[ACE] Pre-Release - The Drinking Update!

I see that pun dani, you pun-ster!

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How can let The fish trap be work?
Don’t see Trapper to heaven it one time

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They are properly placed and should be working, fish sometimes take a good time to be caught but check your inventories soon and you will see fish :smiley:

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Is mean it not have heaven motion?Only put it in water will get fish to inventories?

No, it does have

What I said is that sometimes it takes a while for fish to appear, and once it does the trapper quickly harvests it, so we don’t always see it happening - but it is happening


Hey! been playing this update and it’s really great, good job! though surprisingly despite not being in the patch notes, Highlands works on mac now? whereas previously it would crash on the loading screen consistently. Not sure what you guys did but it’s been amazing! :slight_smile: been playing with my mac friend a lot this last weekend and not even a single crash.


Uhhhh… Well, to be honest I didn’t know the Highlands biome wasn’t working for Mac users… And didn’t mean to fix it, but…

I’m glad it’s working now? :jubilant: :merry: :joy:
You’re welcome! :joy:


Yeah, im very surprised too! The last update Ayazar did was that he released a hotfix for it as it was related to mining or the world generating (unsure) but even after the hotfix highlands was still a straight ctd until this patch.

Keep it up!?:joy:

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Is it a bug?
Citizens are not drink herbal Tea and Lavish Tea even if them in winter or cold day
I haven’t seen Citizens drink this drinks in any season

The answer is in your picture :slight_smile:

Read the tea’s description: “Place it…” tea must be placed in the world and then hearthlings will go and get a drink from the pot. :slight_smile:

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oh!?god!!I don’t notice it!?
Thanks :rofl:


No worries, it happens :merry:

We wanted to make cute tea areas, with the steaming pot and such… so we made it placeable!

You can keep some in your chests, when tea ends they automatically get an order to replace it (and you get the pot back!)

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Thank you guys so much for keeping the game rolling. May your taps never run dry!


hmmmmmmm… remind me to get some beehives
EDIT: that reminds me, why does juice give a +1 but water gives a +2? shouldn’t it be swapped?

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This is already fixed for the next version :slight_smile: I noticed it too!

And you might bee right :slight_smile:

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if the bees are as cute as the minecraft ones(not saying there will bee!), they’ll be the talk of the hive

Stonehearth ACE Released!

Well, this isn’t a simple hotfix…
There’s a lot of new stuff for this version! We got our little vacation stalled a bit to bring you some extra goodies to compensate for the removal of drinking from natural sources + to also provide one very important medieval/fantasy drink and food…

There’s also a lot of tweaking and changes to balancing on several things, improvements on how some things work and multiple quality of life UI changes that are tiny but should make a difference!

And, of course, many fixes to errors and issues that have been reported in the past few days.

So now, hopefully, except for any urgent fixes, I’ll (try to :merry:) take a little break, fix my own mods, rest a bit and then come back! But enough of that, let’s get to the change log!

Prepared to bee delighted… :jubilant:



  • Honey! There are two types of honey, wild and common. Both can be eaten raw (common honey is better than wild honey and provides multiple servings) or used in cooking as either honey itself or a sweetener, replacing sugar in many - but not all - recipes.
  • Bee nests! You can randomly find bee nests when cutting trees. Different trees have different odds but you’ll generally have better chances the larger the tree is.
  • Be careful, the bees won’t be happy about it! An Herbalist can try harvesting Captive Bees from the nest, which you can then use to create your own bee colonies. If an active bee nest is not harvested, it will die out after some time, becoming a dead bee nest.
  • Dead bee nests can be harvested by anyone, providing some wild honey. They will never provide Captive Bees, however. During the winter, all dropped bee nests will be dead bee nests.
  • The Herbalist has a new workstation: the Cauldron! For now, the cauldron is only used for brewing (mead) and for creating the tonics in the game. In the next update - that will “revamp” the Herbalist - the cauldron will find more and better uses, with new consumables and advanced potions!
  • A level 3 Herbalist can craft a Bee Skep with the help of the Weaver. Bee Skeps are a renewable source of honey - however they will also not produce during the winter.
  • The Herbalist can craft an Herbalist’s Beekeeping Hat and a Worker’s Beekeeping Hat. These hats will allow your hearthlings to move around the bee nests and skeps without being threatened by the bees.
  • Glazed Vegetables, Glazed Pork Ribs and Honey Buns, foods.
  • Mead and Fruity Mead, drinks. Mead has its own fermentation vessel that can be crafted and worked with by both the Herbalist and the Cook. This should offer an interesting and new game style alternative for early drinks.
  • Drinks and Foods can now satiate each other as well. This can be done by adding drink_satisfaction to foods or food_satisfaction to drinks. The idea is that when you eat a fruit, it does quench your thirst a little just like when you drink something hearty like a smoothie, it also does fill you a little. Values for certain foods and drinks were adjusted accordingly.
  • The game now supports special building commands that can be found directly under the “Place” menu. This shall be used in the future for even more things, like a proper fence tool or other buildable structures, but for now it can be used to dig a well.
  • The Transform component can now auto-queue the item it needs as an ingredient if that setting is defined in the entity json.
  • Big Bone Material, new bone that can be used as a “strong bone”. It will drop from larger creatures like bears, varani and giant skeletons.


  • Drinking from natural sources has been definitely removed from the game. Unfortunately the performance requirements of such a possibility were too high and maps with lots of water were being severely damaged by this mechanic. It’s still possible to drink from waterfalls, however.
  • To compensate for this change, Water Wells were redesigned to be more accessible and less expensive. You may now dig a water well right when the game begins and without any crafter. Simply use the new “Dig Water Well” command located in the “Place” menu.
  • The well built by this command will be a simple well, and will take longer to dig the further away it is from water. Once finished, the Simple Water Well can be upgraded into any of the 3 default water wells (Clay, Stone and Wood) by using parts created by their respective crafters.
  • Any well can accept any roof type now. Your dreams of having a wooden well with thatch roof can finally become true!
  • Drinks were overall buffed. They should now satiate more per serving (which will require hearthlings to drink less) and provide more servings per item. Additionally, the drinking animation itself is now faster. This should slightly reduce their time spent on drinks.
  • The happiness effects of drinks were, on the other hand, slightly reduced. There is also a new thought for average drinks - not bland nor tasty.
  • Drink Satiety will decrease slightly slower over time.
  • Additionally, hearthlings will only partake the afternoon drinking time if they are thirsty. Otherwise they will not stop working.
  • Smoothies, all milks (Sheep, Moo-moo and Wild Cattle) and cereal/grain-based drinks (Ale, Beer, Liquor…) will now satiate a little hunger as well.
  • The “Drinking Lib”, which determines what to drink, has been further expanded and now includes weather considerations: hearthlings will prefer to drink hot beverages on cold days and refreshing beverages on hot days. The same shall be done to foods sometime soon.
  • Oh, woah, look at that. It was really soon indeed. The “Eating Lib” is now modified so hearthlings will also consider the time of day and weather when deciding what to eat. Eating times are divided as “breakfast time”, “lunch time” and “dinner time”. They’ll usually prefer breads, fruits, cheeses or desserts in the morning (for that extra kick of energy!), heavier meals like roasts or pies for lunch and lighter meals like stews or nuts at night. Time preferences for food are much less strict, however, and won’t be so assertive as it is for drinks. Weather preference, however, will be quite meaningful - and they’ll definitely go for soups or other warm meals when it’s cold and refreshing things like yogurt when it’s hot. Alongside fires, drinks and clothing, this adds another layer of weather protection to your town.
  • The Evolve and Transform components now accept weighted transformation/evolution options. Read below under “For Modders & Enthusiasts!” for more information.
  • Slightly tweaked the model of the Cooking Oil item.
  • Changed one of the “Bone Material” graphics. There was a particular model that always confused people (it looked like an arm but was supposed to be a fang…) so it was replaced.
  • The Cook has a new crafting menu, “Brewing Ingredients”. The recipes for “Wort” and “Malted Grains” have been moved to it.
  • Brewing tasks with the fermentation vat can now only be performed by the Cook and the Herbalist. That includes not only adding gruit or wort but also retrieving the finished ale or beer.
  • Cheesemaking tasks can now be performed by the shepherd as well. So both cooks or shepherds can fill cheese vats and retrieve the finished cheese.
  • Changed the Fish Trap’s description to explain it is used by Trapper.
  • Hearthlings are slightly less likely of getting “Quite Woozy”, the drinking debuff that gives them the “Morning After…” debuff.
  • The “Extremely Hot Weather” debuff now lasts a little less and will expire quicker when sheltered. Additionally, the odds of having it develop into a heat stroke have been reduced.
  • The UI will now hide some command buttons if the item has too many of them. They will appear when you hover the mouse over the unit frame.
  • Additionally, some bits have been moved around and the unit frames are slightly more compact. This should also allow for longer names without glitching.
  • There’s also a new change for the Citizen Roster window. The space for hearthling names is greatly increased so you can now feast your eyes upon your people’s glorious titles.
  • Finally, you can also right click notifications in the notifications list to dismiss them - it’s not needed to open them anymore.
  • The recipes for “Bowl of Sweet Batter”, “Fruit Yogurt”, “Nut Pralines”, “Nut Cake”, “Prickly Pear Pie”, “Sweet Berry Pie”, “Sweet Cherry Pie”, “Cheesecake” and “Smoothie” have been changed to accept “Any Sweetener” instead of sugar. That allows them to also be crafted with honey.
  • The recipe for “Basket of Nuts” now requires no workbench.
  • Suspended “Mining Zones” will have a darker color now - as opposed to the bright yellow from active ones. That should make it easier to control larger mining operations.
  • A dirty floor was added to the bottom of the Northern Alliance and Ascendancy “Shepherd’s Animal Shelter” templates, also known as the poyo coops. That is because these templates would allow grass to grow underneath them if inside pastures - but it would be impossible to harvest it, creating an annoying field of tasks that would keep being requested but not fulfilled.
  • Changed the icon of the “Quality Diamond” in the Crafting/Makers Hearth Township quest from blue to purple, to make it more evident that it requires purple quality items (and not blue ones).
  • We have reviewed our position towards the animal rights and decided that shepherds should no longer be able to shear, milk or harvest pasture animals while they are sleeping. That was rather rude.
  • Updated the “Harvest Fungi” and “Harvest Plant” overlay effects to match the same icons used in stockpile filters.
  • Added input bin filters for “Ogre Bones”, “Ancient Bones” and “Big Bone Material”.
  • “Any Raw Meat”, also a new filter for input bins.
  • Crafting requests from building will now be removed from crafter queues if the building plan is cancelled/removed.
  • Built wells will now drop their crafting kit (essentially, their materials) when destroyed.
  • The Herbalist house template for all three factions has been updated to include the Herbalist Cauldron workbench.
  • Varanus raids have been tweaked and should be slightly easier on early-mid game now.
  • The Loot Tables of the “Glory Hearth” enemy waves has been completely revamped and should now have a nicer drop progression, not flooding you so quickly with high value items (silver and steel armor, etc…)
  • The “Beer” from the “Military Expedition” loadout has been replaced by “Mead”. It’s still “Beer” for the Rayya’s Children, though.
  • Mead and Fruity Mead has been added to initial town donations.
  • Thorulf and Rattley will no longer offer you the Bone Carving quest if you already have the recipes, which means that the quest will not be available on re-embarked games that already completed it.
  • They will also wait at least 8~10 in-game days before they ever possibly show up.
  • Training Academy merchants will not sell so many tonics anymore.


  • Fixed an error caused by the Trapper controller. It would happen when trappers get promoted to level 3 and could completely break job promotions.
  • Fixed an error that could be thrown by incorrect sleeping hours.
  • Fixed an error that could happen when unregistering entities with water signals.
  • Fixed a small error with a nil check within the growing component.
  • Fixed some custom data (for achievements, for example) not being properly handled by kill events or added by safety observer for “dead friend” gripes.
  • Fixed a couple of base game typos in some recipes - like the Cook’s “Stone Cauldron”.
  • Fixed a small graphical issue with the female Ascendancy Herbalist hat.
  • Fixed a couple of issues that could be thrown when the game process incorrect or changed recipe and ingredient lists for crafters.
  • Fixed an error that was caused when hearthlings talked about butter cookies.
  • Fixed the names for the “ghost forms” of the Walnut Tree and the Chestnut Tree when planting their seeds. They were using the Hazel Tree localizations.
  • Fixed a bug that was caused by Cooks when they tried to get ghost entities (like bushes or trees being planted) to cook with them because the seed is an ingredient.
  • Fixed a couple of wrong tags that made “Kibble” be wrongly classified as “Prepared Food” and not “Animal Feed”.
  • Fixed an issue with tea replacement. It wasn’t working at all, and tea never got replaced after being all used. Now they will try to replace the teapot when tea ends.
  • Fixed an issue that made some buff effects to disappear after a game load, like the cold breath or dripping clothes effects from weather.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed multiple hearthlings to use a water well at the same time, sometimes bugging it out.
  • Fixed an issue that made shepherds not recognize structures built inside pastures as part of the pasture if the structure is somewhat above the ground (like the default Animal Shelter templates) and so they would barge in calling animals back to the pasture.
  • Fixed the missing name for the Northern Alliance Winter Worker Outfit.
  • The “Harvest and Replant” command was not working with the “Tumbleweed” and “Wintermoss” plants. This is now fixed.
  • The find_entity_type_in_storage action was patched and should now fix instances where hearthlings would ignore stored items. This should greatly help for hearthlings to go and get stored equipment pieces.
  • Fixed a possible crash caused by a timer not being properly destroyed in the equipment system.

For Modders & Enthusiasts!

Click to reveal

New Buff Component Capacities

You can now define seasonal buffs. With a simple table you are able to apply or remove buffs from the entity itself according to the current game season. It is used by Bee Skeps, make sure to check them out for the appropriate way to use it.

New Buff Script: stonehearth_ace:buff_scripts:equip_during_buff

This buff script is able to replace or add equipped items to hearthlings when they come under the influence of the buff AND if they have a certain pre-requisite item. It is used for making the Beekeeper’s hat be equipped as a “kit” in their backpacks but only worn when close to the beehives. Check the bee buffs for more information on how to set them up!

New Aura Buff Script Capacities

The Aura Buff can now target enemies (requires the target_enemies boolean value to be true) and it can also cast multiple buffs in an array instead of only one buff.

Transform and Evolve weighted Options

You can now add a weight (numerical) to multiple transform and evolve options, allowing you to make certain outcomes more likely than others. This was previously possible by listing the same URIs multiple times - but it should now be cleaner.

New Transform Component Functions

Entities may now have multiple Transform options made possible by multiple command buttons. Each transform option can be set up and be as complex as they could before, opening lots of new possibilities. This is used for the Simple Well, that can be transformed into any of the 3 basic wells - or the Carboy that can make either mead or fruity mead. Check their JSONs for the appropriate way of setting up multiple transform options.

Additionally, the Transform component can now also include the model_variant key, which will not only transform the entity but also have it use the desired model variant. This is used for roofed wells.

Stump Component Addition

The Stump Component can now include a transformation key. This can be used to have the newly created stump automatically choose a certain transformation option if available. This is used for fermentation carboys to remember what kind of mead they were producing, check the empty and finished carboys for information on that.

New Buildable Objects

There’s now a new way you can use the transform component: buildable entities that need no crafting (similar to how ladders worked). It is used for the Simple Well (Dig a Well command under Place menu) but can be used for further things like buildable structures or defenses, a proper fence tool, etc. Check the Simple Well Ghost and its components and entity data, along with the start menu entry and function “build_well” for more information.

Drink Standards have been changed

The previous existing material tags used for drinks (coffee_time, tea_time…) were replaced for more time specific tags. They now are: morning_time, afternoon_time and night_time. There are also a couple of new material tags for drinks that warm ‘lings up and drinks that will refresh them: warming and refreshing. Additionally, drinks now follow a simple formula - similarly to how foods were rebalanced - for defining their satisfactions. The formula is: 40 + drink quality * 10. The number of servings is defined by the type of drink container. Kegs and Buckets have 8 servings or 16 if the drink should be drank in small doses. Teapots have 12 servings. Jugs have 6 servings.

Food Standards have also been tweaked

Food now also counts with specific material tags for preferable consuming times. They are: breakfast_time, lunch_time and dinner_time. By default, the preferences for breakfast are fruits, breads and desserts; for lunch they’ll prefer big meals, meats and such and for dinner they’ll likely settle with stews or lighter food.
Foodstuffs also have tags for warming and refreshing foods.

Food and Drink mutual satisfactions

Drinks and Foods can now satiate each other as well. This can be done by simply adding a food_satisfaction to drinks or a drink_satisfaction to foods. Values can be negative - for example, eating bread might make you slightly more thirsty.

Hot and Cold Weather Constants

The Constants now count with two new tables pointing out weather types that are considered “hot” or “cold”. This can be used and modified by other systems that want to create new behaviors and mechanics that need to refer to a table of which weathers are considered hot or cold. This is currently used by the Eating and Drinking libraries for choosing when to prefer warming or refreshing meals.

Game Master’s Recipe Unlocking Script

There is now a new script, stonehearth_ace:game_master:script:recipes_unlocked_can_start that is able to evaluate if the player has certain recipes unlocked as a test for starting (or not) a game master’s campaign node. This is currently used in the Bone Carving campaign, check it out for details on how to use it.

The Known issues will be updated soon!

As always, the non-steam download link on the OP will be updated with this version! We hope you all enjoy, report fixes, suggestions, feedback, post pictures, join our Discord and everything you’d like :jubilant:
Thank you all so much and… have fun and an amazing weekend! :heart:


that moment when these “hotfix” patchnotes have me more hyped than anything lol.
now just to bin my own version of bees and mead because if i read the patchnoted correctly, this is basically what ive been hoping for implementation wise.
also thinks like milk also giving food: AWSOME, time to add buttermilk as a food/drink filler :smiley:
(and for me to start keeping moomoo’'s…)


Do… do people consume raw buttermilk? I’ve only ever heard of cooking (specifically baking) with it.

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wow wasnt expecting this, thank you!

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