[ACE] Pre-Release - The Quality Update!

The first save the issue occurred on was from 0.9.2, we upgraded to 0.9.3 to check it out. All I did was move some chairs, tables, chests and some farms to a new area, promoted two guys to Farmer and then tried to save. That crash produced an actual error dialog outside of the game when it crashed, unfortunately, I didn’t capture it. I will see if I can another time, like I said, I haven’t been able to reproduce by myself. We then tried to make another fresh game today and that just crashed when we saved, no dialog.

Both games:
Kingdom: The Ascendancy
Biome: Temperate

The first game we were already dozens of hours in. The second game we were only an hour in before I noticed it was not autosaving, so I tried to save it and it crashed.

I’m not sure what playstyle means in reference to Stonehearth.


Like, what are you doing in the game? What’s different between what you’re doing and what your brother’s doing (since it’s only crashing when he’s playing)? For example, is he trapping/farming/shepherding and you’re not? Does he have pets and you don’t? Do his hearthlings have some special new traits that yours don’t?


The longwool Sheep can’t not be killed by Alliance Archer…and It not has Hp bar!!!


Ohh, that was my fault. Will fix for the upcoming hotfix :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!


I’ve got a trouble when a blacksmith at some point becomes unable to craft ingots using improved blueprints, armour and weapons. I have enabled some mods with templdtes and started new game after 0.9.3 update. Sorry for screenshot, i hadn’t in mind it could be an important error, also it seems only one error i had while playing


can probably be un-added, yesterdays patch seems to have done error removal. next patch will try to match some ACE-added stuff for them :smiley:


Thanks, that’s enough to know that it’s an error that should be solved already in our unstable version.


Edited the known issues, removed Wouter’s issue :smiley:

I’d like to highlight two running game-breaking issues:

  • There seems to be a very sneaky and elusive crash when saving. It often happens in multiplayer (although it might not be related to it - just more probable due to the increased amount of players/hearthlings) and we’re really trying to track it down. We understand it can be frustrating and we’re really sorry if it happens - but all information on it: save files, how it happened, what were people doing, etc… Would help immensely!

  • There seems to be an error related to some mods that cause a complete UI crash/becomes unplayable. It’s not an ACE error but actually on the outdated’s mod end. The mod in question is called “Some Roman Stuff” but could also happen to other mods. Be careful and deactivate it if you want to play with ACE!

And also remind you to always report any issues but - if possible - try to test them without any other mods first :slight_smile: Sometimes they are just compatibility issues and although we want to fix them too (of course!) it helps a lot to know if they’re on our code or not!


FINALLY a reason to play stonehearth again. I was getting bored.


Highlighting this newly added issue since a lot of people reported it and it actually has a fix until we push the real fix!


Uhh, I was mostly raising an army, had some hearthlings training and two blacksmiths making steel bars. I had carved some tunnels underground to put all my storage stuff. My brother was mostly farming / tailoring / etc. I did most of the mining / military. He was moving some farms over to my base since I had just built walls, and I was moving my farms out of my walls so he could move his stuff in. He did shepherding and did have a ton of animals. I didn’t have any pets. We stopped our hearthlings at 10 each, so we didn’t acquire anything new. In all honesty, we didn’t make any of the new items and it still crashed. We didn’t really change stuff aside from him moving a ton of stuff, as well as my hearthlings moving a lot of my stuff underground. I wasn’t able to get him online today to try to reproduce, and I’m not sure where to upload my save file, as I’ve never reported an issue before.

In the second new game we created, there wasn’t too much going on. I had chopped down a large area of trees and was mining iron/stone so I could start building some walls. I can’t quite remember anything special that I was doing at the moment. But the only thing notable was that it was not auto-saving.

Also, just want to tag along and say thank you for all the new features. They are amazing – of course – in single player so far. :wink:


Things we forgot from 0.9.3…

These are already in the game but we forgot to add them to the patch notes.

  • Pasture animals that are not actively following a shepherd are no longer able to open doors (including fence gates).
  • When humidity on a farmer field is too high, little water puddles are visible on the soil.
  • During rainy days or after going into the water, hearthlings will now get a “Soaked” debuff that also has a visual indicator (their clothes will be dripping)
  • On chilly, cold or freezing days, hearthlings will have cute cold breathing effects.

Stonehearth ACE Released!



  • Bone Furniture! They were going to be in the 0.9.3 initial release but ended up being cut near the end… Well, they’re back from the dead! No pun intended. Until other kingdoms can acquire bone-carving, Northern Alliance is the only one that can make this unique (and creepy) set! But this shall change soon. For now, other kingdoms can buy the furniture from bone merchants! Please note that there are some pieces missing (Pet beds and bowls, for example) but these shall be added as well!
  • Buffs should now count with a handful of new scripts like destroy_on_expire, kill_on_expire and reduce_health_to_x_on_expire. There is also a remove_stacks_on_expire property that just removes one stack and restarts the timer instead of removing all stacks at once when expired.
  • There is also a new setting for Renewable Resource Nodes to apply a buff on renewal.
  • You can now have "" on the entity data for the evolve component. This will evolve the entity into nothing, effectively destroying it.
  • New Loading Screen tip reminding players that they can now hold the SHIFT key while clicking “Craft!” in any crafter window to queue that recipe straight on top.


  • Cleaned some useless code from an old implementation of a system that won’t be used anymore.
  • Training AI was slightly tweaked.
  • The Winter season and Chionophile trait icons have been replaced with an improved, cleaner version.
  • Slightly reduced the benefits of eating a lovely meal for the new “Love” traits.
  • Minor touch-ups to the code behind connection and component info.
  • Minor tweaks to the User Settings screen so the “Auto-save Interval” dropdown menu can be properly viewed.
  • The ‘Soaked’ debuff now uses the new remove_stacks_on_expire property.
  • Fishes now evolve into nothing instead of being removed by the food decay service.


  • Fixed an error caused by the pile component.
  • Fixed an error caused by the crafting monkey patches.
  • Fixed an issue with the base worker job on promotion tree.
  • Fixed remove commands causing nil error when demoting restored jobs.
  • Fixed manual hunting commands for Northern Alliance causing issues.
  • Fixed a bug with filling pasture troughs when feed was already on the ground, causing stuttering.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented crude beds to have thatch applied to them under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a base game issue that incorrectly displayed the values of stacked buffs.
  • Fixed an issues that completely removed the accumulated values of stacked buffs when you removed stacks individually.

For Modders & Enthusiasts!

Renewable Resource Node

  • Added buffs_on_renewal table to stonehearth:renewable_resource_node component that can be specified in an entity’s JSON to apply buffs with optional stacks when renew happens


  • Added destroy_on_expire, kill_on_expire, and reduce_health_to_x_on_expire buff scripts
  • Added remove_stacks_on_expire property to buffs that removes the specified number (or 1) stacks when the expiration timer triggers (and restarts the timer), rather than removing all stacks

Known issues have been updated!
That’s all for now!

Enjoy the weekend and have fun! :merry:


Quick bug report: my archers, upon getting a title like “Goblin Slayer”, don’t get the title; their bows do. I am rather fond of the idea that a weapon slays so many goblins that it becomes named, but I’m not sure if this was intentional.


This is intentional, both of them can get titles (weapons and 'lings). When a weapon gets a title, you can rename it, by the way! :slight_smile:

So it is likely your lings will get their titles too, no worries :slight_smile:


Then it is indeed a really neat feature. Was between thinking it was intended and not, thank you for clearing it up.


Assertion Failed:

This might have been the crash I mentioned.


I am getting a lot of lag and have a high end system, I7-6700k, gtx 1080 ti, 32gb ram.
I noticed there are literally hundreds of fish…could this be causing it?
Lowering graphics settings does nothing.


Yes, we changed fish so they wouldn’t reproduce much but apparently they still do. We’re trying to figure out why that is happening :smiley:

My guess is that they keep spawning as scenarios, so might deactivate that on the next hotfix - as a test.

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Yeah, just to confirm, the crash I just mentioned above happens to my brother every time that I save. I’m not crashing this time but he is.


We’re still trying to figure out the save crash, although today a couple of issues that could be related to it got fixed. Information like what jobs you guys have, how many hearthlings and even the traits of the hearthlings could be useful; things like what “tech level” your town is could be nice too (as in: are you working lots of crops, making blacksmith things, etc…)

Anyway, as much info possible would be helpful!

On a general note, I fixed the immortal sheep/poyos just now and I think I have a guess on what could be causing the fish overpopulation! So expect a new batch of fixes soon :tm: