[ACE] [APRIL'S FOOL JOKE] Release 1.0

Hello, everyone :merry:

Today we’re here with a very important announcement! ACE has finally reached its long awaited milestone fo 1.0!

There’s a lot of things to talk about in this new version and we understand some will be controversial (like the cancellation or changes to certain features) but we’re sure these are for the best and hopefully things will be good after you guys play for a while, test things and figure out how amazing they are!

So without any delays… let’s go!

Stonehearth ACE

Previous release thread | Our official Discord Server | Our GitHub Repo


Download non-Steam Version | Download older versions

If you are still playing a 0.9.4+ game and is really invested on it, you may continue by download the older version by following the link above! 1.0 is definitely not save compatible. It is actually not compatible with anything.

Here we go!



  • The Update is called “Dwarves are Out” because, well… Dwarves are really out! We’ve decided to swap them with the mighty Mole People
  • Like Amberstone Rabbits, Mole People are a very strong clan of underground dwellers that use the power of the Hearth to maintain their ascended status. Unlike all other kingdoms, however, Mole People have no crafters.
  • Mole People will rely on digging and burying to get everything they need and create their dwellings. They eat twice as much as normal hearthlings and are also twice as fast in mining and moving. Mole People have strong claw attacks that will put even the fiercest goblin to the ground!
  • Additionally, Mole people do not like sunlight and will die if overexposed (around 6h in-game).
  • The Mole People biome is the new “Burrow Shrubland”. The Highlands have been removed from the game (This will break any saves in that biome - we might release it as a mod later)


  • ACE now counts with 59 different types of vitamins, nutritional values and organic compounds that will be combined and assorted on all food items to form their new stats: Nutrition. Keeping the perfect balance of these will allow your hearthlings to have happy, healthy lives.
  • Failure in satisfying certain nutritional needs (or the abuse of certain values) will result in multiple new diseases and debuffs that can cause several things like loss of stats, abilities, limbs or even death.
  • There are now new traits for addictions to different substances. There’s also chronic diseases and some that will require constant care (or locking your pantry).


  • To compensate all the new nutrition options and different foods, there’s now 38 new crops that have very specific climate and weather requirements. Crops will now slowly grow throughout the entire year, only being harvested once. They also can die to different new types of pests or blights.
  • Pests and blights can be handled with proper technology that we considered non-existent in Stonehearth’s technological level… So for now there are no solutions to them - if you get one, you’ll basically lose your harvests and have to rely on other sources of food.
  • Silkweed can now be smoked. Hearthlings with pipes will get the Harmony buff, like Tea.


  • The game will now simulate the biosphere and pretty much all the elements of the ecosystem like food chains and such.
  • That means that your activities will have an impact on the world. Smelt a lot of ore and you’ll pollute the air and rivers, causing sickness to your hearthlings; Raise a lot of livestock cramped together and they’ll face problems and plagues; Fish a lot and you’ll end up without fish forever!
  • Hearthlings that get discontent because of your actions towards the world will go on strikes and full stop working. A striking hearthling will gather around the Hearth with banners and signs, so you can tell how bad the situation is.
  • You can order your own soldiers to beat up the striking hearthlings so they go back to work. This makes them sad, however. (Unless your soldiers themselves are striking)
  • If more than 60% of your hearthlings go into striking at once, it will be understood as a social revolution and you’ll lose the game. (You’ll also probably be beheaded but this part is not included :slight_smile: )


  • Due to hugely popular “realism” of building block by block in Stonehearth we made it literal now!
  • Builders can only build one block at a time, and they’ll take twice the time in doing so.
  • Each block costs 1 resource now, so a house made of 450 voxels (small house) will cost 450 wood, for example.
  • Building accidents have been added. Every now and then there is a random chance the construction will fail and crumble, killing any involved hearthlings. They might survive if they have the Feather Light trait, which allows them to run away fast enough.


  • Due to the immense success of the fuel system, we’re improving it with 11 new types of fuels and coals, many of which are very specific for certain activities. For example, wood is now divided in Softwood and Hardwood and only certain woods can be used for making firewood, for example.
  • Additionally, more fuel will be required per recipe, and crafters will have to wait for some in-game hours before each craft so their ovens/forges/kilns can heat up to the desired temperatures.
  • In cold weather you’ll require even more fuel to reach the desired temperatures.


  • Monsters were too weak and easy to handle so they have been overall buffed across the board.
  • Enemies will now aim for civillians first and will try kidnapping them.
  • Sappers can now explode buildings by touching them. That will consume the sapper as well.
  • Ogres will now damage hearthlings just by walking near them.


  • We considered the sizes of chests and crates to be too small for their alleged capacity. How can a 2x2 box hold 64 items? For that reason, we reduced containers to much more realistic sizes.
  • All 64-slot containers have been reduced to 8 slots. 32-slot containers have now only 4 slots and so on.
  • Additionally, carrying things should be more complicated so lings can only carry only one item per trip and they’ll be slowed down to 60% of their speed.


  • We’ve reduced the intense lag caused by flowing water by removing water. New blue grass blocks are added for the aesthetic effect. (These can be crafted by a Geomancer)
  • We’ve also reduced the amount of certain entities that can exist in the world. So now maps will generate with no more than 100 trees, for example.
  • Finally, thanks to the community insightful contributions, we’ve reduced the number of jobs to 6! All activities and crafts in the game can be performed by these new six crafters! The Builder replaces the Potter, Mason and Carpenter; the Metalworker replaces the Blacksmith and Engineer, the Hippie replaces the Herbalist, Farmer, Cook and Shepherd, among other changes we’ll let you folks discover…


  • Mounts have finally been added!
  • The game now counts with Donkeys, Horses, Wargs and Rams as mounts!
  • A mount is crafted by the new Hippie job and can be placed anywhere.
  • Mounts work like benches or chairs, hearthlings will mount on them and stay there for fun.
  • Mounts currently do not move.


  • This is some huge news, everyone! We’re also introducing some monetization aspects to Stonehearth that will help us keep ACE funded and ready to roll for many years to come!
  • Hearthlings will now spend energy when doing jobs and once their energy is depleted they’ll stop working completely. They recover +1 Energy every one hour in real time - OR you can buy an Energy Recovery Tonic in our brand new Premium Store!
  • Cosmetics and useful clothing items like Summer Hats or Winter Coats have been moved to the Premium Store.
  • You can only use the Debug Tools mod by unlocking it on the Premium Store now.
  • The Premium Store also includes a hefty selection of new and cool landmarks, Tonics with diverse effects like shortening the time between traders or simply evaporating Ogo and his army for you! Poof!
  • The Premium Store will accept most credit cards and Paypal. You can buy Moneylings - our new Premium currency - for the amazing rate of 1 USD = 100 Moneylings!
  • You can also earn Moneylings by doing certain activities like posting in the ACE Discord, playing the game daily or sharing ACE on your social media!


  • We didn’t fix much because, honestly, debugging is not really fun.
  • We did fix a lot of typos and errors, we’ve also started a process of translating the entire game to Old English so it feels more immersive. (We’re looking for Old Norse translators for NA, please contact us if you’re able). If you can’t speak those languages, don’t worry - it will be even more immersive for you!
  • Fixed an issue with Wooden Doors that were slightly offset to the right.

That’s it! :jubilant:
I hope you all enjoy these changes and have a lovely April! :wink:
That said, we really hope you’re all staying safe inside if possible, washing your hands and spreading love :heart:


Ba-HA! Good riddance!


Finally, about time the dwarves were out.
They only had useless crap anyway, superior armor and weapons are bovine fecal matter anyway

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YAY!!! Who needs dwarves when you can have MOLES! Dwarves have always been so overrated with their beards and growth issues. I for one am happy to see you’ve decided to shirk centuries of myth and decades of fantasy tradition to be original. Keep up the great work ACE team!!! This is the best news ever!!!

Thanks for making the day a little brighter. :merry: Here’s hoping you’re all staying safe and wishing everyone the very best.


Is this … … … … … … real ? :exploding_head: :scream:

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Hippie ? Seriously? I am starting to doubt our community members sanity. :crazy_face:


Haha! This is the quality content I expect from you guys! Can’t wait to try out the stationary mounts!

You joke, but this is a real screenshot of a game I’m prototyping.


I can’t click the link for some reason :forlorn: I want to see it! :merry:

I do love complex systems and more “hardcore” survival elements though, but I usually leave these for my personal mods as I think it’s a bit more complicated than what SH should probably be :jubilant:"

Oh, no! That’s not a joke, it’s totally a serious update. Really!

It loaded now.
Oh, woah. This is the kind of data I like :joy: I want to play that game and I don’t even know what is it about (although I could try some guesses)

Still waiting for my HOBA.

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wow, what an update. i’m so glad they removed the dwarves. they were very useless and boring. at least i can kill my heartlings easier now!
okay, ik this is an april fools joke, but the vitamins thing sounds cool. maybe only 10?


Hi, it would be amazing if it were updated in ACE.
Maybe for the near future !

EDIT: The additional ideas I would add are:
The ecosystem has an impact on the number of missing trees that could damage the number of animal spawners or cause fatigue in the Hearthlings. (For example, 10 trees for each heart will be needed) If we add next elements such as a more dangerous lightning, then the environment could have a greater impact.

2nd point: For the strike and the social resolution, it would perhaps be better to be less punitive and rather to create conflicts within the community with the signal of the bad mood which will influence a factor of chance that the hearts collide causing damage and lowering mood rather than endgame?

3rd point: I really like the fact that constructions can have an amount of HP. And why not add the possibility that enemies can set fire to the building, and that the building has a number of HP similar to the doors but depending on the number of resources invested? For example: One wood = 30HP
One stone = 50HP
The heartlings could repair the constructions between each attack.

4th point: I find that the waves of enemies are too numerous in hard but with few announcements of varied attacks.(Fewer but more difficult waves with a break between each wave to repair our village?) Maybe it would be nice to add some goblin armored vehicles to annihilate the village? Or that the enemy of the crypt may be a necromancer capable of summoning and healing skeletons.
Or even … A goblin village appears, capable of shooting at a distance with mortars, protecting with towers and some goblin warriors?

EDIT2: I will add one last idea. At the start of the game we have a banner, why not play it and capture the flag? When the enemy manages to reach the banner in the event of an invasion, is there an endgame? The banner would only be accessible after 30 seconds if no hearthling protects it? That was all for my ideas, hoping that some will be useful to you!

Otherwise the preview of the update is great (I think there are despite the joke, serious too … Except the mounts and the block by block construction 2x longer, knowing that the game is small and that would only be useful to look pretty. …

My encouragement for an ACE 1.0! Enjoy! :jubilant: :merry: