Ace December 2021 update observations

Tried to post on the update forum but being a newbie I couldn’t post that much on one topic :smiley: . And I could not figure out how to edit my previous posts

A observaion the potter. Have to mention that I play Rayya atm (and most of the time). Clay availability is much better then before though it might be a bit too much now, I have barely touched the clay deposit near me and I am swimming in clay from just digging cellars, stairs etc. with 5 buildings build. Though the molds and unfired pottery don’t use as much clay they do tend to lengthen the pottery crafting process by a lot. My potter has a constant minimum of 15 orders and building buildings takes ages. I have now employed a second potter (something I haven’t done before until late game maybe) to see whether that alleviates some of it. Building up and maintaining stacks of molds and pottery might also help but the balance with the other professions does seem a bit off now.

Another thing I noticed is that merchant now seem to come in batches (maybe at the end of the month?) I just had 5 merchants visiting me in a row while only having one market stall.

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Thanks for the feedback :merry:

We’re glad to know that clay is much more optimal now! It does overflow a bit in the beginning because we’re used to older needs, but now you know that you also don’t have to dig as much :merry:
As for it taking longer, we will probably have to find a better balance! Either way, we’re fine with it taking a bit longer to also justify their higher value - but we don’t want it to be obnoxiously longer.

As for the merchants, that sounds a bit weird! I tried reproducing it but couldn’t… We didn’t change any of that. What might have happened, however, is that they arrived but didn’t popped an alert (can happen if the game thinks you’re busy or another higher priority alert is on the way) and then you clicked on the notifications and saw them stacked there.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying it and keep up providing feedback and reports as much as you’d like! :merry:

The merchants issue seems to be related to the mod obligations/timer tracker. I had the merchant stall set to automatic fire which seems to have resulted in the batches of merchants. After disabling the auto fire on cooldown it dint happen anymore. Sorry I meant to post that yesterday but it slipped my mind again. Probably better to disable the mod anyway now potions have changed also.

I restarted and tried to adjust for the potter changes more (making batches of molds and unfired pottery constantly) and it went fine or at least smoother. The speed is probably also balanced by the fact that clay is now readily available so not so much waiting for new clay to be dug.

It is very enjoyable and has sucked me right back into the game after not having played a while!!

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A thing I noticed while building fences. I do not think the new pottery system works optimally with the auto craft command specifically with fences since a lot more fence parts are made then necessary. The auto craft doesn’t seem to account for that each fence part craft gives multiple of the same item. I do have a suspicion that something similar is happening with molded clay and unfired pottery (which also may cause building to take longer then necessary) but I haven’t definitely been able to confirm that.

Edit: My mistake, confused inventory view for actually in stockpile view. Another question though: the auto craft feature often doesn’t take into account previously crafted mats, is this a known issue? It seems to happen quite often, though not always.

Edit 2 This seems specifically related to the molds and unfired pottery. I thought it would be a good idea to always have a stack of those in storage to speed up crafting. But despite that if I craft an item that needs these aforementioned items it just relists the required molds or pottery to be crafted again. I tried putting them in a supply basis instead of just general storage but it does not make a difference.
Same goes for putting up a building where some of the windows are already in storage (in this case fx window frames). The crafter just auto orders all windows again without seemingly checking inventory.

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Just a little bump in case my edits in the previous posts haven’t been noticed. Another issue has cropped up in the mean time also. Mounds of ball clay do not seem to be a valid resource for crafting molds and pottery only the regular mounds of clay are. Since you cannot select only mounds of clay in the supply basket or anywhere else this leads to some award situations where your storage is full of ball clay but the potter cannot do his or her work.

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These two issues sound a bit strange… I just checked here to be sure before responding and the ball clay definitely counts as a “clay resource” for the molded clay and unfired pottery. The auto craft seems to be recognizing them as well…

Are you using other mods? Just out of curiosity, could I know which ones? Might be some sort of conflict or incompatibility if one of them changes up the resources

I was thinking it might have something to do with the color of the windows I was making the molds for (as in: they were the color of regular clay). I just never considered color before now since you can paint blocks in all kinds of colors.

Mods I have installed: Clan Muramasa, Better storage (installed but not enabled), Mod repairer (installed but not enabled), Glassworks, Trapper+Taxidermy and Trapper+, LostEms, Re Embark+ (installed but not enabled), Swords and Plowshares, Obligation/Timer Tracker, Beam, Cattect Extended colors re-upload, Ace Armours Core, Composting, Dani’s Core Mod, Glowy windows, functional workshop signs, box command tool, workshop inventory display, extra map options and of course Ace.
Thanks for the help.

Edit 1 The windows I was making were the clay tan latticed window frame, the molds that were queued through the autocrafter for this were only making use of the default mounds of clay. The windows make use of the LostEms skin changer when I look at them in the Object Browser.

Edit 2 I honestly don’t know what is going on, in the object browser I can see shale clay and ball clay are valid resources for the molds and pottery, my potter just ignores the ball clay completely (did not have shale clay). Tried to load older saves and it is the same there. This happen with autocraft or manual orders. Disabling Lostems doesn’t change anything.

Edit 3 Perusing the json files for the ball clay it seems it is categorized as undesirable ingredient. Not sure what that means. I tried to remove that entry but according to the object browser in game it doesn’t pick up that change.

What it means is that if you do have other clay they will prioritize that first, so yes, this could be the reason
The idea is that some items like ball clay are more valuable because they can be used to make porcelain. So you wouldn’t want your lings spending your porcelain making clay on common clay things if you have common clay somewhere else, even if far away

Same happens with marble, a mason will prefer to walk a long distance for a common rock instead of using up your marble :slight_smile:

So I guess what could potentially help you out, which was an oversight, is a filter for common clay so that you can specifically have it on your supply containers

All that said, the colors have no influence at all on crafting

Ah and about the mods… You have better storage off, so that’s OK (it breaks ACE and other mods) but you should probably turn box command off as well, ACE has the same commands already
And you should probably turn mod repairer on, it’s always up to date with minor fixes and tweaks to lots of other mods :slight_smile:

That explains it! Precisely the behavior I am seeing. A filter for common clay would be godsend. Admittingly its the first time I ran into this problem but its very annoying if your nearby storage piles and supply baskets are filled up with ball clay. Thanks for the answer and the advice on the mods!

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I am not sure I understand the idea of ball clay yet though since bone clay can and will also be crafted with common clay given equal distance for both available kinds of clay (just experimented with my potter). So they seem to be equally important there.

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Porcelain can be crafted with common clay but there’s a second recipe that produces 3 mounds of porcelain for the same amount of materials if the clay is ball clay and the stone is feldspar specifically :merry:

Ach so, that makes sense! Thanks, very good to know!!

I was just checking out the unstable version, not really belonging to this topic but I didn’t want to create a new topic unnecessarily. When trying to craft items they do not get added to the queue anymore and I get following error message:

release-949 (x64)[M]
…nehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_order_list.lua:434: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘remaining’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
…nehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_order_list.lua:434: in function ‘ace_get_ingredient_amount_in_order_list’
…nehearth_ace/monkey_patches/ace_craft_order_list.lua:73: in function ‘add_order’
stonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.lua:109: in function <stonehearth/components/workshop/craft_order_list.lua:103>

Crafting with maintain function still seems to work

That was quickly fixed, thanks. Btw the search categories in the workshop are awesome!! A huge QOL improvement especially for professions like the cook.

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And a category for common clay now! Thanks!!!

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In the latest github update the farms do not show up when putting them down. They are there, since you cannot put anything else down after, but invisible and cannot be interacted with or selected.

Also, there is some weird interaction with Herbalist exploration garden. I had two different Herbalist turn level 3 and get stuck on what seems wanting to interact with the exploration garden but they for some reason could not. This meant that they stopped doing anything else related to herbalism, at least they refused to craft anything and I don’t think they tended the planters anymore either. Undeploying the garden made them resume their work. Social interaction and eating. sleeping, etc still happened. This was on the unstable version from the 29th or so ( reverted back because of the farm bug).