[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.6

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Finally! It is finally here! :jubilant:

When the last larger update was released (part two of the “massive update”) I’ve said “I hope this is not a standard!” when talking about how MASSIVE it was. Well, here we are, this is - in theory - still part of what we planned for the “massive update”! However it was so much (and it has been so long) that we decided to jump up a version number again…

So, welcome to 0.9.6! The update that finally finalizes all the stuff we wanted to do before dwarves! Yay! :jubilant:

We are calling it The Mercantile Update in reference to what is probably its biggest, boldest and buggiest feature, a complete overhaul of how merchants work in the game. The new system includes lots of things that the community has desired for a long time like visible merchants, nicer looking stalls and markets, a more dynamic economy, ways to influence what merchants you get and even special ways to obtain farming and herbalist seeds that do not require the random trader event!

Of course, this is just a part of the update and, as usual, we have a lot of other nice things like a bunch of new quests and events, dynamic weather, shooting stars, a new legendary weapon and armor, crypt changes, more reliable dragonborn king questline, the wonderful art of pottage, changes to veggies and new crops… Whew. :forlorn: The list goes on, so… Read the patch notes!

:warning: Important :warning:
As always, we encourage you to start a new game for this update! And remember, most mods will need some time to update so go easy on the ones you choose!

Once more, we apologize for taking so long to release this version. It was planned for December 2022, but… Things happened! :merry:

Finally, as always, we would like to be really grateful to all of you for the continued support. ACE exists because of all of you, and because of the original developers that left such a wonderful legacy to all of us, so we can build upon and nurture this amazing community! Our most sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!

By the way, if you’re feeling grateful as well, we have finally started to accept donations to support ACE! Yes, after 4 years you can finally share a little bit of love with the people behind the project :jubilant: :heart: so no update better than the MERCANTILE UPDATE to do some advertisement, right?! :merry:

And if you are one of the several people that has supported us already, thank you very much for believing in what we do! :jubilant:

Supporters get their name added to a new monument called the “Community Shrine”, there’s still time to get your name in on one of the probably upcoming patches and fixes! :merry:

Let’s get practical now!

Stonehearth ACE

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:warning: Important :warning:
If you are still playing a 0.9.5+ game and is really invested on it, you may continue by downloading the older version by following the link above!


Known Issues

Please do not report these:

  • The inventory of the new Silk Road caravan quests and merchants is incomplete, with many of the asian-themed decorations and armors still missing. This will be fixed on one of the upcoming patches that will probably come in the next few days.
  • Similarly, merchant stalls graphics are currently stuck to the “default” decorations. In the near future, each merchant type will have a sign of their own and you’ll be able to tell them from each other through the sign; for now, however, they will all use the default sign. Sorry for the inconvenience! (Partially fixed on
  • Because of the issue above, merchants selling pets will have their pets sitting on top of the table! Which looks absurdly funny and cute, mind you… So you might thank us for this issue, at least for now! :jubilant: Please enjoy it while it’s not fixed.
  • Sometimes, when clicking the “Shop Icon” on the Mercantile Overview to see the wares of a merchant, the shop might not open. This is not really a bug, but might be reported as one. It happens because the shop bulletin is already open (but not read). It should be in your alerts panel if you click it.
  • The quest storage may not work properly if items are carried straight from the ground (dropped by a crafter, etc.) to them because these items fail to be “registered” in the “Town Inventory” (which usually happens when they get properly stored in a container), thus preventing the quest from being completed. There are, however, steps for a workaround (Fixed on
  • The town limit for “Disposable Turrets and Traps” is not being properly tracked. (Fixed on
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  • Frostfeast has been deactivated.
  • All unlocked recipes (and obtained items) will, of course, remain!
  • Tomtee and the Frostfather will be back… Maybe sooner than you think!


  • We’ve completely overhauled the way merchants (and market stalls) work! We’ll now explain the details and all you need to know to start using the system:
  • All existing market stalls are now renamed “Old” and will only serve as decorations. Merchants can no longer be called from them.
  • There are now 3 Tiers of market structures for each material (wood, stone and clay). They’re called: “Market Stand”, “Market Stall” and “Market Booth”. The material cost of the first two is also much more affordable than they used to be in the base game.
  • Merchants will now physically appear in the world when they visit and they’ll seek to occupy a market structure to buy and sell their goods. You can only host one merchant per day if you have no market structures, and the merchants are limited by the tier of the structure and the town. For example, a Tier 3 Merchant will not visit a Tier 2 town.
  • Tier 2 Merchants will need Tier 2 or 3 structures, Tier 3 merchants will need Tier 3 structures. Tier 1 merchants can use any structure.
  • Merchants will always arrive in the morning (around the same time as the Daily Update) and leave at the end of the day. During the time a merchant stays in town, you can interact with them at will - which means you can’t “close” a merchant by accident anymore, they’ll spend the day in your town and you can access their wares at any time!
  • The amount of merchants that will visit you depends on a variety of values like your town’s worth, gold amount and how much you’ve traded (sold and purchased from other merchants) before. The more you trade and the richer your town, the more daily merchants you’ll get! (As long as you have enough structures for them to occupy)
  • When you get your first merchant, a message will show up and summarize the Mercantile system a bit for the player to understand.
  • There’s also a whole new UI window for the player to understand these things called “Mercantile Overview”. (Default key is t).
  • The overview has two tabs. The first tab will show all the active merchants currently in town. You can click them, their stall, their shop icon and such to quickly access these. You’ll also notice merchants now have Categories, represented by an icon.
  • At the top of this tab, you’ll also see a small text informing you how many daily merchants you can get. On the bottom of the tab, you’ll see all your market stalls, per tier.
  • On the second tab, called “Preferences”, you are able to see all their categories. Hoving over their names with the mouse will display the kinds of things they sell and the kinds of things they pay more for. You can also influence how more likely to get a certain category you are (or completely block a category from arriving) by “spending” your “encourages” and “disables”. The amount of each is determined by the town’s tier.
  • Finally, on the right side of the “Preferences” tab, you can see all your exclusive stalls and toggle their functionality. More on exclusive merchants soon.
  • Once a shop is open, you’ll also notice something new in the “Sell” tab. Merchants now have desires, things that they will pay more than they normally would for. These are the “Wanted Items” and they’re different for each merchant, with the description of each category giving an overview of what to expect.
  • It’s meant to be very intuitive, however. Think like this: a carpenter will want wood, or maybe a better saw, or crafter clothes. A blacksmith might want ores, coal, a strength tonic or beer. A forager might want a backpack, weapons, baskets, and so on. Learn the needs of different merchants (and how to spot good opportunities) to maximize your profits!
  • You’ll also notice that the amount of money merchants bring is smaller than before. This is intentional, and the idea is to fight the early game inflation by having players need to work a bit more to amass larger fortunes. The higher the tier, the more money merchants will bring, which should ensure a more healthy and steady progression.
  • Additionally, this should encourage players to obtain money through some of the new methods like selling Wanted Items and using the new shop displays to get money from travelers (more on that later).
  • Because of that, all existing merchants have had their inventories overhauled. To compensate for missing or swapped goods, there’s also a bunch of new merchants!
  • For example, a lot of things have been moved away to different shops, carpenters, masons and potters don’t sell their raw resources anymore (they want to buy it instead!), there are logging camps, quarries and clay pit merchants to sell you these now! Take the time to read the categories’ descriptions and learn the new dynamics of trade!
  • Also, to adapt to the new system, the text bits of many of the merchants have been edited to feel more consistent with what happens in-game.
  • There’s also a special kind of market structure, “Exclusive Stalls”. These are market structures that can host unique merchants that come with their own benefits. Exclusive stalls can be unlocked through different means, try to find all of them out!
  • One final consideration: This is an incredibly massive change/new mechanic, and there will obviously be imbalance at first. Please make sure to share with us your experiences with it!

TOWN BONUSES (Yes, we nerfed Cunning! :smiling_imp: )

  • Town bonuses have been slightly modified to host some new exclusive stalls. All Tier 1 and Tier 2 choices (Banner and Hearth) have an exclusive stall attached to them.
  • Banner of Vitality: This banner will now allow you to create a “Herbalist’s Guild Market Stand”, which attracts a merchant that specializes in Herb Seed Bags that unlock herbalist crops!
  • Banner of Strength: This banner will unlock the “Miner’s Guild Market Stand”, a very reliable source of cheaper ore and fuels, all in one!
  • Banner of Cunning: Finally, the third banner will unlock the “Gold Trader Market Stand”, which allows the Royal Mint to visit with a merchant that sells gold, silver and gold flakes at their real manufacturing price! They also buy trophies for a good value.
  • Additionally, the other bonuses of the Banner of Cunning have been tweaked to be less of an obvious choice. The “extra inventory” brought by merchants has been reduced to 50% more. The “extra gold” brought by merchants was removed. The “extra value” of items sold has been reduced to +10% +1 gold (which should improve the value of very cheap things like resources); The bonus speed on roads has been reduced to x2; However, we added a new bonus, one that reduces the “cooldown timer” of merchants before they can visit again by 25%.
  • Hearth of Cheer: With this Hearth you’ll unlock the “Farmer’s Guild Market Stall” which enables you to be visited by their merchant who sells Crop Seed Crates! Yes, that’s right, you can now reliably purchase farming seeds! Farewell, punishing RNG!
  • Hearth of Makers: This town choice will unlock the “Sculptor’s Guild Market Stall”, a store that specializes in selling these special and somewhat rare statues that you could previously only find in Tier 3 merchants.
  • Hearth of Glory: At last, the third hearth choice will unlock the “Engineer’s Guild Market Stall” and their very unique merchant who sells special turrets and traps that do not require an engineer to be placed! They will, however, break after a while…
  • (For Modders) We’ve changed Town Bonuses to have values provided from settings’ JSONs that we’ve added to the “Town Bonuses” folder under data. Please note that if you change the values, you still need to update the related localizations, though!


  • Wrapping up the changes we’ve started on the last big update, with the introduction of “hearty” and “savory” vegetables, we’re now adding a new category of vegetable: leafy greens!
  • Recipes can now ask for any vegetable or a specific type of vegetable like hearty vegetables, savory vegetables or leafy vegetables. Most recipes were adapted due to this change.
  • Leafy vegetables are easily accessible by all playable kingdoms.
  • Basket of Cucumbers, vegetable. This somewhat unique veggie can be used both as a leafy green OR hearty vegetable! It can only be obtained through merchants, however, having no associated crop (yet, at least)
  • Turnip Greens, leafy vegetable. Sometimes produced by harvesting turnips, this is the main source of leafy greens for The Ascendancy.
  • Lettuce, Cabbage, Beetroot, crops. There are also some new crops. Lettuce is known to the Rayya’s Children and Cabbage is known to the Northern Alliance. Beetroot is present in most biomes and can be harvested and boxed by the Herbalist, learning the crop. Beetroot is very special because it produces a good amount of both hearty vegetables and leafy greens.
  • The three new crops have very unique “megacrop” rewards! We look forward to see your discoveries!
  • All crops have been revisited and had their timers and yields updated. The description for all crops has also been updated to better portray these properties.
  • The “Growth Time” property of crops has also been expanded and now has 7 different levels (shortest, very short, short, fair, long, very long, longest) to better inform the player of how long something takes to grow.
  • Finally, all the foodstuffs that come in baskets have had their models updated. There are now new types of baskets - all of similar color but different shapes - and each shape represents a specific type of foodstuff. (for example: fungi, nuts, fruits, hearty vegetables, etc.)
  • This change includes some “odd” models from the base game, like the Golden Gourds, that used a unique basket.
  • Peasant Salad, Veggie Rolls, Fishwrap, foods. These new foods will make great use of the new leafy vegetables. Additionally, “Imperial Salad” is now a Chef’s Special recipe.
  • Salad Lover and Salad Disgust, traits. These new food preference traits are all about the newly added leafy greens and its related foodstuffs.


  • Added “Campfire Pot”, workbench. This tool is crafted by the Cook but can be acquired early on by choosing certain loadouts. It can be used to prepare Pottage.
  • Pottage is a new type of “communal” dish that can be made and maintained by any hearthling. To start Pottage you also need “Broth”.
  • Once started, hearthlings will drop certain ingredients in the stew, making it progressively better - what we’ll call “level”. You can check what is needed next by reading the description of the Pottage.
  • If too many people eat from it before it receives a new ingredient, the pottage will not run out. Instead it will go down in level. If the Pottage continues being consumed on the first level, then it will run out and will need to be restarted.
  • If a Pottage reaches the maximum level it will also be consumed until it’s empty, however the last level has an amount of servings equal to all previous levels combined.
  • Improved the description of the Broth food item (and its recipe) to include its new importance in making pottage.
  • Broth can now be purchased from Tier 1 merchants.
  • To make pottage (and other placeable food and drink items) behave more nicely, they now support multiple people grabbing servings simultaneously. This can result in hearthlings having to change their plans in the middle of the way (because what they were going for was completely consumed)… But such is life, right?! First come, first served!


  • Renown, gameplay mechanic. Renown is directly tied to the already existing “Titles” mechanic in ACE. In essence, it provides a numerical “value” to every title - and a total renown sum to each hearthling’s titles - which can be used as a way to “measure” the worthiness and history of a hearthling in a fun way!
  • Social interactions with renowned hearthlings will provide happy thoughts. The higher the renown, the better the thought! If lazy lings are not working, at least get some joy out of all that talking! :merry:
  • When two renowned hearthlings talk, they’ll both get benefits based on their relative renown!
  • Additionally, you can now toggle a setting that will make the game auto-select titles based on their renown, so even if they acquire something new, they’ll always display their most incredible feat as their title!
  • You can check your hearthling’s total renown (and the amount added per title) in the same “Component Info” window where you could previously see their obtained titles! Just click the information i symbol next to their name in the unit frame!
  • Braggart, Modest, hearthling traits. Braggarts are show-offs and will earn more renown than normal whenever they get a title, while modest hearthlings will end up getting less renown. They also get some other minor bonuses like compassion and diligence for modest lings or courage, menace and inspiration for braggart ones.


  • We’ve reviewed all the loadouts for all the playable kingdoms and made some balance changes to encourage some loadouts that are usually less preferred. They’ve also been tweaked to evidently display each option as a “slightly more challenging than the previous one” progression, while still providing unique benefits for their challenge.
  • The amount of items per loadout neatly decreases by 1 per row now.
  • The amount of starting gold has been buffed, being greatly increased on the “Money Solves all Problems” loadout, finally making it quite reliable as the name suggests!
  • Food for Days got slightly buffed by the addition of Pottage on most kingdoms, so it can be a bit more competitive with Merchant Caravan. It was added to Merchant Caravan for the NA that has a lot of balance towards the Hunting Party loadout.
  • The Northern Alliance “Food For Days” will count with a starting farmer now, however.
  • Some other minor changes like healing potions for the military loadout or more gold to noble entourage should make them at least tempting or worthy of consideration.
  • An additional “job talisman” to Merchant caravan aims to reward what the loadout is about: having more options for starting jobs.


  • With this update (as we get closer to ACE 1.0!) we’ve decided to give special attention to some QoL and even a few potential “performance improving” features!
  • You can now hold the SHIFT key when clicking “Build” while on building mode to - like when crafting - make sure that all the objects necessary for that building will be queued on the top of the lists of their respective crafters. A tooltip reminding the user of that has been added to the “Build” button.
  • Also on building mode, you’re now able to hover over missing objects from the “building materials” list to see what are you missing: a certain crafter, what level or if it’s a recipe that you do not have unlocked.
  • We’ve added and changed some hotkeys around to be a bit more consistent and also to cover some important features that had no default hotkeys. Opening a character’s sheet (with the character selected) is Tab. “Gather & Replant” command can now be used with Shift+H. “Cancel Task” can be used with Shift+X and the “Destroy” tool with Ctrl+X. “Forage” and “Hunt” (Northern Alliance) now have hotkeys as well: Ctrl+H and Ctrl+Shift+H, respectively. For the place menu, “Dig Water Well” is now Ctrl+W and “Build Fence” is Alt+W, “Move Items” is Alt+M and “Undeploy Items” is Alt+U. For zones, “Bush Farm” is now Ctrl+F and “Decorative Flowers” has been set to Ctrl+D. “Underfarm” is not usable yet but has been set to Ctrl+U. Finally, “Trapping Zone” has been changed to Shift+T and the T key was given to the new “Mercantile Overview” tab.
  • The name tag space in the unit frame has been increased, which means that many objects or names that were too long (and displayed a “…” at the end) should now be possible to show completely! Some names might still get cut, but the increase should help for a lot of things.
  • You can now “Collapse” (or expand) item categories in the “town inventory”, “place objects” and “shop” screens by clicking their name. A little arrow marker will point out if a category is expanded or collapsed.
  • Additionally, these categories have been reordered and will follow a more coherent logic. Your wealth, workshops, tools, consumables will be near the top; Resources and production around the middle; and most placeables, furniture, building parts and mechanisms at the bottom.
  • Finally, there’s also a new “Search Bar” on many of these screens like the “town inventory” or “place objects” menu! Rejoice!
  • We’ve tweaked the “Loading Screen” messages and added several dozens of new tips! Make sure to always read them, you might find something you didn’t know!
  • While browsing a merchant’s wares, hovering over any equipment piece will now let you see the level, equipment type and jobs that can use it.
  • While viewing a crafter’s workshop you are now able to toggle, per category, which crafters are allowed to execute recipes from that category. Crafters are displayed in order from lowest to highest level. This should allow users to divide the work of certain professions, like having a Cook that will exclusively craft ingredients while the other cooks meals; or having a blacksmith that will only smelt ores while the other forges weapons and armor.
  • Are all your cheese vats, wine casks (and any other transformable entity) empty, with orders, but you don’t remember which one is producing what? Not sure how many of them are making vinegar or which cheeses are you going for? Worry not! You can now see what “choice” is currently selected by opening the “Component Info” window! (The little information i symbol on the unit frame, next to the object’s name)
  • Whenever you accept a new quest that involves delivering items, you’ll now receive a special quest storage crate that serves to collect (and protect) the items needed for the quest! It will always appear near your town banner, so make sure to have enough room. You can enable or disable it at will, and you can also dump the contents in case you urgently need them back - otherwise they’ll remain in there, protected from being used and allowing you to more easily complete your quests without having to worry about eating or crafting things by accident!
  • The Quest Storage system can be further tweaked to your preferences in the game settings through new ACE gameplay settings that allow you to disable it completely or have it spawn but be disabled to receive items. Default setting has everything completely enabled.
  • Most items that have model_variants - that is, different appearances randomly selected - will now show their actual appearance on “ghost form” (when you place them); That should help decorators a bit! This applies to merchant stalls, many of the Frostfeast decorations and such.
  • Pets will now reembark with their owners! Never again will you leave your beloved animals behind! (And yes, this includes dragons!)
  • Additionally, you may now transfer the ownership of pets! This doesn’t include pets that have a special bond with their owners (Animal Companion trait) but applies to all other pets like the ones domesticated by a Trapper, bought from a merchant or hatched from an egg.
  • There’s now a new gameplay setting for always keeping the game paused when loading up a saved game, even if the save had it running when it was made. This should greatly improve the experience of loading a game when you have a developed, busy town - possibly avoiding crashes and loading faster! Because of this, the setting is on by default. It can be turned off but we don’t recommend it.
  • There’s also an experimental gameplay setting for limiting network data that could potentially help with multiplayer performance in busy games or games with very large storage (like when using a mod such as “Ethereal Storage”). We’re unsure of the actual benefits of this change yet, so please let us know if you test it out!
  • There’s also another new gameplay setting for choosing a “Backup” localization language. We recommend always using “English” for this one. The backup localization is used as a second option reference for when the game is unable to find a string for your main language. It is very common for language mods to be outdated (or to not support all your other mods) and whenever that happens, users would see the weird string address instead of an untranslated string. This option should address this issue, showing the untranslated string instead.
  • Fixed a game-interrupting issue that caused crafting to get stuck when certain ingredients are impossible to be reached. Crafters should now give up and move on to the next recipe.
  • Fixed the “Can’t find crafting ingredient” alert (from ACE settings) that has been apparently malfunctional for a couple of years! Woah!
More Patch Notes


  • Trivia night rewards! The five lucky winners will now be able to find their chosen rewards in-game:
  • Chenba, the Itinerant Cooking Matriarch Of The Desert, Friendly Stranger. A new visitor that will come to your town and like every good and old granny, will teach you how to properly cook! Inspired by Doris design as the trivia night winner!
  • , weapon. A new metal and a new use for have been added, alongside some content to support it like a peculiar new visitor and shooting stars! The weapon was inspired by Lexali’s design for the 2nd place on trivia night!
  • , armor. This legendary piece of equipment hails from the old Phoenix Empire and was worn by a hero! Can you unearth this rare platemail and attract a new, famous visitor? Inspired by ThisDude’s design for the 3rd place on trivia night!
  • Statue of Sigrid Asketill, decoration. Another legendary hero’s statue, this time the pioneer northern paladin and wife of the mighty Magnus! Inspired by Cirdain’s design for the 4th place on trivia night!
  • Painting (Quaint Farm), decoration. Farmers working the fields on a sunny summer day on this tranquil new artwork to decorate your town! Inspired by Gameguy for the 5th place on trivia night!
  • We’ve added a small “dynamic weather” feature that allows certain weather types to turn into another weather throughout the day! For example, a cloudy day can turn into a rainy day or a sunny and rainy day can have the rain stop! You can hover over the weather to see information on this.
  • We’ve also added icons to most of the weather stats and attributes, so they’re much nicer to see now!
  • Counters & Counter Desk, furniture. These new and versatile pieces of furniture can be used for whatever counter needs you may have! Kitchen counters, bedrooms, etc…
  • Additionally, you can also apply a bolt of any cloth to some of them and turn them into Display Counters! These work similarly to existing Market Shelves, you can place items in them and these items will then be available for other players or travelers to purchase!
  • Counter Desks will improve the value of all items sold by counters or shelves within 12 blocks by 12%!
  • Silk Filament Bundle, Spool of Silk Thread, Bolt of Silk Cloth, refined materials. This new type of fiber, thread and cloth can be used as fiber, thread and cloth in most recipes (although it is tagged as “undesirable”, which means the crafter will try to avoid it unless necessary), and for now they’re not craftable themselves but obtained through special means. Look forward to it, though!
  • Bolt of Woven Cloth, refined material. This new material can be used as a bolt of cloth in most recipes however it is crafted straight from fiber instead of thread, skipping 3 intermediary crafts thus being much more efficient. It is learned alongside the other Amberstone recipes during their questline.
  • Herbalist Woven Bed, Woven Pet Bed, Amberstone Large Jar, Amberstone Pet Kibble Bowl, Amberstone Supply Table, new lapine-style furniture and containers. These new recipes can also be learned during the Amberstone questline, and have been added to some of their reward options.
  • Soft Metal Bits, Hard Metal Bits, refined goods. These new materials are Level 1 crafts (which should be very helpful to level up the Blacksmith) and are now used to replace several instances of raw ore or metal ingots being used across many other crafters (Weavers, Carpenters, Potters, Masons, Brewers, etc…) This will make the usage of metal more efficient in some places (with one ingot becoming three “bits”) and will also contribute to the crafting synergy we enjoy so much in ACE, turning the Blacksmith into a backbone of the town’s economy on Tiers 2~3.
  • Wooden Candle Holder, Wooden Wall Candle Holder, Wooden Wall Candelabra, Ornate Wall Candle Holder, Ornate Wall Candelabra, Pewter Candle Holder, Pewter Wall Candle Holder, Pewter Wall Candelabra, Pewter Table Candelabra, decorations. Oof! That was a mouthful… But yes, ACE counts with its own collection of neat candles as light sources now! We hope you’ll enjoy them!
  • Iron Table Candelabra, decoration. This new object has been added to the Ascendancy’s “The Guildmaster’s Skill” Tier 3 unlocks.
  • Disposable Simple Turret, Disposable Pebble Flinger, Disposable Oil Pot Shooter, turrets. These new (and simpler) turrets do not require an Engineer to be used but will break when they run out of ammo! They can be acquired through a new exclusive merchant.
  • Disposable Simple Trap, trap. Again, a special defensive item that can only be obtained through the new exclusive merchant.
  • Disposable Wood Portcullis, Disposable Spiky Barricade, Disposable Spiky Short Barricade, constructions. Finally, these three defensive items also offered by the new exclusive merchant will provide a new (and earlier) tier of defense to your town, if you make the right choices! The barricades will damage enemies that attack them.
  • There are now new effects and sounds for most doors when being destroyed! They have a slightly bigger “poof” and a more noticeable sound than traps or turrets.
  • Additionally, Crypts have a new destruction effect as well! They will not simply disappear anymore, but rather go down in a giant poof of glory!
  • Finally, they’re not going to completely disappear either. Crypts will now be “reduced” to a destroyed state which can then be harvested multiple times for wood and stone until it is completely gone.
  • Equipment quality will now give a menace bonus to their wearer! That means that the higher the quality of your soldier’s equipment, the more “dangerous” they’ll be perceived as by enemies, which in turn will make them more likely to cower and flee!
  • This is the first real benefit we’ve added to military equipment quality and we’d love to hear your thoughts and experience! Is it relevant? Is it good enough? Due to the small numbers used by SH for attack and defense, we were worried about adding more concrete bonuses (like + Attack or + Defense) . Let us know if you feel it makes a difference!
  • Lingonberry Bushes, plant. This special kind of vine will only spawn in the Arctic and doesn’t have much use other than a meager food supply or a great ingredient for a new and unique recipe.
  • Unlike other fruit bushes, lingonberry bushes are small and thus are planted on herbalist planters. The Herbalist can also make the seed bag from the berries you harvest.
  • Jar of Lingonberry Jam, cooking ingredient. Can replace any fruit in most recipes, however it takes much longer to rot! This is a unique Northern Alliance recipe.
  • Jar of Fruit Jam, cooking ingredient. Same as the lingonberry, however craftable by the other kingdoms with any fruit basket and with a less efficient yield.
  • Jar of Pickles, cooking ingredient. Crafted with hearty and savory vegetables, can replace hearty vegetables in many recipes. Takes a long time to spoil.
  • Northern Meatballs, food. Special recipe that replaces the regular “Nutty Meatballs” recipe when playing with the Northern Alliance.
  • Fish Lover, trait. The long-time injustice of having a fish intolerance trait (but not one for the lovers of seafood!) is now fixed. Let there be sushi!
  • The game log will now list all the mods you’re using! This should help us a lot when we request your logs for debugging or finding issues!
  • Seed bags for all the remaining herb crops (and “starter” crates for water crops) have been added so they can appear as part of the new seed traders’ stocks.
  • All seed crates and seed bags will now show a little notification on their tooltip if you already have that crop unlocked.
  • Hearthlings can now drink water from bird baths and fountains.
  • (For Modders) We’ve added a new encounter type called wait_for_global_event; as the name suggests it is very similar to the wait_for_event encounter - however it can listen to any event and not just events that have the current game master context as their source.
  • (For Modders) There is now a town_registration component for automatically registering and unregistering entities from the player’s town.
  • (For Modders) We created some “mixins” for the different crop types in ACE, so mods that have both ACE and vanilla compatibility (or ACE mods) can now more easily “inherit” some necessary changes for the crop types.
  • (For Modders) We’ve added some extra features to the portrait rendering service like the ability to render child entities, change the color of the ambient and directional lights and change the light origin!
  • (For Modders) There’s now a new optional parameter for the “Loot Drops” component which allows you to customize the min/max range of dropped items.
  • (For Modders) We’ve added a new folder called ace_templates where you can find some Photoshop (.psd) templates for 2D art that you might want to replicate ACE’s standards in your own mods! It includes things like the icons for our tonic buffs, food traits, wounds and more!
  • (For Modders) We’ve added a lot of “missing” tags to some objects like ornate to all the base game ornate stuff, comfy and fancy to “tier 2” and “tier 3” furniture, decorations and building parts.


  • We’ve changed the ACE default image for “fish” to be the same used by the great “Fisher Mod + Archipelago Biome” by BrunoSupremo, who kindly allowed us to use his new (and really cute!) fish icon!
  • There has been a huge rearranging of recipes for many crafters but, perhaps most notably, for the Carpenter, Mason and Potter (what we call the “basic crafters”). The level requirement of several of their furniture, building parts and decorations have been moved around a lot, with the goal of creating a greater sense of progression by dividing their unlocks more evenly throughout the levels. Previously, roughly 60% of all their recipes from these categories were unlocked on level 1 alone, making their progression rather unsatisfying. It should be more interesting and somewhat easier to level up, since many often “spammed” recipes like fences or lanterns will have slightly higher levels now.
  • Additionally, the Potter will now craft three pieces of Molded Clay or Unfired Pottery per craft (instead of two), this should make things slightly more efficient.
  • For a long time, Varanus and Zilla skins were not really usable for making leather - as we thought they were. This mistake was finally brought to our attention, however instead of fixing it, we decided that we like them being “different” and would rather find interesting and unique uses for these “scaly skins”. We also want to - at least at first - avoid “recreating” the famous Varanus armors or scaly leather boots from other mods, so suggestions of interesting and unique uses for these skins are welcome!
  • For now, however, they can be used as leather straight up! Their descriptions have been altered to reflect that.
  • The main goblin camp from the “goblin war” questline should now spawn attacks slightly less often.
  • Most Amberstone furniture, decorations and building parts have been renamed to be more consistent throughout the game (and make it a lot easier to find their recipes or items using “Search” tools. All the previously named “Stone-cut”, “Rabbit-style” or “Rabbit-carved” items have been renamed “Amberstone”; and all the items with their unique textile have retained the name “Woven”.
  • We’ve changed the graphics for the “Glittering Bowstring” and the “Silver-spun Bowstring” (legendary items) to be less similar to weaving threads.
  • Additionally, they will now require a new type of cloth (which you’ll also learn to craft!) previously explained in the “Added” section.
  • The “Font of Summer” shrine recipe will now ask for “Snow Poppy” herbs instead of “Brightbell”.
  • “Bale of Thatch” has been renamed to “Bale of Dry Grass”; “Large Thatch Bundle” has been renamed to “Large Dry Grass Bundle”; “Any Thatch” (recipe requirement) has been renamed to “Any Thatching Material”. “Bundle o’ Thatch Twine” has been renamed to “Bundle o’ Straw Twine”. The idea here is to dissociate the confusion we (by accident) caused by having a material type (“Any Thatch”) that includes more than just the “Bale of Thatch” be called that, creating situations where players would think they needed “Bales of Thatch” when they could have used something else - or the other way around, thinking they could use boughs or wheat when they specifically needed the “Bale of Thatch” item. Let us know if it feels better!
  • Additionally, it’s now easier to find “Bales of Dry Grass” when digging the grass layer of the terrain and especially when foraging. Remember to forage!
  • There’s now a new “material tag” for fiber resources (For modders: spinnable) that determines if this fiber bundle can be used to make “Thread”. The idea of this change is to prevent the possible loop where crafters would utilize certain resources (like “Ball of Yarn”) to craft “Thread” even though yarn itself is already usable as thread. As a flavor change, a couple of fiber bundles can no longer be spun into thread: Heirbloom stalks and Highland Vine.
  • Precious Metals ingots are now slightly smaller than regular metal ingots. This applies to gold and silver ingots.
  • Also increased their appeal a bit, so being surrounded by gold bars should feel nicer now!
  • “Nature Gem Bits” is categorized as “wealth” now.
  • Rearranged the order in which smelting recipes are displayed for the Blacksmith. “Brass Plates” will now be first if you have them unlocked.
  • “The Vault” has been renamed “Vault” and is now crafted by the Engineer, not the Blacksmith.
  • The recipe for “Fine Stuffing” will now output two items instead of one.
  • The recipes for “Cooking Oil”, “Basket of Nuts”, “Raw Sausage” and “Raw Rice” all produce two items now (instead of one). Values and ingredients have been rebalanced, but this should help alleviate the Cook’s crafting charge a little.
  • The Cook is also no longer responsible for crafting Kibble (pet food). These recipes are now under the Shepherd’s responsibility - but like the “Malted Grains” recipe for the Brewer, they require the Cook’s oven.
  • “Thatch Pet Bed” and “Dry Thatch Pet Bed” have been renamed “Straw Pet Bed” and “Thatch Pet Bed”, respectively. They’re also slightly different in terms of stats, now - the straw one being slightly better but still worse than comfy pet beds.
  • the Carpenter, Potter and Mason are no longer able to craft the thatch or straw pet beds. These recipes have been transferred to the Shepherd as well.
  • The colors of the Highlands Biome have been slightly adjusted, with rocks being darker in the spring-summer and lighter in autumn-winter.
  • The overall generation of the biome has also been tweaked.
  • Slightly reduced the amount of ore obtained by mining ore veins.
  • Discovering new herbs in Herbalist Exploration Gardens and Tubs should now be somewhat faster, especially for native herbs.
  • The improved tools that can be crafted by the Blacksmith will now increase the crafter’s inspiration by 5%! (The attribute that boosts the chance to get higher quality crafts)
  • Drastically simplified the eating filter function.
  • Cheese will now mature slightly faster.
  • Fruity Mead, Wines and Juices made from “Fine fruit” (Apples, Pears, Plums and Dates) will now turn into vinegar when they spoil.
  • Drink filters have also been significantly improved by using the new town registration component on wells and recurring to a much simpler filter when a well is present.
  • All inventory filters and presets have been updated to cover the new additions like vegetable types or preserves.
  • The large urn unlocked by the Trading Post Monument and the chest unlocked by the Monkey’s Shrine (both for Rayya’s Children) have been re-categorized as “Storage” instead of “Decoration”.
  • Also changed the icon of the “Worker Finery” unlock to be standard with all the other outfit icons in the game.
  • Streamlined the “Food donation” dialogue for the Ascendancy and the Northern Alliance to prevent huge lists that break the interface. You’ll now always get 3 types of food and 2 types of drink. The possibilities have also been increased, with some regional/faction food and drink added to the mix!
  • Crypts will now be defended by more undead enemies! Be careful, they won’t be as easy to take down as they once were!
  • The “Lantern Mace” now has a 10% chance of inflicting the “On Fire!” debuff on enemies.
  • We’ve changed the lights and effects for many of the game’s lanterns to look less electric or gas-powered (they had white/greenish light and looked very cold); so we made them a bit more warm and cozy, with stronger red and yellow colors. Some lanterns (mainly Tier 3 unlocked ones like the iron lampposts and such) have kept their original color because it fits their “gas lamp” aesthetic. ( Editor’s note: One could say we reduced the gaslighting in Stonehearth. If only we could do it all around… )
  • We’ve also improved the sizes of the stone lanterns, slightly reducing some because they were awkwardly large. They should look much nicer now.
  • Candles will now have nicer particle effects, similarly to the ones we added for the bone furniture set, as an attempt to get a standard visual for most candles in the game. All existing candles have been tweaked.
  • Increased the amount of “Food Worth” required on Daily Updates by 50%.
  • There’s now a new parameter for game modes (difficulties) called immigration_worth_multiplier that allows you to make acquiring new citizens easier (or harder) depending on the game mode!
  • “Peaceful” has 20% lower Daily Update requirements than “Gentle” and “Normal” now; “Hard” has 20% higher requirements.
  • “Small Pasture Bedding” can now be placed on walls and accessed from below. This should allow players to make more efficient small animal shelters and poyo coops!
  • The building template for the Shepherd’s “Small Shelter” has been changed to include 10 extra “Small Pasture Beddings” for all factions.
  • Increased the amount of milk that can be obtained by milking animals and also made it renew faster. There should now be an overall increase in milk production.
  • Also increased the production of milk from wild cattle, it should be much faster now (a couple of days instead of 10+)
  • Likewise, reduced the amount of eggs provided by fowl.
  • Bedrolls will now provide the “Warm Covers” buff when used.
  • The “Nutty Meatballs” food item received a model change and will now use the wooden plate.
  • The “Counter” pieces of furniture have been renamed “Bar”. The “Stool” chairs have been renamed “Bar Stool” so they show up on searches for bar-related stuff.
  • Turning a mega pumpkin into a mega pumpkin soup now accepts any “lower grade fuel” instead of specifically asking for firewood.
  • Improved the visibility of the icon for the “Leeches” healing item.
  • All the Tier 2 tonics now have smaller (and centered!) iconic models.
  • There’s a new icon for the “Show Character Sheet” button; it’s a very little tweak but should be slightly cleaner!
  • Snowflakes now look like proper ice crystals (with six “points”) instead of weird celtic crosses that fall from the sky! :jubilant:
  • Slightly reduced the speed reduction effect of the Scepter & Shield Cleric & the Hamstrung inflicted debuffs.
  • Slightly reduced the wound protection from Tier 2 and Tier 3 armors.
  • A royal law that restricted people from traveling without a hat has been revoked and travelers are now able to be spawned without one!
  • Removed the Horsebread recipe from the Rayya’s Children’s cooks, as originally intended. (This is supposed to be the Ascendancy’s unique bread, like Flat Bread for Rayya’s or the Barley Bun for Northern Alliance)
  • The cook’s recipe for “Sugar” was moved to the “Baking” category.
  • Improved the art for the “Coffee Lover” trait icon.
  • Improved some of the dialogue for the “Dragonborn King” quest continuation.
  • Greatly reduced the timers and increased the odds for some “Dragonborn King” quest continuation events. Getting “Dragon Cult” attacks should be way less frustrating, now (hopefully). Remember that if it gets too rough, you can always undeploy the Dragon statue!
  • Members of the “Dragon Cult” are no longer affected by the “Here be Dragons!” debuff. I mean… It’s their job! They’re hunting dragons, can’t really be scared of them, right?!
  • Slight improvement to the way entity facing is decided when transforming something (they’ll now always try to face the center of the object being transformed)
  • Additionally, the transform component now supports the “table” entity data used by crafting stations, which means they can now place the transformation ingredient on a specific place chosen by the modder.
  • The “Attention” marker effect should not be displayed anymore after a storage filter has been set for the first time.
  • The maximum “draw distance” for effects and such has been increased to 2000. This change was needed to support the newly added shooting stars, since they’re actually rendered in space. (Just kidding, they’re not :merry:)
  • (For Modders!) The “SmartCrafter” system has been restructured to be more optimal and also to fix certain scenarios that were problematic like being able to queue recipes from jobs that were not available or not even active.
  • (For Modders!) Reworked the StonehearthTeamCrafterView to be a regular reopen.
  • (For Modders!) The “stump” component now supports a flag called keep_stump_component that prevents it from being removed from the stump.


  • After a long period of slumber, the God of Symmetry is once again pleased with the sacrifice of several of the base game’s stone lanterns that had their “iconic” versions poorly positioned and not centered.
  • With its thirst for symmetrical perfection unquenched, the God of Symmetry also laid its eyes upon the “Thread” item and smited it to a properly centered position.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the weather to be cleared (and returned to normal) after you defeat the Ogo’s Army invasion under certain circumstances, keeping your game forever stuck in the “Under Siege” state. Please note that games already on this state will not be fixed, but you can use this command inside the Lua console tool (server) available in the DebugTools mod to fix it: stonehearth.weather:set_weather_override(nil, 'player_1')
  • Additionally, we’ve added some extra information on the “Under Siege” weather letting the player know that they must destroy the invading force to clear the skies and that no immigrants or merchants will arrive under this weather.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain items from being automatically queued by the “smart crafting” system, like the Blacksmith furnace and anvil when requested by a building.
  • Fixed an issue with some outfits (like the Archer Iron Ringmail) that were incorrectly “leaving” the hood or hat floating around whenever the item was forcefully unequipped (for example, an incapacitated hearthling being put in bed)
  • Fixed a long-standing issue where entities that were “killed” by a transform action were not dropping their intended loot; for example, transforming the curdled cheese vats (instead of harvesting them) was not providing Whey Butter. This should be fixed now!
  • Fixed a tagging problem that prevented Northern Alliance and Rayya’s Children shields from being correctly stockpiled or stored.
  • Fixed an error that could occur when people would try to drink from a well that was set to be upgraded.
  • You can no longer click the name (and rename) the Amberstone Pedestal from the “Residents” quest.
  • Fixed some instances where the cursor used was not in the Stonehearth style.
  • Fixed a couple of old item descriptions (like iron braziers) that were still pointing out they need coal to be lit (which is not true anymore)
  • Fixed an issue where the Undead Crypt would not drop loot when destroyed for kingdoms other than The Ascendancy; that same event also triggered the “cleaning up” of the quest node, which meant that undead crypt nodes would stack and never be cleared out for players using other kingdoms. In fact, due to other internal issue, it would rarely drop loot even if for the Ascendancy.
  • Also fixed the name and description for the Crypt, which still used the weird naming scheme that included articles (“A Crypt”). It has been renamed to “Ancient Crypt”.
  • Fixed a problem where loot quality wasn’t being applied properly when mining.
  • Fixed an issue where the node that checks for night time on the Amberstone’s quest to charge the light pedestal would never clean itself either, resulting in lots of nodes of the same type accumulating over time.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with the “Thorns” buff where it was also damaging ranged units.
  • Attempted fix for the (in)famous “Football” bug where hearthlings will “kick” items around when running with backpacks. This is the second time we try to fix this issue, hopefully the last!
  • Another attempted fix (more like a workaround) to a rare but annoying issue where the game would start with the Town Alarm sound.
  • Fixed (or is it?) an issue where the “nets” of the beekeeping hats would remain even after the hats themselves are removed. (Yes, that one again as well. These bugs are very resilient!)
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with dropped Bee Nests and their player_id assignment.
  • Fixed an issue where the Embark Wagon was not being properly added to the player’s inventory, causing some other minor issues.
  • Fixed an issue with re-embarking hearthlings with overlapping equipment pieces due to “attached” equipment parts; for example, an Archer with an iron mail (includes a hat) + the legendary hood. It was possible for one of them to be completely lost due to the overlap. This should now not happen anymore.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented one of the songs added in the last major version to play (during sunny rain days)
  • Improved the descriptions of animal fodder recipes to account for kingdom variation in the ingredients used. They’ll now have more generic descriptions instead of saying “tasty grains!” and be crafted with fish.
  • Fixed a possible catalog error when loading older saves with entities having changed or missing evolve component data from version to version.
  • Removed some old (and misleading) text from the Trapper’s perks that still mentioned fish trap placement limits. Also removed old (and now unused) Fish Trap crafting recipe text.
  • Fixed lots of typos with existing titles and descriptions; Improved some of the descriptions for more clarity.
  • Also fixed lots of typos in recipes, like the infamous “Almond Liqueuer”.
  • Fixed some issues with entities that have limited placement not counting values properly.
  • Fixed an issue where jobs that provide “placement limits” to the above objects (like Engineers or Geomancers) would not add their values to the limit anymore if they got demoted and re-promoted during the same session.
  • Fixed and tweaked some functionalities within the Universal Storage component.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when transforming/upgrading traveler-owned beds.
  • Fixed an issue in the settings UI when there’s a saved setting for a now disabled mod.
  • Potentially fixed a rare pet issue related to consumption.
  • Fixed several potential UI errors.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Spring” variant of pine trees - a file was named wrongly and it was never getting loaded in-game, causing invisible trees to exist during the spring in the Arctic.
  • Fixed a problem where poyos would lay “fertilized eggs” that would never hatch.
  • Possibly fixed a weird UI issue related to buffs that could pop sometimes for nonsensical reasons! Literally!
  • Fixed some model positioning and placement issues with all Wet and Dry stones (large and small). They should all look and collide better now!
  • Fixed a tiny graphical issue (literally one wrongly colored voxel!) on the Wall Tapestry item.
  • Fixed a base game issue where one of the possible properties for merchant encounters (fine_item_chance) was not correctly working. It was, perhaps, unfinished code (since it’s not used by any of the base game merchants) but it can now be used by modded merchants!

As always, we really, really hope you will all enjoy this update! :merry:
And please remember to provide us with feedback, bug reports, and such!

The new Mercantile system probably needs a lot of fixing, tweaking and especially balancing, so feel free to tell us your experiences with it!

Have fun and stay warm, y’all :heart: :sparkles:


Wooot! Cant wait to have time to check it out!!

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Oops! :merry:
Sorry about that, everyone…


  • Stone Market Stands now require a Mason’s Workbench to craft (and not a Pedestal)
  • Fixed an issue that was throwing an error and preventing stone doors and ornate wooden doors from being seen, crafted or used in Build Mode.
  • The “Under Siege” weather will now only activate after Ogo’s Army has actually spawned.
  • If Ogo’s Army fails to find a suitable spot to spawn, the game will now let you know this happened.
  • The “Searcher” range for Ogo’s Army spawner has been greatly increased on both ends. (It can now spawn closer or a lot further away)

There’s also a newly found issue, here’s what happens (and the workaround):


  • The quest storage may not work properly if items are carried straight from the ground (dropped by a crafter, etc.) to them because these items fail to be “registered” in the “Town Inventory” (which usually happens when they get properly stored in a container), thus preventing the quest from being completed. There are, however, steps for a workaround (Fixed on

Thank you for this big update!

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Hello, everyone! :merry:

We bring another patch with some fixes to critical issues that have appeared throughout the day, some fixes to a couple of the “Known Issues” (List on the OP will be updated) and some tweaks, changes and additions!

Have fun! :jubilant:



  • New supporter names have been added to the Community Shrine!
  • You can now see the “Level” of a merchant by hovering over their portrait in the Mercantile Overview.
  • Specific shop signs are now working! Their icons and colors represent their tier, category and type of shop! Enjoy! (Unique shop decorations/visuals for each shop will be added on a later date, but for now at least the signs should make it much better already!)


  • We’ve changed the way “Wanted Items” and items with reduced value are displayed. Instead of using a generic background image, the green or red “glow” effect is done through CSS, looking clearer.
  • Improved the behavior of items on display in some of the exclusive stalls.
  • Increased the odds of getting rarer items from certain merchants.
  • Town Level 1 Defense merchants can now trade bronze and iron armor, but rarely (and with a very expensive price!)
  • Similarly to other crafters, the Bonecarver merchants will now buy “Bone Material” instead of selling it. They will still sell rare bones (like ancient and ogre bone); To compensate for this, Hunting merchants and Shepherd merchants will now carry more bones to sell.
  • Changed some “Wanted Items” offers that were conflicting with the items sold by the merchant. For example, Clay Pit merchants were paying extra for stone and selling Shale Clay (which can be used as stone), causing a weird price inconsistency.
  • Additionally, the selection of the “Wanted Items” will now take place after the merchant’s inventory is sorted out and so the game will intentionally try to avoid picking items that are already part of said inventory to be wanted.
  • Pets will now leave (disappear) with their owners when you re-embark them. Pet re-embarkation was added on 0.9.6 and is working properly but the pets were not leaving the town… So I guess they were taking clones or something.
  • We’ve changed a lot of UI Javascript files to be overrides instead of patches. This should, in theory, help prevent some issues that are commonly caused by errors when the UI is loaded and untimely patched.


  • Fixed the known issue that was preventing items from being properly tracked by Quest Storage containers. They should now consider their contents correctly!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the new “Disposable” defenses from being placed due to an improper tracking of the placement limit.
  • Fixed an UI error that would commonly show up when opening merchants whenever an inadequately set up item (no proper catalog setup), common in some mods, would be part of their wares. Note that this won’t fix the item itself (that’s not on our end!), it will just prevent the UI from bugging out.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some items (Small and large crates, small and large urns, etc.) to not be recognized as “Storage Containers” for some merchants’ wants.

Enjoy it and, as usual, please report any issues you find!
See you soon! :merry: :sparkles:


We had a couple of issues that weren’t really fixed last night so we’re releasing another quick patch!



  • Items below a certain value will not have their prices rounded on increments of 5 anymore, which means that you’ll no longer see cases where a block of wood and a block of wood with fine quality both cost the same (5). You’ll now see a much more diverse range of prices on cheaper items, since their pricing is no longer restricted to 5 + n(5)
  • Added another supporter’s name to the Community Shrine. Thank you! :heart::sparkles:


  • The “Bone Carving Studio” recipe will now require one Hard Metal Bits instead of ores for kingdoms other than the Northern Alliance. For them, it will still require bone materials, but the amount was increased to two instead of one.
  • You can now sell Lingonberry Seeds.
  • You can now sell Hard and Soft Metal Bits.
  • The Northern Alliance’s Tier 2 Shepherd’s Small Shelter building template will now include 10 extra beddings for small animals - like all other shelters in the game.
  • (Multiplayer) Players will now be able to trade exclusive market stalls obtained from the town progression choices with each other.


  • Properly fixed the invisible poyos this time… Stop haunting my dreams, invisible poyos! However, poyos that were invisible prior to this update might remain invisible.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented certain hotkeys from being used. (For example, the “Toggle UI” hotkey that will now be able to be used for the Screenshot Contest! :merry:
  • Pets will now keep their original name whenever they are transferred to a new owner. This fix will only be applied to new pets (or re-embarked pets); old pets will still have to be renamed after each transfer.
  • Fixed some weird text formatting on Astrologer’s Carina dialogue.
  • Fixed an issue where the Northern Alliance and Rayya’s Children cooks still had some leftover animal feed recipes on their recipe lists.

Sneaky Update

  • Fixed the seasonal clock that went missing on the last update.
  • Fixed a couple of broken filter presets.
  • Replaced even more JS patches with overrides as an attempt to improve UI responsiveness.

Have fun! :jubilant:


this is awesome thank you guys for keeping going.

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When I start the game, I have a black screen and music from the menu all the time. How to fix that ? :thinking:

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Press F5 :merry:

This issue happens when the UI fails to load in time! Pressing F5 will reload it


Did this update change how crops work? started a new save and I only have the basic crops from the base game like turnip carrot wheat.

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If you started the new game as The Ascendancy, you will indeed only have base game crops available:

Carrots and turnips, with Silkweed, Pumpkins, Wheat and Corn unlockable as your Farmer levels up.

From ACE, you’ll get the Berry Bush farm and eventually the Oak timber farm and Apple and Chestnut orchards.

To obtain new seeds/crops you either have to reembark with different kingdoms (which will “add” their seeds to the ones you get from this game/kingdom), get the random exotic seed trader event or use one of the newly added exclusive market stalls that will unlock Herbalist Seeds (Banner of Vitality) or Farming Seeds (Hearth of Cheer)

As for this update, we did tweak crops a bit (standard growing times, etc.) and added a couple of new crops (Cabbage, Lettuce, Beetroots), but we didn’t change how level unlocks work or which ones are unlocked in any way.

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Here’s another update full of fixes so the game can be nicely enjoyed this weekend! :merry:



  • We’ve finished converting all of our JavaScript patches into overrides! Let us know if you notice any improvement in the UI responsiveness (or occurrence of UI issues)
  • The recently added counters will now work as supply (priority) storage! They have a limited filter that includes prepared food, drinks and tonics.
  • Steel Water Pump, gizmo. Works just like the Copper Water Pump but can extend its pipes for double the distance. Crafted by a Level 6 Engineer.


  • Dismantling the Embark Wagon is now a special command and not a harvest action anymore. This should prevent players from removing their wagons by accident!
  • Hearthlings from all the kingdoms participated in a Marie Kondo workshop and the Embark Wagon now holds 128 items instead of 96.
  • Leavening Tables will now be placed with all the filters set by default. You’ll no longer have to remember setting them up!
  • Slightly reduced the odds of getting a “Shooting Stars” night or a meteor crash-site on world generation.
  • Added Silk Thread and Silk Fiber to the Weaver filter preset.
  • Reduced the maximum length of Copper Water Pump pipes from 8 to 6.
  • (For Modders) We’ve changed many of the drink material tags to a better standard, for example instead of having wine and wine_berry (which results in a wine wine_berry filter) they now have wine and berry, resulting in a nice wine berry filter.


  • We’ve added a log message for whenever the catalog finds an entity with improperly set up catalog data (missing materials and such), and added a check to prevent this from breaking the UI/throwing an UI error, something lots of players were encountering due to outdated mods.
  • Fixed an issue with weapons earning titles and failing to ensure custom names.
  • Fixed the saving and loading of custom fence and storage filter presets.
  • Fixed the lack of localization for one of the fence presets.
  • Adjusted how craft orders remove associated craft orders.
  • It was reported that merchants were very greedy and reached out to our players with false advertisements about item quality. We talked to the leaders of all kingdoms and they’ve agreed to create anti-scamming laws: so merchants will no longer sell “Fine quality items” that have no finer quality at all; All fine quality items will now actually be delivered as fine quality items when you buy them!
  • Fixed a long-standing issue that was causing enemies that were killed by status effects (like fire, open wounds, etc.) to not trigger the Auto-Loot setting properly. It should now work as expected.
  • Improved the behavior of the new “Toggle crafting per category” mechanic to ensure its consistency and functionality. It will now trigger a crafting order list reconsideration for that category. (It might not stop an already ongoing craft, however)
  • Fixed an error when loading suspended towns in multiplayer because private storage was being dumped into default storage.
  • Fixed the Silk Fiber item filters in supply containers (it was filtering the thread instead of the fiber)
  • Added some extra handling and nil checks to the item_palette UI component to try and prevent some unexpected errors or errors caused by the entities with faulty catalog data mentioned before.
  • “Training” shops can no longer sell training dummies or targets with quality (that was unintended)
  • You can no longer re-transform an already transformed counter piece (this was also unintended)

Sneaky Update

  • (For Modders) In 0.9.6, the ingot resource constant from the base game was deprecated because ACE fixed the base game ingots to have the refined tag and not resource ; To help mods that use this resource constant be compatible without requiring complex patches, we’ve created a ingot resource that is equivalent to it. Please note that mods will also have to declare that resource constant, but they can simply copy the base game’s ingot resource , using the base game’s icon and localization, just removing the _resource from its name. To make your life easier, here’s what it can look like in your resource_constants.json patch:
      "ingot": {
         "name": "i18n(stonehearth:ui.data.constants.ingot_resource_name)",
         "icon": "/stonehearth/entities/refined/ingot/ingot.png",
         "default_resource": "stonehearth:refined:tin_ingot",
         "stacks": 1

Sneaky Update


  • Added another supporter’s name to the Community Shrine!
  • (For Modders) Delivery Quest encounters and Returning Trader encounters may now opt to not use ACE’s Quest Storage system (by using the use_quest_storage parameter and setting it to false (default is true); This can also be tweaked to individual requirements of Delivery Quests.
  • (For Modders) Additionally, Delivery Quest encounters will now accept a count value for placed_items, which means a quest can now check if you have any amount of a certain place object rather than just one.


  • The hearthlings have undergone a special training on public health and sanitation and have learned to clean their larders. Rotten stuff will now disappear a lot quicker when inside storage.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the “Gather & Replant” command from working properly.
  • Added seed data to “Cotton Plant” (it will now work with “Gather & Replant”
  • The “Glowshroom Planters” quest has been modified to prevent an issue where the planters would be stored inside the Quest Storage container and the player needed to dump it to set them up. They’ll now not be moved to Quest Storage at all.
  • Changed crafting orders so when clearing completed orders on load, it shouldn’t recursively clear related orders, as an attempt to prevent certain issues.
  • Fixed the positioning of the text on the “Rescue” button when a hearthling is knocked out.
  • Band-aided (not really a fix, more like a circumvention) a weird ai.CURRENT nil error.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the “Promote” window to not let you promote your hearthlings to a job when opened for the first time in a newly created game.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to quickly click the promotion stamp on another job, triggering a promotion even without the requirements.

As always, we hope you’ll enjoy it! :jubilant:
And please report any issues you may encounter! :sparkles:


This is awesome. Going to have to start a new game. Thanks for working so hard on this great title!!

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Stonehearth ACE Thank you

Stonehearth ACE Thank you

Hey there!

This is actually intended, the casks function with a tap/faucet and so some dry goods can’t be stored in them (like, you can’t really get a faucet to release long bits of grain or apples :jubilant: )

Barrels/Tanks and amphorae, on the other hand, are just a container that can hold these things.

If you want priority storage for grain, for example, you can use a regular Supply container like bins, tables or shelves :merry:

This one is a bug! I’ll fix it for the next release!

Thank you!

We’ve returned with a very juicy new patch for the Mercantile Update!

This patch includes a couple of new things, lots of improvements and tweaks to existing things and a ton of fixes! Perhaps most importantly, this update contains much-needed improvements and fixes to multiplayer!



  • We’ve added a very experimental but promising change to multiplayer. You may now use the “Limit Data” gameplay setting (on by default) to hide the “cursor” of other players, thus reducing the amount of data being constantly shared between host and clients. Our inner testing revealed promising results, with a perceivable improvement on the client’s performance, which reduced desyncs and desync crashes to nearly zero. (Still a bit visually choppy, though). Let us know how it feels for you if you try this!
  • Storage containers will now perform some additional AI search filter caching that should improve performance when dealing with lots of items, particularly in high-capacity storage containers (and mods like Ethereal Storage).
  • There are new unique visuals for Varani in the Arctic and the Highlands. The models for their meat and pelts have been updated, too.
  • A unique model for the varanus meat in the desert has been added.
  • There are now some “rare” wants that merchants might have - usually a special food or drink that they really like, and just one of it - that will have a very generous bonus (600% of their value); Consider these a “lucky opportunity” to make some extra gold every now and then, if you’re able.
  • Trappers will now get experience from using Fish Traps.
  • Added the names of even more supporters to the Community Shrine!
  • (For Modders) The Debug Tools menu will now include commands to make hearthlings thirsty or sated (with ACE’s thirst mechanics)
  • (For Modders) Drinks and Foods can now have a require_reservation parameter in their containers entity data that can be used to prevent multiple hearthlings from going and consuming that object all at once. Very useful for, for example, our water wells.
  • (For Modders) All the common properties of wells are now neatly organized as mixins.
  • (For Modders) There’s a new file located at /stonehearth_ace/lib/catalog/catalog_logging.json that can be mixed into to prevent your mod’s items with missing catalog materials from generating errors in the log.


  • When an enemy is defeated by soldiers belonging to more than one player in multiplayer, all the involved parties will get experience now (instead of only the ones that performed the killing blow).
  • If a wounded hearthling that belongs to another player decides to rest in one of your beds, your own herbalists are able to heal them now.
  • Meat jerkies will now have slight variations in nutritional (and gold) value; Bigger animals and predators will provide the best jerkies while smaller game will provide the least valuable jerky.
  • The “Reembark” event will now return after 7 in-game days (which is an in-game month) instead of 30 in-game days, which was a bit misleading since the button says “Maybe Next Month”
  • You’re no longer able to save a roster from a new party created from a re-embarkation file, which previously caused re-embarked hearthlings to spawn without their equipment and for items to disappear.
  • Merchants will now more often have more “Wanted Items”.
  • Improved the description of Yew trees to be less misleading about bearing fruits in the autumn; They were added before ACE had fruit trees and we never realized their description erroneously led players to believe that they bear fruit!
  • We’ve changed the “Health” column on the “Citizens” screen to use an icon instead. This improves the alignment of column headers and will give us some extra room for upcoming improvements! Hovering over the new icon will also provide a brief explanation of what the different heart colors mean.
  • The way “returning traders” work has been somewhat improved to now not only consider what the player has in storage but also what they can potentially craft, which should diversify what these returning traders request a bit more.
  • Shakedown quests (like the goblin camp) will now utilize a quest storage container.
  • The filters for drinking have been optimized to perform slightly better.
  • The basic drink and eat actions (for drinking or eating items that are not food or drink containers) have been removed as part of an opportunistic effort of improving things that might have a tiny positive impact on performance. The meat jerky being the only food item in the game that was not container but consumed directly, we’ve now changed it to be containers of a single portion instead.
  • (For Modders) This change implies that you should adapt your mod to no longer have foods like that and instead try to turn them into food containers or drink containers. Single-serving containers should utilize the new require_reservation property so no one ends up disappointed by being late to dinner.


  • Fixed some issues with the positioning of certain elements in the unit frame like transformation progress bars, the crafter of a higher quality item and command buttons.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the herbalist planter UI.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the name of a recipe that couldn’t be crafted because the materials are missing to show up as a weird string (if using the appropriate setting for “Missing Ingredients” alerts) They should now show up as the normal recipe name.
  • Fixed (again) a very persistent issue that caused Archers with an iron archer mail to “drop” their hood in the air whenever they replaced it with something better (like a legendary hood) or when they needed to recover in bed.
  • Fixed some issues with the suspending and resuming of towns in multiplayer, like pets returning as “away from town” (and starving to their deaths) or hearthlings failing to return in their beds if they were sleeping when the player left. Sleeping hearthlings will also disappear instantaneously now, instead of lingering around for a while.
  • The “Suspendable” component has also been tweaked to reduce the amount of unnecessary calls.
  • The Weaver will no longer show a useless “Build” work order category in the Citizens view.
  • Fixed an error with towns registering suspendable entities on microworld start.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the player from properly learning the “Bolt of Woven Cloth” recipe when completing the “Rabbit Residents” quest from the Clan Amberstone campaign. If you have already completed this stage, you can manually unlock the recipe by following these steps (requires the Debug Tools mod to be active; If multiplayer, the HOST must do this):
  • Open the Lua console. (it’s the blue > on the top right near the clock)
  • Paste this command in the console (but don’t press enter yet!): stonehearth.job:get_job_info(e:get_player_id(), 'stonehearth:jobs:weaver'):manually_unlock_recipe('crafting_materials:bolt_of_cloth_amberstone')
  • Select (click) a Hearthling that belongs to the player you want to unlock the recipe for! If you want to unlock it for yourself, select one of your own hearthlings. If it is for another player, select one of theirs!
  • With the hearthling selected, press “Enter” on the command. The recipe should be unlocked.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bronze Helms to be detected as Iron equipment.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Curtains from being detected as “Comfy Decorations”.
  • Fixed some issues with the display (and the check mark) of collected items in quests.
  • Fixed an issue where crafters would be stuck in skipping certain recipes that were skipped before even after they’ve been repositioned in the queue. Repositioning a recipe should now trigger a recheck.
  • Fixed an error that happens when a soldier uses an Anti-Poison Potion (the handheld ones).
  • The God of Symmetry is once again appeased as we fix the slightly wrong positioning of the Wall-Hanging Wooden Signs (all of them, for all professions, and the special Tier 3 ones!)
  • Fixed the graphics on the Northern Alliance’s Brewer Workbench (it showed Plums instead of Pears even though we changed the Arctic fruit to pears a while ago)
  • Potentially fixed an unusual and rare bug with the friendly strangers’ AI.
  • Fixed an issue with some actions not having a proper descriptor, which could result in some errors in the log for people with a high enough logging level.
  • The filters for cherry baskets have been fixed and they will no longer count as berries.
  • Improved the way the game handles gameplay settings, making their storage more consistent to changes; additionally they should no longer cause issues when settings are saved without changes.
  • Fixed a lot of typos in the localization file.
  • Potentially fixed an issue with the “embers” of campfires being teleported to a player’s Town Banner after they reconnect to a multiplayer game.
  • Fixed an error that happened when a loaded game restored the old “Buffs” component with active buffs.

Sneaky Update


  • Added some extra nil checks to the healing library to prevent issues.


  • Fixed a recently introduced UI error with some bulletin messages. (For example, when Friendly Strangers visit)
  • Fixed some storage filtering issues with Beetroots, Beetroot Leaves, Turnip Greens, Prickly Pear Fruits and Heirbloom Fruits.
  • Fixed a funny exploit that allowed you to duplicate re-embarked pets, allowing you to start a game with dozens of dragons, for example.

As usual, please feel free to report any issues and provide feedback on the more “experimental” changes that will be hopefully beneficial! :merry:
Stay safe and have a good weekend! :jubilant:

Sneaky Update


  • We’ve added a new mechanic that limits the drawing of farms to “steps” that perfectly fit each additional row, bush, tree, etc. While limiting in a small way (not really; only for people that abused farm placement to have denser crops), it should ensure that your fields now have the proper sizes with no waste. Let us know how it feels!
  • There are now filters for Lingonberry baskets.
  • Added even more names to the Community Shrine… Thank you so very much for the support! :heart: :sparkles:


  • Changed lingonberries to no longer count as “Any fruit” (as intended) and be edible (also as intended, which it wasn’t since we removed the “eat” not from a container action and fixed only jerkies)
  • Meteorites dropped during the “Shooting Stars” event will have the Loot command available.


  • Fixed a couple of issues with the recently added Quest Storage in the Goblin Camp “Shakedown” quest.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Devoted” buff to show 2 stacks in the crafting screen of the Ascendancy’s Winter Worker Outfit.
  • Fixed an issue where cats were invisible. Yep, cats and poyos were both invisible when this update came out. Don’t ask.
  • Fixed the models of a couple of hats that needed a little adjusting to better fit the hair beneath.
  • Fixed a null happiness error in character sheet.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to promote jobs with multiple parents without really fulfilling the requirements.

Stonehearth ACE Thank you

Sorry ↓ Error

mining reserve → cancel Error

release-949 (x64)[M]
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_mining_zone_component.lua:559: attempt to call method ‘get_ladder’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘get_ladder’
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_mining_zone_component.lua:559: in function ‘_update_ladder’
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_mining_zone_component.lua:551: in function ‘_update_ladder_regions’
…rth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_mining_zone_component.lua:67: in function ‘_on_region_changed’
…rth/components/mining_zone/mining_zone_component.lua:291: in function <…rth/components/mining_zone/mining_zone_component.lua:290> if it’s fixed sorry

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Thank you so much for the hard work! The ACE mod made me pickup Stonehearth again! Thought it was doomed, but then you guys come along and breath new life into it. Thank you, thank you, [repeat].

My game just informed me of this update. I’m a bit new to using Steam Workshop. Does the update download automatically, or do I need to Unsubscribe/Subscribe again?

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