Tony's avatar is watching me... but not in a good way

ok, so this is clearly a topic of dire import… it seems @Ponder’s icon is based on the older model design… the eyes are all wrong…

frankly, im shocked @Tom has let it slide for this long… gasp


im sure some of the enterprising voxel-ers here can remedy the problem? updating the website will of course have to follow suit… oh, the horror of it all!

Thought already about it, but you will need to animate Lil’ Tony, as the hands are moved… and for me that’s too much effort for too less credits :smiley:.

I cheated :frowning:


i dont know how you cheated, or what you consider a “cheat”… but i fully condone said cheat… :+1:

looks so much better! :smile:

Photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: or rather :wink:

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perfectly legitimate, but unfortunately not accessible from this paltry excuse for a laptop… so, job well done! :smile:

I always wondered what that was in there eyes. Looked like there where crying or have glasses.
Thx for the clarification ^^.

The first one is really nice photoshoped. The second one is good, but not great (you can see it if you know what was done). Never the less: Nice job

I had been thinking of putting a post about this for a long time. I decided not to, thinking. They have more important things to do, like building this amazing game.

OH! I get it now! He’s looking down! I always thought he was crying… or his eyes were watering from looking at the screen for too long…

Or he taped his eyes open to keep working.

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