Accidental Ironman

@Ponder You mentioned on the live stream that you were a fan, so I figured I would share with you the story of…


So, inspired to learn how to use Qubicle, I decided to copy your concept art models.

I started off with Dave, The Iron Armour Guy.


Having finished with Dave, I moved on to Tony.

Tony isn’t quite as brave as Dave, and so likes to fight with his visor down! So no one can see the terror in his eyes… Poor Tony…


Looks like he is in need of some inspiration. But how? I thought. I know! A hero to help guide the way.

So then was born Albert. Hero and Maurauder of the Realm!!1one. ‘cheer

…Albert The Hero, and Maurauder of the Realm…One1!..

So Tony and Albert went off on a number of heroic adventures and soon became inseparable. So inseparable in fact, they were often referred to as one person… kinda like Brangelina… only less sexy.

…A not quite as sexy Brangelina…

Anyway, after many successful adventures Tony retired to become a billionaire playboy… (Some minor tweaking)

…Accidental Ironman…

Here ends the story of Accidental Ironman.

*Edited to change title… *


Very nice work, and I like the story that goes with it :slight_smile:

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@brendan_ms Thank you :smile:

This is amzing,
keep getting out content like this man!

Well Done!
I shall add this to my collection!

-Wizard Max-

OMG, I love it! Now we have to have iron-man helmets in the game.


its looks awesome!!! but i think that and there are some left overs from the original design that dont quite fit his suit, its loooks like he hase goggles and i dont think that there are blake parts on the suit in the movies (i could be wrong). you can serch for pictures in the internet and see how it sould look.
anyhow its all a minor details and its still looks awesom :smiley:

Something on this page makes my browser (Chrome) hate living.

\O/ My work here is done :smiley:

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@Froggy you have quickly gained the ranks of the instantly downloadable… you are exceptionally talented, and i look forward to anything you have to offer…

unless its Urkel… please dont make Urkel…

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Challenge Accepted! Oh wait… Don’t make. Thank you for the kind words though, sincerely :smile:

Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated! However, I decided to keep him more “Stonehearthesque”… I think I just invented a new word!

its a good word :slight_smile: good luck in future creations

Meh… Did it anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my sweet baby geezuz, you did… and… and…

i love it! i think this is the very definition of “conflicted”… well done @Froggy, you truly are a voxel wizard!