[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

Greetings, hearthlings and goblins :merry:

We come today with joyful, much anticipated news! Also som not-so-joyful announcements and such… But overall, only good stuff!

For today is the day of yet another huge Stonehearth ACE update! So get your reading glasses because the patch notes are once again overwhelming :jubilant:

For this version’s highlights, I think it’s fair to mention the new drinking system, mechanics and related furniture, items and such, a full revamp on Highlands visuals and colors, the new Thorulf & Rattley quest to learn bonecarving with factions other than the Northern Alliance, fish traps (finally!), nut trees and multiple changes to renewable resources (like seasonal variants to your evergreen bushes!), some new monsters and multiple new encounters and challenges to test the mettle of your military (primitive goblins with blowpipes that make you sleep? YES), new traders, dreams, items… Well, you’ll have to read I’m afraid. :forlorn:

Now for a couple of announcements!
The first one might sound a little sad - but we promise it is not :merry:
For a few months now, me and Paulthegreat have represented most of the actual work being done in ACE. Of course there are many that contributed and still contribute when needed, and a lot of people helping with testing, finding bugs and providing feedback by playing! But for those of you that are part of the Discord and follow the progress, the unstable versions and such - this is not a surprise. We are, of course, in need of a little R&R :merry: we’re not disappearing or anything, and we’ll be around to fix bugs and all that, of course :merry: but we do need to give ourselves an “official pause” - at least one that we can truly not feel so bad about when not working on ACE :jubilant: There’s a lot of good things to do (some Stonehearth related, even – those that use my mods know how OUTDATED they are… So this will be a grand opportunity to update Trapper+, Glassworks, etc…) But yeah, this is basically it. We’re not done and no one is leaving - no worries :merry: we just need a lil’ time off :jubilant:

And secondly, to keep the flame alive and not make anyone sad, I’d just like to point out a couple of things planned for the future of ACE :merry:
As you all know, we have what we call the base game updates and then the additions, like Dwarves. With this update here, we are pretty much almost done with what we considered necessary, base game changes and additions. There is very few left - most notably our desired changes to the Herbalist, the Engineer and some little tweaks here and there. That means that after this version, 0.9.5 will probably be the last “Pre-Release” ACE version and beyond that is when only the neat, juicy things start coming: Dwarves, the new questlines and all that. And beyond that, if we’re all still alive (:jubilant:) and willing (:forlorn:) we also have some very cool ideas and thoughts to share! Things like new jobs (based on original ideas from Radiant, like the Animal Tamer) and such are all still on the table, just waiting their opportunity to shine…

So that’s it, I hope that these words are enough to keep the hope and the good wishes alive while we take some rest away from daily working in ACE, and I look forward to hear and see cool stories from this new version :merry:

Without more delays…

Stonehearth ACE

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Pre-Release 0.9.4 - THE DRINKING UPDATE

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If you are still playing a 0.9.3+ game and is really invested on it, you may continue by download the older version by following the link above! 0.9.4 should be save compatible but is likely to throw some errors. Besides, you won’t be able to enjoy all the new features without a new game!

Brace for impact!


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  • It’s time for some brewing! At level 2, the Cook will now unlock the Copper Brewery and several beverages and beverage-related recipes. Drinks themselves as a system are not fully implemented yet, and there’s yet some balancing and tweaking to do. But you can already have some fun with them!
  • Drinks are not like other basic needs (food, sleeping, etc…) but rather like a luxury need. Hearthlings will not die of thirst but they will be unhappy to not have anything to drink. On the other hand, providing prepared, tasty drinks will enhance them with multiple new buffs and benefits.
  • When no drinks are provided, you can still “fight off” the unhappiness with water. Water is quite bland but will satisfy their desire for drinks without any added benefits. Hearthlings will reach for water sources to get water when thirsty - any water source in the game works - like rivers or lakes (as long as they can reach down for it - you might need to dig a bit!) or…
  • Wells. Wells can be crafted and placed like other furniture - but once placed they need to be built and can’t be moved or undeployed - they need to be destroyed and a new well must be created. They only provide water for thirsty hearthlings… for now. :wink:
  • Well models are new but they use the beautiful (yet unused) well model contained in the Farmer folder of the official Stonehearth mod as a base! Thank you, Team Radiant <3
  • Berry Juice, Cherry Juice, Prickly Pear Juice, Watermelon Juice, Carrot Juice, Heirbloom Juice & Smoothie, drinks. These lovely fruit beverages will make your hearthlings refreshed and renewed!
  • Herbal Tea, Lavish Tea, Desert Sun Tea & Amberstone Tea, drinks. Tea is a very special kind of drink that requires a teapot to be made but provides the most excellent crafting bonuses.
  • Grain Spirit, Fruit Spirit, Liquor, Ale & Beer, alcoholic drinks. These provide huge bonuses for mood and happiness but can make your average hearthling a little… light headed. Don’t exaggerate!
  • Wort and Gruit, brewing ingredients. Wort is needed (in a Fermentation Vat, crafted by the cook) to make Ale. Gruit can be added to Ale to make Beer.
  • Hearthlings will take into account the time of the day when choosing what to drink! Early in the morning and during the day they’ll prefer things like juices or milk, maybe tea. During the afternoon they’ll prefer tea and sometimes alcoholic beverages and during the night they’ll always prefer alcoholic beverages.
  • Certain Hearthlings, however, have special preferences and intolerances - just like food. These will have priority over the time of the day. For example, Tea Lovers will always prefer tea whenever while alcohol intolerant hearthlings will never go for alcoholic beverages, not even at night.
  • Drinks have been added to all starting loadouts of all kingdoms.
  • Drinks were added to the small parting gift you get from the township quest after choosing your banner. For Rayya’s, they were added to the Iskender caravan gift.
  • Finally, to handle all the new substances, a whole series of new containers is added. Production Casks can be used to store newly crafted fluids and Serving Kegs can be used to store consumable fluids like finished beverages. Both can be made with either clay, wood or stone. And then the Barrel, Amphora or Tank are used as general storage for most fluids or dry goods. All fluid containers are limited to single filters (they can only hold one type of fluid).
  • Bar Counters. This new and fancy furniture set comes in multiple pieces, a door and a stool. They are also available in wood, stone and clay. Your taverns and inns will never be the same again!


  • Meet Thorulf and Rattley! Those two new characters come with a small and light hearted new quest for those playing a faction that is not Northern Alliance. Upon completion, this quest will unlock the Bone Carving Studio and all the bone carving recipes!
  • Additionally, Thorulf and Rattley will attend Tier 3 township upgrade parties of all kingdoms.
  • Enchanted Dust, Goblin Banner Shred, Red Kiln Banner Shred, Undead Rags, Corrupted Dust, hostile trophies. These are new items that can randomly drop from members of some of the hostile kingdoms. They’re not really useful and are only worth selling… for now.
  • Your town is in peril like never before! There’s several new events for the “Ambient Threats” campaign, which includes some new feral beasts like bears and big cats, goblin armies and so on… That also means new types of enemies and new things to fight against. Be ever vigilant!


  • Fish Traps! Your fishing problems are finally over! Fish Traps can be crafted by the Carpenter or bought from fishing merchants. They can then be placed on the edges of water bodies and will eventually get fish that will then be automatically harvested by your Trapper. When fish is caught, you can also click a command button on the trap that will make the Trapper capture the fish instead, putting it in a handy box so you can release it somewhere else. Time to build ornamental fish ponds! Fish Traps are not affected whatsoever by the presence of nearby fish… for now.
  • This is an early implementation of the fish traps, mostly pushed out so people can finally benefit from getting fish if not using any neat mods out there… :stuck_out_tongue: But due to the yet non-optimal implementation, fish traps in very large quantities can cause performance issues. To prevent that, they have a limit of 3-12 traps per Trapper (12 on level 6)


  • NPCs except non-hostile wild animals and aquatic animals will now be affected by weather effects as well. This should prevent situations where your troops are severely slowed down due to a blizzard while enemies are joyfully hopping around, for example. They will not take damage from weather effects, though.
  • The ACE Firepit Component is even further customized and you can now define different fuels for different entities and whether or not an entity should create sitting spots.
  • Additionally, sitting spots can now be created on the same level of the firepit OR one level above, which means that they will actually sit around firepits that are sunk down one block into the ground.
  • Hearthlings will now remove any seasonal equipment they’re wearing when the preferred season ends. That means a lot more immersion when winter ends and your little people swap back to their summer outfits!
  • Small Firepit, decoration. A 2x2 variant of the firepit, it also provides warmth but requires fuel. Can be crafted by a level 3 Mason.
  • Cast Iron Brazier and Tall Cast Iron Brazier, decorations. Functions like a firepit but requires coals instead of wood. It also generates warmth but won’t attract people to sit around it.
  • Crafter Gilded Scarf, accessory. This handy piece of clothing will keep your crafters warm on the coldest days! No more freezing professionals while the workers hop happily about.
  • Combatant Fur Cloak, accessory. Similarly to the piece of clothing above, this other item shall keep combat units warm. That includes knights, footmen, clerics and archers.
  • Field Worker Comfy Hood, hat. Finally, this last equipment is meant for warming the heads of the other professionals that are not crafters. Namely the Trapper, Shepherd and Farmer.
  • With those new items, it is now possible to keep everyone warm during blizzards. Please note that just like the worker outfits, they have kingdom variants. All of them can be crafted by the Weaver. Rayya’s Children versions are cheaper but will only protect hearthlings up to Cold weather.
  • Summer Work Hat, Summer Crafter Hat, hats. These, oh the other hand, will protect crafters and workers from the summer’s heat and sunstrokes.


  • THE END OF AN ERA. The long reign of the Stone Chest has ended and it now requires a level 4 mason and more expensive materials - like all the other 64 item containers. To compensate, two new - smaller - stone containers have been added: the Small Stone Coffer and the Stone Coffer. They’re equivalent to the Small Crate or Small Urn and Large Crate or Large Urn, respectively.
  • There’s also a new 64 item container for the Potter, called “Tall Urn”.
  • Small Animal Door and Animal Door, construction parts. These come in all base materials (Wood, Stone and Clay) and are special doors that can be left open, allowing animals to go through. A Shepherd is able to manually open or close them, still allowing hearthlings back and forth but enclosing animals. Great for making shelters, coops or barns!
  • Chitin Armor, Chitin Helmet, Chitin Shield. Somewhere between leather and bronze, this Footman armor set offers an alternative for when you lack leather and metals. It also has a special ability! After a year collecting chitin for no reason, your insect parts are now finally useful! Chitin armor have unique visuals per biome.
  • The Fox Lily flowers have a new variation for their model now, a simple color swap hinted by Allie during a stream as old as time…
  • Sunflowers and Fox Lilies now drop new, respective herbs. Their recipes also require those herbs instead of the whole plant.
  • There are now transmutation recipes for Cotton, Dwarfsbeard and Cherry Bush seeds, just like the other similar plants in the base game. Apologies for missing those!
  • ACE now gives support to localization mods that require gender-based surnames. Such mods still need to add such lists to the populations file, but if detected ACE will properly use them!
  • Knights will now actually blow a horn (visual and sounds!) when they use their Level 6 “Hero’s Horn” ability.
  • You can now place Building Templates on pastures! Get those barns and coops out there!
  • If you’re too lazy to plan your own, however ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) this update also includes two new building templates to each faction: a small animal shelter and a big animal barn. They require a Shepherd to be unlocked.
  • You can now see buffs applied by food items! Check out stews, soups and sweets! More should come eventually, encouraging more diverse diets!
  • Sounds for waterfalls have been added! Yay!
  • You can now extract Sugarbell seeds with a Level 6 Herbalist!
  • Several new types of titles have been added for weapons and hearthlings (undead slaying, orc slaying, specific bosses like Ogo, etc…) and the existing titles have been made less spammy.
  • There are now new ways for titles to be achieved: specific kills will account specific monsters with a determined tag in their Tuning files.
  • A new rare Tier 3 merchant statue has been added.
  • There’s now a new option in the settings menu that allows you to silence notifications for new titles.
  • New loading screen messages have been added to cover some of the new content and features.
  • There’s a couple new variations for Scarab Beetles and Ladybugs. The scarab is also shiny now.
  • There’s also a couple new variations for the beetle chitin resource according to biome.
  • There is now a “Poof!” effect (the same used on trappers) for when a Shepherd slaughters an animal.
  • Added support for the grouping of jobs into broader job role categories. This should alleviate the issue of multiple jobs being displayed when showing which jobs are able to use an item. Please note that mods will have to perform a simple setup for this to work, more information on this can be found on the “Modders & Enthusiasts” section.
  • The ACE Auto Replace Component has also been updated with a new setting, it can now track destroyed items too. Just use the on_destroy boolean key to enable it.
  • Added a new visual for arrows from enemy bows.
  • Highland Vine Stems, fiber material. Highland Vine Leaves, herb. Highland vines will now drop their own resources instead of coarse fiber bundles.
  • Dreams. Dreams change back and forth during the night and are influenced by the Spirit attribute. The more Spirit a hearthling has, the lesser the chance for bad dreams. Bad dreams will give negative thoughts while good dreams will give good thoughts.
  • Sleepyhead and Light Sleeper, traits. These new traits will add even more personality to your little hearthlings!
  • There’s a new effect for when hearthlings pass out of exhaustion. They’ll drop down as if being knocked out and they’ll have purple Zzz… instead of green - showing you that they have been up much more than they should! Don’t let your poor ‘lings pass out!
  • Added a wooden wall-mounted sign for the Geomancer.
  • You can now place Mechanisms and Fluid Control objects in the building editor.
  • There are now new mechanics for rendering in the Renewable Resource Component. More details on how to use them will be shared below. As a player, what it means: the “produce” of many resource nodes is now rendered separately from the entity. That means that it is now possible to have seasonal variants for berry or cherry bushes, etc. Additionally, there are now “half renewed” visual stages, so before your berry bushes are harvestable or sheep are shearable you’ll see green berries and short-wool sheeps. As an example of the new mechanics, most renewable resource nodes have been adapted to benefit from this, so pretty much most flowers or harvestables will now have intermediate stages.
  • Additionally, there is also another feature for the Renewable Resource Component, which is the ability to customize the renewing rate according to seasons. This is very interesting because it allows us to create some major new kind of resources, for example…
  • Almonds, Walnuts, Chestnuts and Hazelnuts can now be planted! These will grow into fine, beautiful nut trees. Those trees are unlike other trees in the sense that they provide renewable resources every year, each on certain periods (usually Autumn).
  • Nut trees have been added to all biomes. Almonds to the Desert, Chestnuts to the Temperate Forest, Hazels to the Highlands and Walnuts to the Arctic.
  • Basket of Nuts and Nut Flour, cooking ingredients. Now instead of using hard seeds (nuts) for cooking you first have to make a basket out of the same 5 nuts usually required by the recipes. This is a necessary adaptation for the nut trees, that give their nuts in baskets already. You can also make flour with the nut baskets.
  • Nut Bread, Nutty Meatballs, Nut Cake, foods.
  • There is now a new overlay icon for harvesting fruits - currently seen on berry bushes, pear cactuses, cherry bushes, etc… It now displays a fruit instead of the old plant icon.
  • Spiky Bolt Quiver, equipment. An alternative to the Spiky Quiver that can be used with crossbows.
  • Farmer Fields set to “Fallow” shall now recognize humidity and change their visuals as well when raining, dry, etc.
  • There is now support for statistics and titles when reembarking.
  • Reembarking will now keep all the Town Tier/Township Quest recipes unlocked regardless of what faction you play with. What this means is that if you unlock a Tier 3 set of recipes with Northern Alliance, you can reembark as Rayya’s Children and still have these recipes - and so on. Please note that this only applies to unlockable recipes - the starting cultural recipes (i.e: Northern Alliance’s Horn Spear or Rayya’s Children Tagines) remain exclusive.
  • The Crafting window will now display a measurement of a food or drink’s efficiency on its interface. The new display uses icons to represent how satisfying the serving is and a number to inform the amount of servings provided.
  • Large Bronze Portcullis and Large Castle Portcullis. These new alternatives to the existing portcullis are as strong as their smaller versions, but available on a different size that can be centered on odd-sized walls: 5x5
  • There are now Fish Traders and Drink Traders.
  • You’ll now get the adventurer quest offering you the Auto Cricket Golems when playing as Rayya’s Children, just like the other two factions do.
  • Added some clothing variations for travelers.
More patch notes...



  • A lot has been changed on the biome regarding its colors and vibes. It should feel much more lively now, with more defined palettes per season, less stark white mountains and an overall improved look. Biome selection pictures have been edited to reflect the changes as well.


  • Food values and nutrition has been almost completely changed. We did a pass on all craftable food objects in the game trying to find a better balance that will allow for a more reasonable progression of crafted foods, lower prices and an overall smoother experience. Food alone can’t be used to get super rich with cheaper materials anymore! From now on, food follows a somewhat rigid structure that is basically the following:
  • Foodstuffs have their value determined by the value of their materials + a small addition depending on what category of item. For example, Specialty Desserts get a bit of an added value when compared to other foods. But it’s no longer possible to craft items worth 60+ from materials worth 20 or so. (I’m looking at you, Roast Sausages!)
  • Foodstuffs have their nutrition determined by a multiplication of their value. That literally means that the more valuable a food is, the better it is. The amount of servings can make foods of equal nutrition serve more with less satisfaction or less with more satisfaction, for example. All of this is now possible to observe due to the crafting UI changes.
  • Also, the maximum nutrition per serving is somewhat determined by the category. Chef’s Specials will be the most filling foods, for example.
  • Overall, the values are quite similar to the ones already found in the game and it shouldn’t be much noticeable. Only the oddballs and items that were quite expensive or unbalanced are the ones that have been more radically changed, mostly.
  • Finally, one interesting side-effect of those changes is that your Food net worth will probably grow slower/be lower, making acquiring new hearthlings slightly more difficult - a change that is often requested since achieving the Daily Update goals is relatively easy!


  • Sleeping has been greatly tweaked. Hearthlings will now sleep for longer (This is shocking, but the default sleep times are very short - from like 1 hour to 2~3) which means they’ll greatly benefit from having nicer bedrooms and beds. It also means that you’ll have more people sleeping at the same time, so traits like “Night Owl” are much more useful and actually something you notice. It has a magical, immersive feeling to see your hearthlings going to bed at night and waking up in the morning - so while this change might still be tweaked for balance since it does change pacing a lot, it has a lot of positive effects on the overall “feeling” of your town!
  • Additionally, several unused features of the sleeping system that were dormant (pun intended) in the game code have been activated, like exhaustion threshold and tiredness thoughts. Now your ‘lings will have negative thoughts the more tired they are.


  • Bluebell the Sheep has been nerfed a little and doesn’t have 500 HP now.
  • On the other hand… Goblin Raid Camp bosses have been buffed a little and have 450 HP instead of 300. They should feel a bit more challenging now (and less of a regular goblin)
  • The beast training goblins have been slightly buffed, having now 250 health points. Previously they would have only 50, which is less than goblin workers.
  • The Rayya’s Children and Northern Alliance campaign have also been slightly modified to include the blacksmith’s coin minting ability as well.
  • Almost all Tier 3 Monuments from the Town Progression campaigns in all the kingdoms have had their recipes adjusted. Some of them had their value more balanced in comparison to other monuments but what really changed is that they now only require materials or resources that you can actively obtain at any point in the game. This was done to prevent situations where things like Varanus Meat and Hide couldn’t be obtained anymore.
  • Not that it would matter much… because there’s also a couple of new changes to campaigns which include but are not limited to: new goblin raids, new (mid-late game) varanus raids and some interestingly convenient tweaks, for example: you will no longer get attacked by Red Kiln raids before you actually start the Red Kiln/Orc War campaign.
  • Some new names for goblins and goblin wolves have been added.
  • The Dragonborn event has been slightly tweaked. The door is now a bit stronger with 8.000 health points, giving you some extra time to gather your forces. Additionally, the door won’t be affected by damage-over-time debuffs like “Open Wounds” anymore. That is just… weird.
  • The Northern Alliance Auto Cricket Golem adventurer offer will now ask for items more viable for a starting Northern Alliance town instead of carpentry stuff.
  • The Iskender Caravans will now carry plenty of fuel to help out with the rough start of Rayya’s Children on the desert.
  • The Crop Seed Traders have had their stocks reviewed and should now carry all the seeds in the game (that your current faction doesn’t have by default). That means you’re now able to unlock every crop with any faction… with a lot of patience and luck.
  • A lot of new inventory has been added to all returning traders (the ones that exchange something for something else).
  • The Amberstone campaign had a slight change. Now when you’re asked to receive two bunny residents, they’ll also teach you some Amberstone cooking recipes!
  • All Township quests have been tweaked to have a slightly longer progression by increasing the worth requirements throughout. Due to the Tier 2 (Hearth) quests being somewhat difficult, it was very common for players to arrive at their Tier 3 (Shrine) quests with much more worth than the quests actually asked them for. This change should make the effort between Tiers 2-3 as meaningful as the effort between Tiers 1-2, but will probably still need some balance. Let us know!


  • The Small Clay Firepit produces heat now.
  • Increased the water tolerance for water based crops like Paddy. It still has a maximum value to disencourage deep underwater farms but should be much more manageable.
  • The outfit for the Rayya’s Children Geomancer has been recolored so they don’t look like naked people anymore.
  • The outfit for the Rayya’s Children Herbalist has been reworked to look a bit more like the other factions’ herbalists and less like a priest.
  • The “Freezing Weather” debuff now reduces a hearthling’s health down to 60% and not only 40% like before.
  • The “Hot Weather” is now less effective and there are two new types of warm weather: the Extremely Hot Weather and the sunstroke - a blizzard-like damaging debuff that can happen to hearthlings exposed to too much hot weather.
  • The Heat Wave weather was replaced by the Hot & Sunny weather in most biomes and seasons. Heat Waves are now only possible in the Desert biome and rarely in the Temperate Forest summer.
  • Some positive effects from eating or drinking like “Warm Belly” or “Refreshed Belly” now last 4 hours instead of 3 hours.
  • Most winter clothes have been renamed so different items from different kingdoms have different names, making them impossible to be mixed with each other or ambiguously referred to by fetch quests, etc…
  • Made it a little less likely to rain during the Autumn in the Temperate Forest.


  • Slightly tweaked crafting time, it should feel a bit more meaningful now.
  • The passive chances of crafting higher quality items have been lowered to compensate for the now much easier way of crafting higher quality items by using higher quality materials.
  • Change the way the auto-queueing of recipe dependencies work. Until now the crafter would craft the most efficient recipe available and - if none available - the most efficient overall. This caused weird behavior on certain scenarios. For example, queueing an anvil on a Level 1 Blacksmith would auto-queue the Iron Ingot (x2) recipe even though they won’t be able to craft that until much later. Now they should correctly queue the lowest level required recipe, assuming it will be the one you’ll be able to craft the soonest.
  • To avoid confusion, Engineer recipes for the mechanisms that are not yet in the game (Axles, gear boxes, etc…) have been removed. They shall be reintroduced when the systems that use them are complete.


  • The stockpile icon for Clay resources has been replaced by a mound of clay instead of clay bricks. On the other hand, the Builder icon for Clay Bricks has been changed from a mound of clay to clay bricks. It is also renamed “Clay Bricks”.
  • The icon for the stockpile filter “Healing Items” has been changed to better reflect healing items.
  • The old icon, that looked like one of the special Tonics, is now used for “Other Consumables.
  • And the “Other Consumables” icon, that looked like a seed crate, is now used for the new “Farming Seeds” filter under Nature & Scenery.
  • Corn Meal and Flour filters have been renamed to accomodate to item name changes done previously.
  • Changed the “Food Preparation” category from the Cook’s crafting menu to just “Preparation”.
  • The icon for the “Fungi” stockpile filter has been changed.
  • The “Food & Drink” category for stockpile filters has been split up and transformed into 10 different filters from the previous 3.
  • Input Bins can now hold “Golem Parts”.
  • Input Bins can now hold fuels by category rather than by type.
  • Added new filters to Input Bins, especially to several missing ingredients and items, and re-organized some filter categories. For example, things like fish fillets, large eggs or specific animal feeds can now be chosen.
  • Changed the “Iron Farmer’s Hoe” to “Farmer’s Iron Hoe” so it matches all the other tools.
  • Changed the name of some resource constants to better fit other resource constants in ACE. For example, instead of “Ore” it now says “Any Ore”.
  • The name and description for Antler has been updated to reflect ACE changes.
  • Changed the pictures of some food items so that they are more standard between each other.


  • What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, we just make the object movable, of course. It is now possible to undeploy Training Equipment objects.
  • Mining common rock should now yield significantly more ore. It should not be as much as it is without ACE - we want to keep ore veins as a significant thing to go after - but you should now at least pile up a bit of an extra ore with tunneling and digging alone, hopefully alleviating some of the difficulties in finding iron. This applies only to rocks/mountains.
  • You can now buy and sell Firepits. (the decorative one)
  • The Firepit recipe now uses 3 stones instead of 1 and is now a Mason level 5 recipe.
  • Braziers and Tower Braziers have better light effects now and will actually light up areas.
  • Made it more clear that Pasture Beddings need to be placed inside pastures.
  • Just like we did with other animals, renamed “A boar” to “Wild Boar” and pet boars to “Boar”.
  • Additionally, the same treatment was given to the goblin tent “A tent” and the barricade “A barricade”. Better names and a description were added.
  • The Hero’s Horn ability (Knight Level 6) has been slightly tweaked. They will use it less often but the effects will be greater.
  • Cheese vats now have a higher collision and people will not step on cheese anymore. SACRILEGE!
  • Reduced the speed penalty for wearing Heavy Armor a little.
  • Trapper Zones have been better balanced! It was noticed by some people that after ACE fixed a base game issue with multiple loot coming out of creatures, that resulted in the small animals trapping zone to become unbalanced, not even able to support the initial 5 people with food. Values have been tweaked all over, making trapping consistently more rewarding and efficient.
  • As a small counterbalance, the Wilderness requirements have also been completely tweaked. A single tree is not enough to get a very wild zone anymore! (Oops) It now requires a relatively good amount of “nature” within or around its boundaries.
  • Cotton seeds are no longer a source of cooking oil. Instead, you may now make cooking oil with pumpkin seeds (by using pumpkin baskets)
  • You can now buy Sugarbell Seeds (tier 2) or the whole plant (tier 3)!
  • The Shepherd’s Crook can now be crafted by a Carpenter Level 3!
  • Daisy Flowers spread a bit slower now.
  • The Armor and Shield buffs (Lightly Geared, Fairly Geared, Heavily Geared, Light Shield and Heavy Shield) have been rebalanced and now all characters in a combat party should have more or less the same speeds if their base attributes are similar. Footmen and Archers will still be usually faster but the Knight won’t be so far behind anymore.
  • Additionally, the Speed bonus of the Footman’s “First Responder” skill has been reduced from 20 to 15 and an increasing Speed bonus of 5 (Rank 1) and 10 (Rank 2) has been added to the Knight’s “Fortify” skill. The buff and trait descriptions have been updated to reflect the changes.
  • All tables in the game now have a navigation modifier component that will make it less likely for hearthlings to go on top of them. They still can do that if there is no other way available, but otherwise they’ll always prefer to go around it.
  • The Cook’s “Kitchen Chemistry” perk description now mentions the brewery as well.
  • Hearthlings will now eat more often in cold weather and drink more often in hot weather. Gotta keep the body heat going!
  • Changed the “Crossbow“ recipe (Carpenter) to require any hard metal instead of an Iron Ingot.
  • Slightly changed the crafting requirements of the potter’s urns so they fit their price range better. The Rayya’s unlockable 128 item urn now requires gold flakes.
  • The Megacrop Fertilizer recipe now uses chitin instead of bones.
  • Poyos and Restocking Golems are now considered “tiny”. This means they are able to use the newly added small pasture doors.
  • The description of the “Curiosity” attribute on the character sheets has been changed to fit the new experience bonus distribution in ACE.
  • Changed the icons for opening and closing water gates.
  • All the equipment type icons have been tweaked or completely remade and they should now look much smoother, standarized and better overall.
  • The buff icons of the relevant equipment types (shields, armor…) have been updated as well.
  • Potters of any kingdom can now craft the Decorative Teapot.
  • The value of the Decorative Teapot was lowered and its ingredients and crafting tweaked.
  • The Mega Watermelon farmer hat now provides resistance to hot weather.
  • The “Using Crossbow” buff is now hidden from the crafting screen of crossbows since it is somewhat obvious that you’ll be using a crossbow if you use a crossbow. Or something like that.
  • Buttered Bulbs is now a level 3 recipe. Imperial Salad is now a level 2 recipe. Peculiar Fish Stew is now a level 1 recipe.
  • Kibble has been modified a bit, now the common one is a less efficient version that both carnivores and vegetarians eat, the fish kibble is a better carnivore kibble and the veggie kibble is a better vegetarian kibble. Recipes have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Pets will still eat tastier food on the ground. Don’t drop food from the table! :smiley:
  • The Curdling Mixture recipe has been moved to the “Preparation” category.
  • Slightly lowered the time necessary for maturing the different types of cheese.
  • The icon for Undead Infection debuff has been changed to not be confused with the icons for poisons and to be more standard with the icons of upcoming infections.
  • Somewhat reduced the value of common goblin trophies like the honor token, broken flute and totems.
  • All doors and hatches have had their health values tweaked. They were, overall, increased. Stone doors are stronger than clay and wooden doors, and now each type of door is stronger than the “previous”: reinforced doors are stronger than simple doors, double doors are stronger than reinforced doors, tunnel doors are stronger than double doors and so on. Finally, the two portcullis (bronze and valor) are extremely stronger now (1200 and 1800 health, respectively) making them much more worthy.
  • Additionally, hidden hatches are now indestructible and invisible to enemies, fulfilling their purpose of being, well… hidden. In the future we might make it so that only a certain kind of enemy can see/attack them - like thieves.
  • Small Water Gates and Water Pumps can now be placed on walls. That should help when designing building templates with multiple stacked parts.
  • The overlay icon for the milk harvesting action (it appears on wild moo-moos if you harvest them) has been replaced for one more consistent with the new drink iconography.
  • Added a generic biome setting for the seasonal variations’ component of most trees and bushes so they’ll now work on all biomes.
  • The Stirred Poultry & Nuts recipe now requires only one basket of Cooked Nuts instead of two.
  • Population services have been patched and should now function properly when re-embarking or otherwise mixing citizens of different populations with different job indexes. This should also be compatible with other mods, making it now more functional (and less prone to errors) for someone to embark with citizens of different, multiple kingdoms - modded or not.
    Existing saves with “broken” citizens can be fixed by selecting them and typing the following command on the LUA console (requires Debug Tools): e:get_component('stonehearth:job'):set_population_override('mod:kingdoms:kingdom_name') where mod:kingdoms:kingdom_name can be replaced by the desire kingdom. For example: northern_alliance:kingdoms:northern_alliance.
  • The hat of the Northern Alliance male farmer has been changed to better match the hat of the female farmer.
  • All undead, especially skeletons, will drop Bone Material and Skulls now. That… makes a lot of sense.
  • The blueprint for the Ascendancy “Tavern” has been changed to include some of the new drinking items and furniture. Likewise, a new blueprint has been added to Rayya’s Children (The Desert Pub) and to the Northern Alliance (The Mead Hall). These are similar to the Tavern, containing tables and counters.
  • Smaller changes to many other building templates have been done, like replacing the signs on buildings where the sign was incorrect or adding the respective comfy beds to Tier 2 buildings of all factions.
  • Hatches, Hidden Hatches and Diagonal Hatches have been slightly improved and should now be easier to place in desirable ways. Additionally, they’re now considered “ladder” movement-wise, which makes it possible to build ladders down from hatches. You can also place the ladder first and the hatch afterwards.
Even more patch notes...


  • Ostriches and DuckDucks were also immortal due to a big mistake. They are now killable and can be hunted. Sorry about that - again!
  • Fixed a very serious issue that made any jerky impossible to be eaten. Some noticed it but it probably did affect many games - even if the cause wasn’t always clear. Luckily, most people end up using jerky as cooking ingredients so it was only really serious for the early game… We apologize nonetheless! It is now fixed and your ‘lings can once more enjoy Jerky!
  • Fixed a lot of issues with pet bowls and kibble that made them impossible to work. Now animals will actually eat kibble from bowls, just like it should’ve been! Sorry!
  • Also, hearthlings will not eat kibble themselves anymore. Eww.
  • Removing a Training Equipment object while being used will not cause errors anymore.
  • Fixed an issue with the ACE weapon mixins that caused some weapons from other mods to be bugged and not properly declared as entities.
  • Fixed a base game issue that caused some inconsistent and odd behavior on crafters. There were apparently some issues with the way priorities and looking for materials was handled and they would sometimes prefer stuff on the ground far away than things right next to them inside storage containers. This shouldn’t happen anymore!
  • Fixed a Firepit Component issue that made them kick Charcoal out even if it was being used as fuel. Also fixed another Firepit Component issue that made the residue created by burnt fuel not have proper facing directions.
  • Fixed a base game issue that allowed Hearthlings to steal the fuel from already-in-use firepits if they managed to reach it. Stealing is bad, don’t try it at home!
  • Fixed a couple of issues with the Great Water Gate’s collision.
  • Reduced the size of the text for the Bear Coats so they bear-ly fit the unit frame now. It previously had 3 lines of text and it was un-bear-able.
  • Fixed an issue that made it so that destroying any goblin structure would count as killing goblins for statistics and titles. They’ll now only acknowledge sentient beings.
  • Never satisfied, the God of Symmetry has once again striked true with their arrows of centering and fixed the slightly off-centered decoration pieces obtained from the roadside shrine: Twirlybird, Redbloom Bush, Goldrose Bush and Moondrop Bush. Additionally, the collision boxes for the Goldrose Tree, Moondrop Tree and Redbloom Tree were completely broken and are now fixed. Finally, all of these (except the Twirlybird) are now correctly filtered as decorative plants for stockpiles. The God of Symmetry returns to its slumber now.
  • Fixed some position/collision issues with Yew Trees. This was noticeable when they were cut and the stumps were on different positions.
  • Fixed an error that could be caused by trying to click the Job icon (promotion screen) for Golems. You can’t change the jobs of entities with NPC jobs now.
  • Fixed a problem with the Job Abilities UI of Rayya’s Children or Northern Alliance characters (or any other kingdom that is not Ascendancy, really) where the obtained abilities would not “light up” in vivid colors.
  • Fixed an issue with the shoulders of the Rayya’s Children Herbalist outfit. They were glitching weirdly.
  • Fixed a base game typo where one of the random trading quests would say “A explorer approaches your town.”
  • Fixed an issue which caused recipes that require gold ingots to queue up gold coin smelting recipes instead of ingot recipes from ore.
  • Fixed the positions of sleeping animals on pet beds. Animals behave wildly sometimes but they really were sleeping on very awkward positions…
  • Bandages will now only be stockpiled under “Healing Items”. Previously they were also accepted by the “Other Consumables” filter.
  • There is now a specific filter for chitin in Input boxes - and the previous “Hard Pelt” filter is renamed to “Skins” and only accepts things like varani or zilla skins.
  • Fixed an issue with the Butter Cookies and the Sugar Loaf that prevented them from being eaten or be usable at all.
  • Fixed an issue with the Northern Alliance Upgraded Worker’s Outfit that prevented it from being equipped.
  • Fixed some sounds that were bugged and could be heard from anywhere in the world, like bear sounds. Now they properly work with proximity.
  • Fixed a base game issue that made the Roast Sausage food be considered raw food.
  • The God of Symmetry has noticed something that everyone else has noticed before but ends up forgetting. Not him, not the God of Symmetry. He noticed that Bluebell the Sheep’s collar was off-centered and looked very weird on Bluebell’s neck… So he went there and smited the unholy thing back into place.
  • Fixed an issue with experience distribution for combat units that was causing them to level up really fast in groups, the larger the group is. (i.e: A group of 4 would go from level 1 to level 5 by clearing a single Goblin Camp)
  • Fixed a possible error when harvesting crops.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that made the “Soaked” debuff drips be still visible and falling sideways when a character in Incapacitated.
  • Fixed what was probably the funniest bug ever, where the Cook would collect already planted seeds to craft recipes with nuts, forcing them to be on their ghost form during the process, creating magical giant trees on your cooking pots. Yes, that happened.
  • Fixed an issue with the localization string on Megacrops.
  • Fixed and issue that caused some tree seed crates (Pine, Arctic Pine, Highland Pine, Yew and Birch) to not properly teach you how to plant these trees.
  • Fixed an issue that was caused everytime the hearthlings tried to talk about corn cereals.
  • Fixed a couple of broken ACE mixintos, one for the herbalist grind animation for rabbits (they actually didn’t have one, so ACE now injects it inside the default stonehearth folder) and one for the Forest kingdom declaring ACE’s new Forest creatures.
  • Fixed an issue that made a food not apply its buff properly if the food was also considered “lovely” to the hearthling consuming it. Intolerable foods will still not allow buffs to be applied.
  • Fixed an issue that made hearthlings with certain intolerances not actively avoid certain foods. Now they will actively avoid whatever they’re intolerant to, eating worse things (in terms of quality) if necessary. They’ll only eat intolerable things if starving or if nothing else is available.
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to craft Cooking Oil under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a base game display issue that would show green up arrows for negative effects or red down arrows for some positive effects if the buff itself was considered a buff or debuff. Not really an issue - honestly - but an odd design decision that is now reverted and should always display the correct color, regardless of the buff overall being considered good or bad.
  • Fixed the description of the embers left by hostile firepits (the green embers).
  • Fixed a base game issue where very curious people would pause the game and click an arrow in the middle of its flight path just to notice that the arrow’s name and description are wrong. Those people have now been removed. (Just kidding, we fixed the text instead)
  • Fixed the position of the geomancer’s bandana for rabbits. They were using the hearthling’s position instead.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Summon Stones from being placed from the Place Menu.
  • Fixed an unreported issue where a character would not receive their base equipment back when swapping back and forth between alternative equipments. For example, a knight that still used the default Knight’s Shield, then swapped to a polearm and back to a one-handed weapon would permanently lose their Knight’s Shield, using only the one-handed weapon until a better shield is available. Now they should correctly re-acquire their default equipment if nothing else is available.
  • Water Pumps have been fixed. They were apparently broken at some point during the development of the last version but should be working now.
  • The God of Symmetry returns to quench his never ending thirst. This time he smites the Market Stalls, making them correctly align on any rotation now.
  • Tweaked a base game discrepancy on the rain particle effect. Rainy days should not cause such a huge FPS drop anymore.
  • Fixed a base game issue that made it so certain instances of Renewable Resource Nodes renewal time multipliers could be stacked, creating super fast renewable resources.
  • Fixed the position of the harvested cotton plant model that was slightly offset.
  • Fixed a base game issue that would throw errors whenever an entity that doesn’t have a certain attribute would be inflicted with a buff that modifies said attribute.
  • Reduced an issue that would make the hearthling drip water horizontally while being bed ridden and wet at the same time.
  • Fixed a collision error with the Wide Ladder crafted by the carpenter.
  • Fixed a harmless error that used to show up on logs saying that it couldn’t find a file for the “herbalist_grind” mixinto.
  • Fixed a base game issue where the clock/calendar would wrongly say “Ends in 84 days” about the current season if you look at it right after midnight of the last season of that day. It should now properly say “Ends in 0 days” instead - and change to the next season right afterwards.
  • Fixed a lot of collision and bounding issues with Highland Pines, mainly with their stumps.
  • Fixed a base game minor issue that made entities with color and material maps (things that glow or shine, like ingots, hearth essences and sugarbells) lose their material properties when placed on a stockpile zone. Now they’ll keep their marvelous glows and such!
  • Possible fix to an issue that caused hearthlings to kick items around when using backpacks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused… coughs …that caused hearthlings to… coughs and gasps …caused hearthlings to put… laughing …other hearthlings… laughing more …inside their backpacks… bursts with laughter …when rescuing them. We’re sorry, this should’ve been left as a feature.
  • If that wasn’t enough… Fixed a base game issue where you could order your hearthlings to destroy… water. They would destroy entire lakes and oceans with a single hammer hit. EPIC.
  • Fixed a major error that caused the new ACE postures to not work for rabbit people. That means that all the ACE worker upgrades and such (backpacks, tools…) were effectively useless for them.
  • Fixed a base game issue that made it so that when an equipment piece that provides a certain buff is unequipped, the buff would be removed even when another equipped item still provides the buff. That made it possible for a character to lose their outfit’s weather protection if unequipping an item (like a hat) that provides that same protection, for example.
  • Fixed an animation issue that was caused when a Harvesting Golem would harvest a megacrop of any kind. This will not throw an error nor put the golem under an endless loop anymore.
  • The Source of Warmth buff was missing from some workstations (like the upgraded Potter’s Kiln) and has now been added.
  • Fixed a base game issue with the table placement of the Carpenter Toolbench (items would appear out of place on top of them under certain rotations)

Details & Specifics

Here you can find some details on some of the new things and changes, should you wish to use them yourself, mod them or just know how they work!

For modders & enthusiasts!


Drinks are very similar to food items in many ways, however they have their own stockpile filters (stockpile_drink), category (drink) and container tag (drink_container).

Additionally, they have their own entity_data field for data, called stonehearth_ace:drink for servings and stonehearth_ace:drink_container for containers.

Just like foods, the container data holds a drink field for the uri of the serving, an effect field for the effect of the person retrieving the drink and a stacks_per_serving field. However, drink containers accept a value of 0 for the stacks_per_serving variable, effectively making that container infinite (used for Wells and water sources) and another effect field, called container_effect that plays an effect on the container (also used for Wells).

The serving data is also similar to foods, possessing the same stonehearth:sitting_on_chair data for satisfaction, the default satisfaction and quality. It also allows for applied_buffs, the same ACE feature present on foods.

Firepit Changes

”fuel”: “material” and ”create_seats”: true/false under the firepit component. If those are not defined they’ll be low_fuel and true by default.

Title Changes

”specific_kills” is the name of the new ”category” for titles. The ”specifier” field can be defined under ”statistics” in monster tuning files.

Additionally, ”category_kills” should now properly work and use the Catalog’s ”category” field.

Buff Changes

You can now use the ”buff_evolve_on_max_stacks” parameter to define the uri of a Buff that will be added by another buff if the number of stacks reaches maximum. If you also add the ”evolve_chance” parameter, you can customize (from 0 to 1) a percentage for the application to occur. The check happens every time the buff is added again (renewed).

There is also a new buff script, "script": "stonehearth_ace:buff_scripts:add_thought". Alongside the ”thought” parameter, you can define a specific thought to be added whenever this buff is applied.

There is also a new possibility for making certain species or objects immune to certain buffs. By adding an array called can_only_affect or cant_affect to the buff, you can customize the species of creatures that can or not be affected by that buff. Refer to the creatures themselves for their species, under entity_data. You might have to mix it in for some creatures! And a last boolean value, cant_affect_siege, will prevent this buff from being inflicted on anything that has the siege object entity data. Very useful for doors that can’t, well… bleed or be poisoned.

Job Roles

Jobs can now be grouped into “Role categories” when displaying the jobs that can use certain items, etc. This can be done by mixing into the file located at /stonehearth_ace/ui/data/job_roles.json. Refer to the new professional outfits for examples.

Renewable Resource Nodes

There are two major changes to RRNs. The first one is the possibility of using a separate renderer to render the harvestable parts of the entity, so you can have seasonal variants for your bush and a separate model for the berries, for example. This is done by adding the following data to the RRN component: renewed_model and inside of it a set of different options like model (file path), matrix (the matrix inside the model), offset, scale and even rotation (in degrees) and material (shaders).

The second new option is the ability to create an “intermediate” visual. This can be done through the traditional model variant (useful for things that need an actual model replacement, like animals) or through the new external model renderer. For the first option, just add a boolean flag to the RRN component half_renewed_model_variant and set it to true. For the second option, add the half_renewed_model data set and use the exact same settings as the renewed_model options above.

Refer to cherry bushes for practical examples.

Evolve and Renewable Resource Nodes seasonal/biome rate multipliers.

You can now customize the evolving or renewing rates of RRNs and things that can Evolve by biome and/or by season. Simply add - under the RRN component or the evolve data - a set called “biomes” or ”seasons” and then add each biome or season to it. Inside the key of each of them, you can add the "evolve_time_multiplier" or "renewal_time_multiplier"lines and a value to it. Additionally, you can also, for the RRN, use the following keys: "disable_renewal", boolean, will simply stop renewing for that season; "destroy_resource", boolean, will not only stop renewing but also destroy the resource if it is harvestable and ”drop_resource”, boolean, will drop the resources on the ground as if they were harvested - perfect for dropping apples over physicists.

Transform Component

You can now create a loot table of additional items that can drop during a transformation. The items must be listed under the transform_data as additional_items. The format is the same of all loot tables, refer to any resource node as reference.

Food Rebalancing Values

If you want to give your food similar values and such as the ones now used in ACE, here are the formulae used:

Ingredients = m
Food Preparation = m + 1
Every Day Meals = m + 1
Chef’s Specials = m + 2
Specialty Desserts = m + 3
Fodder = m
(m = sum of all the materials’ prices)

Every Day Meals = value x 15 ; max 60 per serving
Chef’s Specials = value x 20 ; max 120 per serving
Specialty Desserts = value x 20; max 100 per serving

These are not hard values. There are some approximations, a couple of exceptions and such. But as a whole, this is what dictates 99% of the foods in the game now!

Known Issues

Below is a list of all known issues to this version + the ones carried unchanged or not fixed from the previous version. Please note that some things on ACE are still unfinished or incomplete - feel free to report issues, bugs and crashes and whatever we can track down shall be added here!

  • Because of a change in the controller file of Trappers, the game will throw an error when you load a save game that had trappers and was created before this update. You can try demoting and re-promoting them to trapper - or making a new trapper - to fix the issue. Unfortunately this can’t be fixed on our end: it happens because the game keeps the old trapper controller loaded within that trapper. The trapper will work, but won’t be able to use fish traps. (Fixed on
  • Marble currently has no real use other than being stone.
  • Many of the new things still don’t have unique animations. These include, for example, dual-wield weapons and bears. Animations are coming at some point, but can’t give an estimate for these.
  • Drinking from natural water sources is currently disabled because of performance issues. It will be turned back on once we figure out how to make it work more nicely :merry: (Fixed on
  • Buff effects disappear on reload, this includes poisons, weather effects (like cold breath or rain dripping, etc…) (Fixed on
  • Wells can’t be placed in the building editor even though they show up in the selection menu for furniture. (Fixed on
  • Sometimes Cooks would throw an error when trying to cook with ghost entities. (Fixed on
  • Sometimes hearthlings would throw an error when talking about butter cookies. (Fixed on
  • Sometimes an error could happen when seasons are changed and depleted models are reloaded.
  • Sometimes an error could be caused by sleeping hours being incorrectly read by the game. (Fixed on
  • Fertilizing is not properly working and will cause an error. (Fixed on
  • Pastures that have objects on buildings will not register the objects properly and will cause weird behavior (for example, the shepherd will put food on the center even though it has mangers. (Fixed on
  • Issues with job promotion trees different than your original one causing lings not being able to be promoted. (Fixed on
  • Fertilizing is not properly working and will cause an error. (Fixed on
  • Fish traps are not properly being registered to town after reloading a save. (Fixed on

Well, that is it!
There’s a fair big deal of rebalances and overhauls in this version (mainly Sleepiness, Foodstuffs and the new Drinks), plus some crafting tweaks and such… We are also planning on some fuel changes - instead of having an unit of fuel be necessary for each crafting recipe, we want to make them “fuel” the workstation for a certain amount of time in which the workstation can be freely used until it runs out. This should alleviate the issue when playing in the desert, for example - and make the experience better overall… (no more wood in the soup!)

So, as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment, report bugs (please! :merry:) and give us all the feedback and opinions we can! We also love hearing the nice stories, of course :jubilant: (looking forward for the first “Undead horde reports”… :smiling_imp:)

Without you all, ACE would be nothing. So we hope everyone will enjoy this new release as much as we enjoy working on it! :heart: :merry:

-The ACE Team





I have found the bug and by now the bug should have solved!!!
Thanks ACE teams !!!

All right,I find new bug
If my kinght transfer trapper will be error

It is lrelease-949 (x64)[M]
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:881: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘pairs’
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:881: in function ‘_calculate_num_placement_slots’
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:830: in function ‘add_placement_slot_entity’
stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_trapper.lua:56: in function ‘_register_with_town’
stonehearth/jobs/trapper/trapper.lua:25: in function <stonehearth/jobs/trapper/trapper.lua:23>oad save data.

release-949 (x64)[M]
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:881: bad argument #1 to ‘pairs’ (table expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘pairs’
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:881: in function ‘_calculate_num_placement_slots’
stonehearth/services/server/town/town.lua:830: in function ‘add_placement_slot_entity’
stonehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_trapper.lua:56: in function ‘_register_with_town’
stonehearth/jobs/trapper/trapper.lua:25: in function <stonehearth/jobs/trapper/trapper.lua:23>

The Simple drink of Berry Juice is not into Wooden Small Production Cask

The Trapper got a new job controller, which allows it to have a maximum number of Fish Traps. On an old save after the update, you probably need to make a new citizen as Trapper to get the new abilitiy.

“cough, cirdain”


ok that is cool and i didnt even hear you talk about it once XD

could this theoretically be abused to get seasonal crops that keep givign after being fully grown but die off in winter?

is mean the old citizen not can’t use if he already have Trapper Job?

The “choose saved Citzens” also not can’t use if you select will be error

release-949 (x64)[M]
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_game_creation_service.lua:84: variable ‘session’ is not declared
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘error’
radiant/lib/strict.lua:31: in function <radiant/lib/strict.lua:29>
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_game_creation_service.lua:84: in function ‘_apply_reembark_settings_to_citizen’
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_game_creation_service.lua:21: in function <…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_game_creation_service.lua:8>

my citizen wont drink

Heya! Thanks for the reports :merry:

I can’t reproduce this error - but indeed, as @findersword said, that probably happens because the controller file for trappers was modified and any characters that had levels as a trapper from old saves, etc… will cause errors when promoted back to Trappers. This is why we always encourage new towns when releasing updates, there isn’t much we can do about this :glum:

Production casks, as pointed out in their descriptions, are output crates - they are temporary storage for crafters. They won’t be filled with things from the ground, only with things directly from crafters as they craft them. For storing your juices, use either barrels/tanks/amphoras or serving kegs, which are input boxes and will always be prioritized for filling

This one is indeed an error, but only happens if you have citizens with equipment (ie: combat units or workers with outfits) in the reembarkation file.
I fixed it and will push an update soon with other fixes!

Abused? It’s literally what it is made for :joy: Check nut trees - they only give nuts during the summer-autumn and the nuts die out in the winter.

Pretty sure that under normal conditions they do drink (only ACE, etc…) so it must be caused by something else.
Could you please provide more context? Faction and biome? Any other mods? Etc…

my hearthlings always chose the water on “normal” ground level, even if other water sources are closer.

Can they reach the others? Can you provide some pictures?

hope it’s helpful. the other water soruce is reachable by “stairs”

I also added a well, which they ignore as closest water source :frowning:

Getting this error when I start the game, and getting the bug where my hearthlings freeze every couple of seconds but the camera/game are still running fine. Not sure if they’re related, and I haven’t disabled my mods yet - probably should have before posting this but I digress!


Yes, this error is caused by the Home Sweet Home mod (either it’s missing from an old save or outdated version)


Doh, I’m an idiot - I saw the error filepaths linking it to Stonehearth_ace and didn’t even realise I had a separate Home Sweet Home mod lol.

Got rid of it and everything is grand now! Gonna miss my nice decorations though :frowning:

Edit: I was wrong… it’s janky item pathfinding causing this (massive IPF spikes, none of which I had before the ACE update) but I’ll look more into it as it’s likely mod conflicts or something

The massive IPF spikes are being caused by an issue with the water drinking from natural sources and such… :glum:

So, unfortunately - for now - this will be deactivated.
To compensate for this, we’re also drastically reducing the negative thoughts for having nothing to drink… so your town won’t be so sad until you get a well going :merry:

I’ll be pushing this hotfix soon


Ah that’s great, cheers for the speedy responses Dani! Hope you guys can figure it out, as I love the idea behind the drinking system

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Stonehearth ACE Released!

A little hotfix to prevent super slowing down, lag and crowds with torches and pitchforks :jubilant:

Unfortunately these issues are being caused by large bodies of waters… It happens because of an issue with the pathfinding to get water from natural sources. Until we can fix a fix, getting water from natural water sources is being disabled. You can still get a well up with your basic crafter.
To compensate, thirst won’t make the hearthlings so sad anymore.

Also a couple of other fixes.
Have fun! :merry:



  • The strength of the negative thoughts caused by being thirsty has been reduced.
  • Hearthlings can no longer drink from natural water sources like lakes or rivers. They can still drink from waterfalls though - so you may pretend they are cats and only like running water now :jubilant:


  • Fixed an issue when reembarking with hearthlings that had some sort of equipment like combat units.
  • Fixed an issue that made the Deity Shrine quest impossible to complete for the Ascendancy if you had a game with the quest up prior to the update. Now you can get the Food Donation Box recipe by cancelling the quest and choosing the Deity shrine again!

As always, the non-steam download link on the OP will be updated with this version! Enjoy and keep reporting issues :merry: