Accidental Early Access

Well, I made this topic so we didn’t clutter up the one about getting in, which is probably best reserved for people wanting to download it and having problems.

This one is so that you can talk about gameplay!

First of all, has anyone placed down the door frame and window frame?

The window frame looks odd when placed…:wink:

as I’m out for the evening, I might miss the client … is it still accessible from HB?

It was as of 15 minutes ago for me

and as for funny occurences. I have one settler who sleeps about halfway through the day, and then wakes up and does work all night while the others are sleeping lol

also, I’m not going to file a bug report on it until they release for realz, but I can’t seem to get the small room to place. any thoughts?

Well, I have tried the early access and certain members of the family who will remain nameless are smitten with the style. I believe there were several instances of “Eeeeeeeee!!” uttered. I won’t make any comments about bugs and things I’ve noticed since unless you wish it because it is many days out from the release. I’m sure you’re aware of the problems. Still, it’s like getting to open a present on Christmas Eve (something I was never ever ever allowed) so in in the spirit of the season I’ll keep mum and just enjoy what has been offered.

Edit: To avoid double post -

And as I posted this, it updated and now we’re back to the V2 test. Thank you again for the brief glimpse.

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yeah folks, no bug reports for this version of the client… just have fun! :smile:

I will just quote @sdee for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes please to this, as it may well become irrelevant, Radiant don’t want any reports until actual release.

It was an accidental release, so none of the construction works, for both of us. :slight_smile:

yeah, agreed with @smokestacks, let’s close this one down … and keep the (low key) discussions over in the other thread…

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