[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

I’ve run into a MASSIVE problem: When you activate the Town Alert thing, you have Hearthlings that will either continue their jobs, or, if near an enemy, will attack it instead of running to the nearest safe point. An Herbalist versus five Varanas’ (Varani?) does not end well for said Herbalist. This includes with all the different “safety banners” placed.

A friend and I have nicknamed these things as “idiots” for a reason; they don’t need help becoming stupider!

Anyone else having an issue with item counts not updating in the crafting menu until you reload the game?

We didn’t touch anything related to that, however. Any other mods you are using? Might also be a base game issue, I’ll try reproducing it.

This is a somewhat known base game issue, it happens every now and then, but it’s often associated with either items not being stocked, being in someone’s backpack or being in a crate/container that was just moved

Looking at my mod list, I don’t have anything that really affects Hearthling movement of any type that I can see. The closest thing I «might» have is the whole Cleric Combat thing. I can try disabling all my mods and starting a new thing and get back to you.

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For some unknown reason, they aren’t doing it anymore. It’ll still say they’re “chasing” an enemy they get close to, but even if being attacked they’ll head for a banner. This includes with all my mods enabled. I have no idea what to make of this…


By the way, I hope the second half of my post wasn’t taken as though I were being aggressive or abusive or anything. I was teasing and simply forgot to note such. The work put into this is greatly appreciated and the game wouldn’t be half as fun if it weren’t for ACE. :3

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There is a trait called “Hothead” that can make the Hearthling attack an enemy if it gets hit by them first, even if that Hearthling is not in a combat job, like your Herbalist may have been, not sure.


Are Foodstuff related changes somehow related to the “Food Mechanics - how does it work?” topic? I am asking because i am starting to feel slightly guilty :sweat_smile: :joy:
Anyway, those were pretty much needed changes, sometimes it felt strange becoming super rich - by selling food - faster than by selling finished durable products. But i will definitely miss that :joy:

No wonder why the update took so long: the list is huge. Your rest is well deserved. Thanks ACE Team

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I haven’t seen it until now, so no worries - you don’t need to feel guilty :slight_smile:

The change (satisfaction part) comes mostly from a personal struggle with the game. I always - as a player - assumed the more expensive food was better… makes sense, right?
But when I started modding, I felt completely “what?” looking at some stuff from inside… Foods with huge values and low satisfaction, or huge satisfaction and mild values or super profitable made from cheap materials and lower levels, etc…

By then, I wasn’t playing much anymore and never really saw the effects of food in the economy… but then I started following @Banto 's streams and videos (particularly the NA town one with the latest ACE version) and he often talked about food and how easy it is to make money with it (and sold a lot of super expensive roast sausages) so… that’s when I realized this could definitely be improved :slight_smile:

By the way, I should probably add the food reference guide to the OP. So people modding with ACE in mind can give their own foods and such the equivalent values :merry:

Added at the end of the “Modders and Enthusiasts” section!


Hey wonderful update it’s nice to see some more new stuff. I just wanted to let you know that I got a bug that when I tried to change my cook to a mason or any other job it would not change the job.

Again thanks for new stuff have amazing day.

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Could I please have a bit more context?

Is it a new save or an old one? It only happens with the cook? If you start a new game and try to promote a cook to something else does it happen? (ie: can it be reproduced?) Are you using any other mods?

If you can provide the save file, that would be helpful too :slight_smile:

It is an old save yes. And it is not limited to only the cook and it does not on a new save fortunately I only use the ACE mod.

Hmmm might be something related to the old save, then… Not sure what, however. If you want, I could take a look into the file and see if I find anything wrong :slight_smile:

Ok thanks

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I am new to adding mods to games, so I want to ask why after I add mod ACE always make the mod list empty? even though I’ve tried other mods but it’s fine, is it because I don’t use steam?

reboot your computer should fix it

@nightlancer thanks

experience with the same problem but before the latest ace update

Hi there. I’ve got nothing special to say actually, except the fact that Stonehearth already was a great game and you just made it absolutely huge guys!! :trophy: :jubilant: Thank you, thank you, thank you.:merry:


Awww, thank you! :merry:

I know I’ve announced we’re taking a little time off but since we are having to do some bug-fixing and tweaking, I’m also taking the opportunity to add a little something new… :jubilant:

Look forward to it soon, you’ll bee delighted!