zone.
  • Pasture animals can now be named, and the name will be carried on from baby stages to mature stages (So you can name baby animals!). Additionally, other entities that could already be renamed can now be renamed by clicking their name on the unit frame.
  • Named animals will always be unlikely picks for auto-slaughtering. Which means that if you have some named animals in a pen, your shepherd will not automatically slaughter them whenever your pen exceeds the maximum number of desired animals. Note that they will be slaughtered should there are no other options, though.
  • Fodder, food. Generic animal fodder can now be crafted; it is more efficient than specific food but it doesn’t provide any quality bonus to shepherd’s produce. Specific fodder, on the other hand, has been improved to provide quality bonuses. For that reason, they’ve also been made higher level in merchants and in crafting.
  • Bunny, shepherd animal. Now rabbits have a “young” stage too. << Cuteness overload >>


  • Traits & perks: Swapped the Level 1 and Level 2 traits around; extra animal speed on Level 1 made no sense (it’s base behavior since professions start at Level 1). Also swapped the Level 3 and 4 traits around, making it more interesting. Added a new trait to Level 1 for small animals, one for Level 3 for large animals and one for Level 5 highlighting their new ability to domesticate exotic creatures (Ostriches, for renewable large eggs). Also added a new mastery trait at Level 6 that makes the “Cared For” buff last longer and the “Stenched” debuff be shorter.
  • Made it so Pastures will now generate more (or less) grass according to the weather.
  • Pasture animals will now grow and reproduce slower. They will, however, yield more resources when slaughtered.
  • The experience gain for Shepherds and Trappers has been tweaked to make their progression a little more meaningful and their job feel a bit less “place and forget”.
  • Pasture animals now slowly recover health whenever they have the “Cared for” buff active.
  • The “Stenched” debuff was made longer to compensate for a bug fix.
  • Shepherds can now be promoted from both the Farmer and the Trapper.



  • Pet beds! Pet beds come in three variations: Simple, Comfy and Ornate - and can be made by all common crafters: Carpenter, Mason, Potter. (The “Ornate Stone Pet Bed” is not in yet since the “Marble” set is not in either) Pets will always look for the bed that is nearest to their owner’s bed - but if their owner does not have a bed they’ll just go to any bed. So if your hearthlings have little furry friends, make sure to build pet beds next to their beds!
  • Pet Kibble Bowls! Just like beds, you can craft Pet Kibble Bowls out of any material. They’ll hold kibble, a special food that can only be eaten by pets and is crafted by the Cook. As long as Kibble is available anywhere (even on the ground), pets will always prefer it! But why have it anywhere when you can put it in cute bowls, right? :3
  • Kibble, Veggie Kibble and Fish Kibble, foods.
  • Fawn and Lamb, wild animals. Baby deer and sheep! :3
  • Wild Moo-Moos and their calves. Wild Moo-Moos are actually older relatives of the tamed, gentle Moo-Moos and vary from biome to biome, mostly as Yaks or Aurochsen. They also provide steak and beef jerky but have their own pelt and milk.
  • Wild egg nests for both poyos and big birds. They have a random chance of spawning alongside their families. Please do not disturb the young eggs… too much.


  • Lambs have been renamed from “A Lamb” to “Lamb”; Poyos from “A Poyo” to “Poyo”.
  • Wild birds won’t lay eggs anymore, they’ll now randomly spawn with nests that you can harvest for eggs. This should prevent the overflow of wild eggs and the uncontrollable reproduction of wild birds.
  • Bears now have different colors depending on the biome. They also have new graphics for the pelts.
  • Pandas were removed from the pet stores… for now.
  • Fishes have been greatly changed and rebalance to be more performance-friendly by removing or lowering a couple of their logic; Their reproduction cycles have also been reviewed and they should now keep much more reasonable numbers.
  • The value of bear pelts has been increased to 7.
  • Bears will now make proper bear sounds!



  • Civilian Tools! Now every hearthling starts with 3 basic (Bronze) tools (Hammer, Axe and Pick); It works pretty much as it always did, but you may also craft Iron and Steel tools with a Blacksmith, which greatly enhances all your capabilities! The Iron tools are pretty much similar to base game tier 2 behavior while the Steel tools are a tad bit faster than anything you’ve seen before! Hammers influence building speed, Axes influence tree chopping speed and the Pick influences mining speed but also increases the chances of getting higher quality resources (ore, stone, clay, etc.) Other than these, there are also a couple of extra tools you might found out by yourself! :slight_smile: (did someone say “backpacks”?)
  • Wide Ladder, building part. A 2-voxel wide ladder alternative for when you need a centered ladder for an even-sized wall.
  • Skull, resource. (Don’t think too much about it :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • Cast Iron Holder, furniture. Cute metal storage for 4 pieces of Firewood.
  • Firewood Shed, furniture. Comes in clay, wood or stone. Can hold up to 18 pieces of Firewood.
  • Sheep Milk & Moo-Moo Milk, drinks. Drinks still act like food for now, but that is bound to change over time (wink). Either way, they’re cute and you can make some new things with them like…
  • Curdling Mixture, cooking ingredient. Crafted by the Cook, pour it inside an…
  • Empty Cheese Vat, workbench. New workbench for the Cook, it works a bit differently from regular workbenches though - once placed, Cooks will use it on certain intervals but they mostly work by themselves. Over time they will produce…
  • Fresh Cheese, Mild Cheese, Aged Cheese, foods. Mmmmm… Cheese.
  • Fruit Yogurt, food.
  • Bowl of Corn Cereals, food.
  • Butter, cooking ingredient.
  • Bog Butter Keg & Whey Butter (different types of butter obtained through alternative methods but that can be used as butter in recipes that use it)
  • Buttered Bulbs, food.
  • Seared Meat & Veggies, food
  • Butter Cookies, food.
  • Imperial Salad, food.
  • Melted Poyo, food.
  • Cheesecake, food.
  • A couple of egg variations, just for flair.
  • Rice Flour, cooking ingredient.
  • Two new resource constants, “grain” and “grain_flour cooking_ingredient”.
  • Pasta, food. (Heirblooms are tomatoes! I never noticed that!)
  • Hazelnut Tree Seed, Chestnut Tree Seed, Walnut Tree Seed, Almond Tree Seed, alternatives for edible nuts and fruits (in the case of almonds); Can’t be planted, can only be obtained through merchants.
  • Water Springs and Rock Crevices. They act like Wet Stones and Dry stones, however they can’t be moved or undeployed, only destroyed. They’ll appear naturally in some landmarks - for now they’re only used as replacement for wet and dry stones in existing landmarks. The reason for this is because we found out that the multiple stones would cause additional performance hiccups. Reducing all landmarks to only one water source and one water drain will significantly improve performance on those landmarks.
  • Corn Seeds, consumable.
  • Paddy Seeds, consumable.



  • “Transform”, a new component that is very flexible and powerful, bringing a new set of tools that allows entities to be given commands that will forcefully call a transformation of the entity. These commands can be greatly customized from simple, instantaneous remote transformations to more complex ways like requiring a worker or a certain job to come and perform an action, with or without material costs, for the transformation to happen.
  • As examples of the feature above, you may find some of the new mega crops and how they work or some other things in the world like Marble Boulders or Fallen Logs… You may want to click them for a surprise :slight_smile:
  • Modding support for "disallowing" certain buffs through other buffs. That can be used for a wide array of things like "shield buffs", buff cleansing, antagonistic buffs (cold x hot, etc) and more. ACE includes a couple of examples, like the combat buffs applied by different types of weapons that can come in multiple intensities.
  • There’s now a “Thorns” buff script that allows modders to create a buff that will inflict damage on the attackers of the one with the buff. The damage can be either a percentage of the damage received (like a “reflect”) or a flat value.
  • There is now a new recipe for Bone Clay. Of lower level and less efficient, this recipe accepts any kind of stone or clay. On level 6, the Potter - by experimenting with so many stones and clay types - uncovers the most efficient techniques of making Bone Clay, then unlocking the specific recipe with a higher yield.
  • All the market stalls have received a bunch of model variants so the market areas can look a bit more varied and lively.
  • Added several new stockpile filters. Plants can now be broken into herbs, algae and fiber, goods now include fertilizers and a new category called “Nature & Scenery” includes saplings, seeds, plants that can be placed and captive fish.
  • Added a new feature for the “Storage Component”. Modders can now define a “default_filter” using the same syntax filters use (ie.: “stockpile_equipment melee_weapon”). Using that function will override menu settings and make it so that entity/container will always be created, by default, with that filter chosen. Refer to the pet bowls for examples!
  • The “Food Preference” trait script has been tuned and improved to support an amount of new features. Features include the possibility of creating food intolerances - opposed to preferences, these will cause negative thoughts when eaten. Intolerances can also cause a buff that can vary from intolerance to intolerance. Additionally, positive thoughts and positive buffs have also been added to preferences, on a new range of food (value 7) called “lovely” that is specific to hearthlings that really love something.
  • To showcase the changes above there are now a handful of new traits: Dairy Intolerance, Nut Intolerance, Fish Intolerance, Dairy Lover, Meat Lover, Mushroom Lover and Veggie Lover. Unlike Carnivores or Herbivores, lovers won’t have negative thoughts when eating something they don’t like but will always love eating something they like. Intolerants will hate eating things they are intolerant of and will also get a debuff for doing so.
  • Added a new feature to the consumption component that allows foods to apply buffs when consumed.
  • Northern Alliance archers have been giving a specific trait displaying their ability to hunt animals. They’ve also received a Toggle command on their unit frame that allows you to control whether or not they’ll randomly hunt animals and a box selection tool under the Harvest menu for specifically marking animals for hunting.
  • A persistence system that records a bunch of relevant information (and can be greatly customized) from towns. Although not in use yet, this can be used by modders and will be used by ACE to create interesting interactions between your towns that have reached certain milestones (like Tier 3), for example: customized traders from that town that can appear for another town.
  • The blacksmith can now melt gold coins into gold ingots. It is also possible to unlock recipes for making gold flakes and gold ingots into coins, on a ratio much higher than selling (even with the Cunning banner): 100 coins per ingot. However these recipes are locked behind the Guildmaster’s choice (Tier 3)
  • Different buffs have been given to light, medium and heavy armor - and also to light and heavy shields. They’re very minor but aim to give a slight difference to such types of armor and on the roles of each job.
  • The Herbalist can now craft daisy seeds from daisy herbs, similarly to other transmutation recipes.
  • The Herbalist can now craft farmer seeds for their own kingdom’s initial farmer crops. This should allow/encourage some interesting trading possibilities in multiplayer games with multiple kingdoms!
  • To support the new civilian equipment added, a new feature to the "postures" system has been added by mixing into the Radiant Mod. Now postures that are not highest priority but still modify certain effects will have priority over the default effects, effectively creating a layering of possible effects. This can be used by modders and ACE alike for many interesting things!



  • Added a settings option to show the “Processing Bar” - the one that shows how much and where processing power is being used. It comes active by default and can be deactivated to hide it.
  • Patrol Banners, hearthlings, and pets can all be renamed by clicking their name on the unit frame.
  • You can now change the job of a hearthling by clicking the little job icon on their unit frame. The icon will be highlighted and there will be a tooltip explaining that.
  • There are now several new icons that represent equipment types - and are displayed on equipment unit frames and crafting windows.
  • Crafting windows can also display inflicted or received bonus from equipment as well, so the player can be more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each equipment they craft.
  • Lots of new tips (and some loading messages) that will help players familiarize themselves with many new aspects from ACE. They also contain useful tips! Some previous tips from the base game have also been updated to reflect the current state of the game with ACE.
  • Auto-save has been improved and now counts with some gameplay settings: Unique files will allow you to set it up so instead of saving over the same “auto_save” file, it will create a new save file with the current date/time
  • Maximum number of auto save files: when using unique saves, automatically delete the oldest ones when you have more than this number
  • Interval allows you to customize the time, instead of always saving every 5 minutes, it has many options between 5 and 30 minutes (first auto-save may still be 5 minutes after loading)
  • Entity Information! (enabled by default in gameplay settings) shows an information icon on the unit frame when the selected entity has components with extra information that can be communicated to the player; mostly just some general information about some components, but specific information has been implemented for piles and titles (more on this below)


  • The icons for all the combat debuffs that have multiple intensities have been recolored so the user can visually identify which intensities of which buffs are being applied. They now go from a dark red (minor) to a bright red (major).
  • Edited the tooltips of the Wilderness meter on Trapping Zones to more clearly demonstrate its effects.
  • The icons of the “Ore Detector” heatmap have all been updated to fit with the other icon styles more nicely.
  • Some adjustments were made to the unit frame’s size and scaling were made on an attempt to prevent certain situations where it would dynamically change its size in a weird way or not be able to fit certain information, among other oddities.
  • The icon for the “Shaken” debuff has been changed and looks nicer now.
  • The icon for “Move Banner” command on patrol banners is now impoved and looks better.
Money sinks :money_with_wings:
ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project

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Continue Patch Notes...


  • A lot of ACE’s code has been slightly adjusted with several variables being renamed to better control which ones would be (or not) sent across the network during multiplayer games. This should - supposedly - improve the experience on multiplayer games, with less “network_send” being perceived by players. If you play multiplayer, please let us know if anything seems to behave weirdly or if performance improvements are perceivable!
  • Changed the value of Ball Clay (raised) and Feldspar (lowered) to better reflect the rarity of these resources. Ball Clay was too rare and cheap, Feldspar was much more common and expensive.
  • But to also prevent money overflow, added the normal clay back to the Desert biome mining tables. It still has a higher chance of providing ball clay, in support of the Desert’s/Rayya’s affinity with pottery (and henceforth making it easier for them to make porcelain)
  • The same logic applies to marble, masonry and Northern Alliance, so increased the chances of finding marble stones while mining in the Arctic.
  • Gold ore was also made slightly more common in the Temperate Forest.
  • Changed Bone Clay to have a small (1) positive appeal, so it feels more… appealing.
  • Bundle of Thatch can now be used as a fiber resource.
  • The “Training Equipment Limit” was indeed kind of pointless and was removed, so all mentions to it were removed from Combat Jobs. The “Training Perks” remained as reminders that you can train your troops, though.
  • The Blacksmith now has some more useful recipes on level 1, similarly to what they had prior to ACE.
  • The Blacksmith can now smelt iron and bronze with common fuels, not good grade fuels.
  • Updated most of the professions’ descriptions in the job menu to better reflect their functions, removing mentions of certain unimplemented features (dyes, stone bricks, etc…) and add information about some of ACE’s own additions or yet-to-come features.
  • In the same light, many professions have had their perks and traits moved around and re-organized to make more sense and create a better progression for each job:
  • BLACKSMITH: Slightly changed the level 1 trait to adapt to new Blacksmith changes. Added a trait to highlight their ability of creating new and improved workstations at level 4.
  • HERBALIST: Added a trait that mentions their new ability of creating seeds for the local flora and two additional ranks of their job abilities (treating wounds and consumable efficiency). Also edited their Level 2 trait to highlight they may now become a cleric.
  • FOOTMAN: Added a trait to highlight their new job opportunities and made the last Damage bonus from level 6 have an icon more consistent with the other 2 damage bonuses. The icon for Cleave (level 4) has been swapped to look better.
  • ARCHER: Edited the Bow Proficiency trait to Crossbow proficiency and moved it to the level of the first Crossbow, Level 2.
  • CARPENTER: Added a level 1 trait to highlight their ability to change certain objects, added a trait to highlight their ability to create Ornate furniture and improved the Level 6 trait description.
  • MASON: Edited the level 1 trait to highlight their ability to change certain objects, edited the level 2 trait to highlight their bone carving abilities and added a trait to highlight their ability to create Gold Flakes and edited the Level 6 trait to highlight their ability to create Marble furniture.
  • POTTER: Edited the level 1 trait to highlight their ability to change certain objects, added a trait to highlight their ability to create Bone Clay and edited the Level 6 trait to highlight their ability to create Porcelain furniture.
  • COOK: Edited their Level 2 trait to better highlight their new baking abilities, edited the Level 3 trait to use the Extended Catalog image like other professions and added a trait to highlight their ability of creating special animal fodder. Also added a mastery trait.
  • Additionally, Cook recipe tags and categories have been slightly reorganized.
  • TRAPPER: Edited their Level 6 trait to highlight their new capabilities of trapping big game.
  • WEAVER: Added several new traits; Level 2: Highlighting the ability to create worker outfits and quivers, Level 3: Extended Catalog, Level 5: Highlighting the ability to create Ornate, Porcelain and other special furniture/decorations, Level 6: A mastery trait, like other crafters.
  • The Ladder recipe now requires 1 Wooden Log but crafts 3 pieces of ladder. An ingredient was required to prevent an exploit in which a Carpenter could get experience by wasting no resources.
  • The Ladder model was changed to make it slightly more different from the default construction ladders.
  • The ‘Blue Market Stall’ has been renamed ‘Wooden Market Stall’ to make it consistent with the new available colors.
  • Quivers were moved back to the ‘accessory’ slot and shields back to the ‘leftArm’ slot; a lot has been changed on how weapons/armor are rendered (off-hand weapons were also moved to the ‘leftArm’ slot and now properly positioned through the ‘mob’ component)
  • The Prefer Bows and Prefer Crossbows options for archers now include arrow quivers and bolt quivers, respectively.
  • Edited the flavor text of Fungal Colony recipes to make it clearer that they require the undeployed versions of the fungi and not the harvested edible mushrooms in a basket.
  • The Golem Pick recipe is now level 6.
  • Made it so that Cook Workbenches can only be used from the front and back.
  • Cook workbenches’ models have been slightly changed and do not look like holes into the void anymore.
  • Changed the Stockpile filter “Clothing & Accessories” to “Clothing & Tools” to better reflect its filtering.
  • Removed the Holiday Cheer Cap from the Weaver recipes. Time’s up, folks… It shall return one day!
  • Layered Cake now requires milk instead of flour. The flour requirements have been “transferred” to the dough ingredient requirements.
  • Cake now requires butter.
  • Basket of Corn, Basket of Amazing Maize and Basket of Paddy are now considered “grain”.
  • Raw Rice now only needs one basket of Paddy.
  • Several recipes that previously required Sack of Flour now require Any Flour.
  • Sack of Flour renamed to Sack of Wheat Flour.
  • Corn Meal renamed to Sack of Corn Meal.
  • The stockpile filter “Plants” was renamed to “All Plants”. Its icon was also improved.
  • Added the “decoration” material tag to all placeable plants so they can be correctly filtered by the new filters.
  • Changed all ACE trees to have a slightly larger “Destination” region. This shall improve the wood cutting animation, allowing hearthlings to be a tad bit more distant from the tree when chopping.
  • Increased the appeal of the rare “Parana Pine Tree”.
  • Removed the “type” of all the ACE mixins. Now they can properly be mixed into entities through the manifest.
  • Toned down the red on the Clay Comfy Bed so it fits more nicely with the other desert reds.
  • Changed the requirements and even the materials of some of the Weaver’s recipes, giving it a bit more of a progression throughout the levels - like unlocking the loom only at level 2 and worker’s outfits, which is a very desirable asset, to higher levels.
  • Reduced the amount of Roast Venison from the “Noble Entourage” loadout from 4 to 2. It’s still a nice amount of good quality food but should be less overpowered for the food requirements from Daily Updates.
  • Changed the Blacksmith level requirements for producing Slab o’ Coke to 3 from 4, bulk Piece o’ Charcoal to 4 from 5 and bulk Slab o’ Coke to 5 from 6.
  • Changed the way Tier 3 unlocks are handled. Previously ACE would just override the Tier 3 bonuses (like Valor) to add its own recipes but now it uses a different system instead: simultaneously to the Tier 3 Upgrade nodes, ACE’s own nodes with unlocks are activated. That means that mods can alter and override the Town Bonuses at will and this won’t compromise ACE’s features.
  • To support the change above, the recipe unlocking encounter code has been patched and now will not display an empty bulletin/notification if no notification title is provided on the node JSON file. In the future, we might improve the recipe unlocking encounter further by adding the possibility of unlocking recipes from multiple professionals and multiple bulletins in the same node, thus effectively making it as efficient as the Town Bonus unlocks but operated through JSON and not LUA.
  • The Geyser landmarks have been slightly changed to use Water Springs and Rock Crevices instead of dry and wet stones.
  • Roast Varanus is now a level 3 recipe instead of 1. At level 1 you don’t even have an oven!
  • The Wooden Shield is now an exclusively Footman item. It was weaker than the initial Knight’s shield anyway…
  • The Northern Alliance’s Spear Horn now inflicts the “Shaken” debuff. It’s the only Footman weapon that inflicts this debuff usually present in Knight weapons, providing an interesting choice.
  • All job outfits that include hats are now broken into two different items: a torso and a helmet, both equipped by default. What that means is that different “hats” or other headgear that could be acquired by characters (i.e.: Legendary Archer Hood) won’t glitch or cause weird graphical issues anymore! This should also be compatible to any mod adding job-specific hats.
  • Changed the material tags of several items to better fit them inside the ACE stockpile categories, like finished bolts of cloth and leather or legendary parts as finished goods.
  • Changed the Birch Log model to be more similar to the actual birch trees.
  • Some category names for the Herbalist Crafting Menu have been adjusted to fit their new recipes. “Local Farming Seeds” has been renamed to “Regional Seeds” and “Farming Enhancements” has been renamed “Farming Enhancements & Seeds”.
  • Bones (resource constant) have been split into “bones”, “skulls” and “strong bones”. All can be used as bone material but certain recipes can now specifically require strong bones or skulls. Ancient Bones and Ogre Bones have been made strong bones, while skulls have been added to certain humanoids like goblins.
  • The visuals of the Ogre Bone have been changed to look more polished and similar to other bone resources now in the game.
  • Giant Bone weapon recipes now use strong bones.
  • Rayya’s Children Cooks can now be promoted only from the Trapper. Shepherds can still be promoted from both the Farmer and Trapper. This should alleviate the challenge of providing early game food for Rayya’s Children for those that do not choose the “Food for Days” (farming) loadout.
  • The Weaver’s Spindle recipe for the carpenter now requires bone material. Bone needle!
  • The Carpenter’s Saw recipe for the blacksmith is now a level 3 recipe and uses iron instead of steel.


  • Fixed an issue that made the biome name changes not apply to animals in the different biomes. So now desert deer will be properly called gazelle, desert entlings will be called cactuslings and so on. Which also means the desert fox will FINALLY be called a fennec fox! Hooray for identity respect!
  • Fixed an issue that allowed for multiple intensities of the same debuff to be applied on enemies. For example, the armor-reducing “Fracture” from Knight’s maces could be applied on all three intensities (minor, normal, major) at once. Now only the largest inflicted intensity will remain.
  • Fixed a very elusive bug that made it impossible to craft any recipes that required "Edible Nuts". The issue was that the Cook was missing a nut cracker and we now provided every cook with one.
  • Fixed a bug with crafting queue ordering.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented craftable ladders from being properly recognized as “buildable” by templates.
  • Fixed an issue that made it so cooks would try making more food every time a food was consumed because of the “kill event”.
  • Fixed a couple of odd issues with the water signal.
  • Fixed some issues with fishes and sensors that should now prevent sensors from taking so much processing power.
  • Fixed a base game issue that makes the log/fuel in the Firepit to look a bit offset into the ground by adding “stonehearth:table” data to firepits; and also added support for such data to the firepit component, so generated charcoal and embers will be offset too.
  • Fixed goblin (skull) firepits to not let them produce charcoal anymore. Now they’ll leave nice green embers, like their green fire.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with grass spawning in Pastures.
  • Fixed an issue with animals grazing grass that other animals were also trying to graze.
  • Fixed the "Northern Iron Sword" iconic model that was slightly offset.
  • Fixed the Rayya’s Children starting bow (Desert Bow) that displayed a wrong name.
  • Fixed a very obscure error that could happen when crafting.
  • Fixed a couple of log errors that were thrown while biome manifests tried to load up a file that doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Fixed a couple of log errors that were thrown when ACE couldn’t find certain Archipelago Biome aliases.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed certain shields to be worn alongside another shield that wasn’t ACE-standarized. The issue is now fixed and the system remain retro-compatible in the sense that shields and two-handed weapons created without ACE standards will still work as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Moonbell seeds consumable invisible and not usable.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could cause crashes when Rabbits from Clan Amberstone used any of our new animations. They’re using placeholder animations for some things now (like the Crossbow) until we get a proper animator to work on these :slight_smile:
  • Fixed a base game issue with most Acacia tree sizes and their collision boxes. They now have proper collision boxes. The God of Symmetry enjoyed a nice afternoon of righteous cleansing.
  • Fixed some issues with soldiers in patrol that would cause them to run back and forth between different activities like training or going to equip something (and do nothing in the end). (That wasn’t really an issue, just an accurate simulation of real life.)
  • The recipes for Steel Sword and Steel Short Sword were still displaying their previous names (Long Sword and Short Sword). This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Birch tree seeds and the Yew tree seeds were displaying wrong sizes for the tree ghost when planting them.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Highland Pine ghost look slightly out of place when planting a seed.
  • Fixed the Highland Pine log model. It was off-centered and appearing to be on the voxel diagonally adjacent to it instead of the place where it actually is. The god of symmetry is once more satisfied… but shall request more sacrifices soon.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Decoy Trap" animation. It could lead to unintended crashed and should now be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Bronze Sword from being recognized as an item and stockpiled.
  • Fixed an issue with the Arctic variants of Pine and Juniper. The “Harvest and Replant” command was not properly working with them.
  • Fixed a base game issue that made the raccoon pelts not render properly.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Lumps o’ Coal to be stockpiled with ore. They’re now properly set up to only be stockpiled as coal.
  • Fixed an issue where animal fodder types were not being stockpiled under the “Animal Fodder” filter but as a cooking ingredient.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when crafting a Porcelain Fence Gate due to a model export error.
  • The Valor Monument “Knight Statue” had two versions with the same name and completely broken collision/position, one being offset in relation to the other. They now have different names and have been correctly positioned. The God of Symmetry is satisfied once more.
  • Satisfaction isn’t enough for a god, though… So they went ahead and purged other two infidels known as “Potted Cactus” and “Golden Clay Planter” that were also slightly out of alignment.
  • Fixed a couple of double instances of objects names from the base game; For example, some weapons had exactly the same catalog data doubled, which was causing issues with our new “Titles” system since if no catalog data is provided to the iconic version of an item, it simply copies from the root form - which is better for our system.
  • Fixed the flavor text of the Golden Gourd Curry recipe that still displayed a “TODO” text.
  • Fixed the position of several hats and pieces of all the different faction outfits that were incorrect or glitching. Some might have escaped this treatment so make sure to report them!
  • Fixed some issues with promotions when using the new promotion features added by ACE.
  • Fixed a base game bug with pasture animal slaughtering that ran the effects of slaughtering animals several times per animal. That means that the Stenched debuff - that only lasts 3 hours, piled up to several hours or more than a day - and the amount of experience gained by the shepherd was also multiplied several times. This was fixed and the event only runs once.
  • Fixed an issue with the material tags on the “Legendary Grip” item. It now won’t be used as leather in recipes!
  • Fixed an issue that would throw an error everytime a Geomancer’s Golem tried harvesting a fallen trunk.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing bear dens from spawning as often as the other animal dens.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that were preventing bone material being properly stockpiled.
  • Fixed Tier 2 hearths not having the “firepit” material tag (and so weren’t destinations for incapacitated hearthlings to be brought when they didn’t have a bed available)
  • Fixed an issue with water level recognition by hearthlings that made them look like they were swimming when walking on surfaces right above water level like bridges or docks.
  • Fixed a base game issue “implemented” when they changed recipe work units and effort that made the sounds not loop when crafters are crafting. They now have looping sounds again.

Details & Specifics

General information on many of the changes and new systems listed above. Not important if you’re not modding, wanting to work with ACE or make your mod compatible with it :merry:

For Modders and Enthusiasts!


How does item quality work in the base game?

  • item quality increases the (sell) value and appeal of an item
  • items only have quality higher than common applied to them by crafters with specific perks
  • carpenters, potters, masons, blacksmiths, engineers, cooks, and weavers have these perks (at level 3 for unlocking fine quality and level 5 for unlocking excellent quality)
  • chance of applying a higher item quality when crafting is based solely on those perks (and the guildmaster tier 3 town bonus)

What’s different?

  • more ways items can be given higher quality:
    • fertilizer can improve crop quality
    • pasture animal food can improve animal quality
    • equipment (e.g., better mining tools) can improve quality of mined items; bonuses from different equipped items stack
    • higher quality resources (trees, boulders, animals, etc.) yield items of that quality when harvested
  • higher quality ingredients significantly increase crafters’ chances of crafting higher quality products (still capped by their capabilities from perks and town bonuses)
  • when placing crafting orders, you can specify a preference for high or low quality ingredients (default value for new orders can be set in gameplay settings)
  • setting variable_quality to false in the “stonehearth:item_quality” entity_data of an entity’s JSON will still prevent that item from being crafted with higher than common quality; other methods of setting item quality (e.g., fertilizer, harvesting) will still override that setting

What’s yet to come?

  • currently the base chances of crafting higher quality items (and their effects on value and appeal) are unchanged; this means chances of crafting higher quality items increase significantly later in the game when you’re getting lots of higher quality ingredients, so we may adjust them in the future based on feedback
  • the herbalist still doesn’t have the quality crafting perks, but since almost everything they craft is a consumable, we’ll have to consider how to have item quality affect those items in a meaningful (and broadly implementable) way; crafting quality seeds could certainly be useful, but growing higher quality plants is currently the farmer’s domain with the use of fertilizer (which the herbalist crafts); regardless, expect some herbalist improvements in the future


Statistics component: recorded for individual entities (currently hearthlings and weapons)

  • statistics are stored with a category and name
  • can store either a value or a list (then add to the value or add entries to the list)
  • just a few categories currently, like “kills”, “assists”, “quality_crafts”, etc.
  • “totals” category is useful for overall stats, but isn’t computed like attributes can be (perhaps a future feature?)
  • for performance reasons, only used for occasional events (e.g., not damage dealt)

Titles component: entities can be given titles, and are currently set up to gain some automatically from statistics

  • titles are separated into population_titles and item_titles
  • the jsons for available titles are specified in kingdom population jsons
  • if you want them to be automatically assigned via statistics, set that up in their jsons
  • list-type statistics aren’t currently supported for titles, but hopefully in future (e.g., “notable” kills are recorded in a list, could get “Mountain Slayer” title)
  • current titles (and their requirements) are all subject to change in future
  • when an item is granted a title, it becomes renamable

Persistence service: when a town reaches tier 3, every day at 7:30am some summary data will be saved externally about it, similar to how reembarkation works

  • basic functions are in place, and some basic data is currently saved, but much to do
  • can query the service to get persistence data about your other tier 3 saves
  • can use this data to making personal quests, traders, etc. from your other towns
  • even though it’s not being used by ACE yet, the data is being collected/saved
  • expect more integrated quests in 0.9.4 and beyond!

stonehearth:unit_info component enhancements

  • custom_data is passed along with custom_name (nearly) everywhere
  • current_title is stored in custom_data; you can store other things there, too
  • in UI, if an entity has a root form with custom_name, that’s preferred over iconic (important for weapons with custom names / titles)
  • in UI, if an entity has this component (and it’s not “locked”, e.g., crops), its custom name can be set/changed by clicking on the name in the unit frame (and can still be edited in the citizen/pet character sheets for entities that have those)

Component Info component (also called Entity Info): a generic way of giving the player more information

  • enabled by default in gameplay settings
  • when enabled, any entities with info to show have a small “information” icon show up on the top of the unit frame to the right of their name
  • can specify general information by component that will show up for any entity with that component
  • can specify specific data for individual entities that will show up for that entity (and can tell it to hide the general information)

Transform component: similar to stonehearth:evolve but not timer-based

  • evolve component was modified to make use of the same transform code to reduce duplication (so evolve will pass along more information to the new entity than it used to, like item quality, custom name, and stonehearth:ownable_object owner)
  • lots of options for both:
    • evolve_check_script / transform_check_script: if its should_transform function returns false or nil, the transformation is canceled (with the evolve component, the timer is restarted)
    • evolve_effect / transform_effect: effect applied to new entity
    • auto_harvest: if the new entity has a stonehearth:resource_node or stonehearth:renewable_resource_node component, a harvest task will immediately be queued up for it
    • evolve_script / transform_script: runs its transform function after transformation
    • kill_entity: “kill” the old entity instead of “destroy”-ing it (drops loot, triggers kill events)
    • destroy_entity: if not using kill_entity, can specify this to be false to not destroy the old entity; should only do this if collision won’t be a problem
  • transform options are set in entity jsons similarly to evolve: in the “entity_data” section, under stonehearth_ace:transform_data
  • special transform options:
    • command: a command that gets added to its stonehearth:commands component, intended for triggering the transformation; if used, should have “action” set to “call” and “function” set to “stonehearth_ace:transform_command” unless you write your own call handler; but this way you can specify your own icon/display_name/description
    • request_action: if specified, requesting a transformation will issue a task request (similar to harvest requests on resource nodes); if not specified, requesting a transformation will immediately start the transform process; if used, should always be set to “stonehearth_ace:transform” unless you write your own AI action
    • request_action_overlay_effect: the icon to show above the entity when the task is active
    • auto_request: if request_action is also specified, the action will automatically be requested whenever the entity is added to the world
    • worker_required_job: a table of required job URIs; a hearthling will require one of these as their current job in order to perform the transformation action
    • transforming_effect: this effect will run on the old entity for the duration of the transformation
    • transforming_worker_effect: this effect will run on the hearthling performing the transformation; if not specified, or if request_action is not specified, the duration of the transformation is determined by the transforming_effect
    • transforming_worker_effect_duration: it will run the effect for this duration
    • transforming_worker_effect_times: if no duration specified, it will run the effect this number of times (or 1 time, if not specified)
    • worker_finished_effect: this effect will run on the hearthling performing the transformation once it successfully finishes
    • transform_ingredient_uri or transform_ingredient_material: a single ingredient that the worker will have to collect and bring to the entity in order to transform it
    • apply_ingredient_quality: if the ingredient is higher quality than the old entity, apply the ingredient’s item quality to the new entity
  • Take a look at the cheese vats and megacrops to see these options in action!

Pile component: what you put into crafting a pile is what you get when harvesting it

  • when an entity with the stonehearth_ace:pile component is crafted, all ingredients are added to the pile’s memory in order: the uri, item quality, author, and author type
  • when harvested, the ingredients are removed in reverse order
    • if there are no ingredients stored (e.g., for backwards compatibility and piles that “decay” into other piles, like the wheat pile), their stonehearth:resource_node resource will be used as normal
    • if you want to have a “pile” contained in a crate, you can list the crate as the first ingredient in the recipe; that way it will be the final thing harvested
  • can specify “harvest_rate” in component JSON
  • we applied this to the base game log, stone, clay, wheat, and old wheat piles, as well as the new thatch pile

Sorry, another break needed :jubilant: :sparkles:

Continue For Modders and Enthusiasts...

Crafting scripts and stacks: more options for recipes

  • crafting with stacks is… complicated, but I think it mostly works
    • if using ingredients with stacks to craft something, specify “min_stacks” for the ingredients you care about, then specify “stonehearth_ace:craft_script:stacks_per_product” in the “produce_scripts” table and a “stacks_per_product” table for what should get produced from the stacks, with the amount of stacks of each ingredient required for producing one of that product
    • specify “max_crafts” for the product to limit the number of that product that can be produced with a single crafting
    • any leftover stacks beyond what was required will be added to the products in the fewest items possible
    • for creating a product with a different number of stacks than the default (max), specify “stonehearth_ace:craft_script:stacks” in the “produce_scripts” table for the product and also the “stacks”
    • take a look at the blacksmith’s gold_ingot_from_coins_recipe and gold_coins_from_ingot_recipe for examples
      • if you changed the “max_crafts” for the gold_ingot_from_coins_recipe to 10, you could craft up to 10 gold ingots from a full pile of gold coins (1000), using only a single fuel; however, the crafter will still grab any pile of gold coins that has at least 100 in it, so you could change that to 500 so they’d always be crafting at least 5 ingots
      • keep in mind that any potential ingredient with fewer stacks than the minimum will be ignored: the crafter will not pick up multiple ingredients to add up to the minimum; stacks of gold coins are automatically combined when they’re put into the same storage, but other stacks are not
  • two other scripts are included: fancy_effect and material_model_variant
    • fancy_effect causes the crafter to do a “promote” animation with the crafted item; it’s currently only being used by the legendary sword recipe
    • material_model_variant applies a model variant to the product based on the most prevalent ingredient of a specified material; check out the herbalist’s plant_glass_recipe as well as the product entity’s ghost JSON for how ingredient uris translate to model variants (you can probably specify the uris directly as model variant names, but using the stonehearth_ace:entity_modification key table allows you to direct multiple uris to the same model variant more easily)
  • these scripts are specified and run per product, and you can specify any number in the array that will run in that order
    • you may notice that the scripts we included have checks at the beginning for whether the current produced item exists and is valid; this is because you can use scripts to destroy the crafted item and optionally produce something else if you want, and any scripts that execute later should be prepared for that
  • with all the parameters passed into these scripts, there are many possibilities, like having low-level blacksmiths have a chance to produce slag instead of their intended product that they’ll then have to melt down into usable ingots again; or giving the crafter a buff or mood change, perhaps based on the quality of the product (or applying a debuff or wounding the crafter)

New keys for Weather types:

  • unsheltered_debuff and unsheltered_animal_debuff are now arrays and support multiple buffs per weather.
  • is_bad_weather this boolean key will point out a weather type to be bad for animals, forcing them to seek shelter on pasture beds. Add it to any weather type that could hurt or bother animals.
  • frozen this boolean key will cause a “frozen” state to farmer fields, slowing their growth down. Recommended only for weathers with actual snowfall.
  • sunlight value can be defined per weather (as well as per season and per biome, both within the biome JSON). It multiplies all other existing multipliers. Values can be negative or positive, but as far as ACE is concerned, sunny days are 0.95 outside the desert and 1 in the desert.
  • humidity value can be defined per weather (as well as per season and per biome, both within the biome JSON). It combines additively with all other existing humidity modifiers (season, biome, and irrigation). Values can be negative or positive, but as far as ACE is concerned, rains have humidity above ~1.5 to 2 or more while dry and sunny days have slightly negative humidities like -0.1 to -0.5 while sandstorms can have -1 or less.

Equipment Mixins

  • Modders seeking to make their mods compatible with ACE will now find a collection of “mixins” for weapons and armor that represent all the types of weapons and armor found in ACE, which includes specific mixins for light, medium and heavy armor (helmet and torso); quivers, shields, main-hand weapons, off-hand weapons, two-handed weapons - and all the “debuff” varieties of each (all 5 debuffs in all 3 intensities); bows, crossbows, and so on.

Campaign Unlocks (TIER 3)

  • For those that wish to unlock new recipes when you reach the level 3 of a certain shrine, there is now a very mod-friendly way to do so that doesn’t require you to override the bonus LUA file! You can add your own unlocking nodes to an ACE special node that runs after the regular Tier 3 unlocks and these nodes can unlock recipes through the regular recipe unlocking nodes that doesn’t display empty bulletins anymore!

Known Issues

Below is a list of all known issues to this version + the ones carried unchanged or not fixed from the previous version. Please note that some things on ACE are still unfinished or incomplete - feel free to report issues, bugs and crashes and whatever we can track down shall be added here!

  • Marble currently has no real use other than being stone.
  • Many of the new things still don’t have unique animations. These include, for example, dual-wield weapons and bears. Animations are coming at some point, but can’t give an estimate for these.
  • Bone Carving recipes only include weapons and shields, not furniture. (Fixed in
  • The Bone Carving Studio and bone recipes for the mason are still only accessible to the Northern Alliance. The other factions will be able to get it through a simple quest that is going to be implemented soon, but is not in yet.
  • Fishes might sometimes jump out of the water and die. Consider it involuntary fishing and enjoy their meat. You’re welcome.
  • There is a known issue with the Hunting command for NA that throws an error. (Fixed in
  • There is a very elusive error that is sometimes thrown randomly. We haven’t found its origins yet but it seems to be mostly harmless; just close it and continue playing. You’ll recognize it to start like this:
    radiant/modules/commons.lua:199: attempt to index local 'data' (a nil value)
  • The sounds on some crafting animations might be not properly synchronized. Please report if you see any of those!
  • Nordlingmod (by @Wouter_Sikkema) causes some issues when used with this version of ACE. It needs to be updated! (Fixed by Wouter)
  • There seems to be a very sneaky and elusive crash when saving. It often happens in multiplayer (although it might not be related to it - just more probable due to the increased amount of players/hearthlings) and we’re really trying to track it down. We understand it can be frustrating and we’re really sorry if it happens - but all information on it: save files, how it happened, what were people doing, etc… Would help immensely!
  • There seems to be an issue with crafting, throws an error and interrupts crafting. Should be fixed soon! (Fixed in
  • There seems to be an error related to some mods that cause a complete UI crash/becomes unplayable. It’s not an ACE error but actually on the outdated’s mod end. The mod in question is called “Some Roman Stuff” but could also happen to other mods. Be careful and deactivate it if you want to play with ACE!
  • There is a stuttering issue that affects Shepherds when they’re trying to fill troughs/mangers with food. That happens if there is already food on the ground when they go for that. We’ll fix it but for now you can “unstuck” them by deleting the food on the ground (CTRL+C to open the console, click the food pile, type destroy and press enter) (Fixed in
  • Sometimes crafters will go all the way into the wild to get resources for a recipe instead of using the supplied resources right next to them (in bins, crates or tables). That happens because the new “look for resources” code needs a bit of refining. If you’re in a hurry and needs things urgently, uncheck the “Use high quality resources” box when ordering a craft. That will let it work as previously, using the closest possible.
  • Pastures and animal feeding has been somewhat broken by the last hotfix. (Oops). Shepherds will not properly feed animals with specific food so you’ll need to rely on Fodder until we release the next hotfix. Sorry! (Fixed in
  • Fishes are reproducing like crazy! We broke it a bit on the last hotfix as well but we’ll be tracking this down and fixing it for the next release. For now, be careful if your map has huge bodies of water as fishes will reproduce a lot and cause huge performance issues when their population gets out of control. (Fixed in
  • DuckDucks and Ostriches are invulnerable to damage, can’t be hunted and will cause errors if you try to force-attack them! It is the same issue that happened with sheep before and shall be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry!

This is all!

As before, we really - really - hope you’ll all love playing this version as much as we loved making it! It was a lot of hard work from a lot of people to which we’re all very grateful :heart:

And of course, please report all bugs, issues and performance matters! Post screenshots, share save files, etc. Everything helps! :merry:

Thank you all and have fun!
-Dani, on behalf of the ACE Team



Thanks ACE team great work on the update!!!



Wow! That’s one hell of a feature list! You guys have truly become the owners of the game’s development. Some of these are beyond what I would have been willing to get into when I was on the team.

I’ll post some feedback when I get to play with this later this week.

Also, quality patch notes! I’m glad cooks are now equipped with nut crackers and the god of symmetry is appropriately appeased.

Other than these, there are also a couple of extra tools you might found out by yourself! :slight_smile: (did someone say “backpacks”?)

Out of curiosity, how did you implement custom backpacks on a technical level?


It’s a hack! Everything’s a hack!

But basically, it’s not quite what you think or what Dani implied (given the community’s previous interest in backpacks): it’s not an adjustment to the size of the backpack, but rather to the speed with which the hearthling accesses it (simply speeding up the effect). So they can’t carry any more, but they’ll pick things up (and put things down, I think?) faster.


Yes, that’s precisely it - it more like simulates the greater efficiency of inventory management rather than increasing the amount of items carried.

It also “removes” the debuff they get when carrying things, since they now carry everything on the backpack (and no item on hands)

Hey, I never implied anything - I just said “backpacks” :smiley:


I’m glad you’re keeping the tradition alive!

Thanks! That makes sense.


I’m getting a couple of errors at the launch screen:

release-949 (x64)[M]

c++ exception: ‘stonehearth_ace’ has no alias named ‘buffs:lightweight_gear’ in the manifest.

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘load_json’ radiant/modules/resources.lua:34: in function ‘load_json’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:67: in function ‘get_buffs’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:27: in function ‘_update_catalog_data’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:19: in function ‘update_catalog’ …hearth_ace/scripts/update_catalog/update_catalog.lua:5: in function <…hearth_ace/scripts/update_catalog/update_catalog.lua:1> stonehearth_ace/stonehearth_ace_client.lua:111: in function <stonehearth_ace/stonehearth_ace_client.lua:106> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:55: in function <radiant/modules/events.lua:55>

release-949 (x64)[M]

c++ exception: ‘stonehearth_ace’ has no alias named ‘buffs:lightweight_gear’ in the manifest.

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘load_json’ radiant/modules/resources.lua:34: in function ‘load_json’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:67: in function ‘get_buffs’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:27: in function ‘_update_catalog_data’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_catalog_lib.lua:19: in function ‘update_catalog’ …hearth_ace/scripts/update_catalog/update_catalog.lua:5: in function <…hearth_ace/scripts/update_catalog/update_catalog.lua:1> stonehearth_ace/stonehearth_ace_server.lua:157: in function <stonehearth_ace/stonehearth_ace_server.lua:152> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:55: in function <radiant/modules/events.lua:55>

I’m going to ignore & see if I can start a game


Do you use Nordlingmod?

Seems to come from it
I know there is no clue about that, but I do know Nordlingmod has some weapons using that particular buff uri which was removed from ACE (renamed, actually) :smiley:

Hey, that one was me! Paul is too good, he wants to develop everything properly and carefully… gosh!


Yes I use Norlingmod so no worries thanks!


I’ve added it to the known issues!

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release-949 (x64)[M]

Unknown C++ exception

stack traceback: [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘get’ stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_order.lua:176: in function <stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_order.lua:168> (tail call): ? …key_patches/ace_collect_ingredients_orchestrator.lua:90: in function ‘run’ stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:473: in function ‘run_orchestrator’ …rver/town/orchestrators/craft_items_orchestrator.lua:221: in function ‘_collect_ingredients’ …_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_items_orchestrator.lua:123: in function ‘run’ stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:488: in function <stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:487> [C]: ? [C]: ?


Congratulations ACE team! What a stinkin’ HUGE update… wow. Looking forward to booting this up. :slight_smile:


I know what i’ll be doing during the break


Updated my ACE and my multiplayer games no longer auto-save (the check-mark is enabled). When I try to manually save, the multiplayer game seems to crash about 50% of the time. Tends to happen at higher rates if I haven’t saved for awhile. I have not tested single player as I play with my brother. Made a new multiplayer game and still the same error. Only mods that are active are: Radiant Core Library, Stonehearth, Northern Alliance, and Rayya’s Children. This didn’t happen prior to this update.

I’ll try to see if I can find the crash reason, other than that, it makes the game unplayable currently since I can no longer save.


By Cid’s glorious greatsword… this mod has gone far beyond whatever expectations I had for it.

All this new content and simply for a 0.9.3 release? You’re supposed to give us some minor bug fixes and balance changes damn it! Quit spoiling me!


I know it’s a pain (save crashes are really hard to debug for obvious reasons), but if you’re able to play and save quite frequently until it crashes and then upload the last successful save with information about what you did during the time after it, that could allow us to reproduce the crash and figure out what’s causing it.


Right now, I’ve only been able to reproduce it when two people are playing. My brother is offline and I haven’t been able to reproduce it since.


Interesting… old or new save? Biome, kingdoms, playstyles, etc.?