Hi, I suppose this post is kinda like a new user introduction

To be honest this post was made so that my account will no longer be classified as new user and thus i can upload my save file to bug report which is about (you guessed it) yet another unfinished building bug. Part of me already knew what I will be getting when i finished designing that giant building, but hey still worth giving it a try.

Even though I spent hours to design that building and hour to wait for it to be built, I am not angry at all. I mean look at those impressive AI design, slowly and systematically constructing the building, must have took thousand of hours just to code that AI system.

I like to joke around my friend about how being a computer science student make me unable to be angry at the game bug, knowing that myself tried to fix a simple input scanner bug for a solid 2 hours (still definitely going to do that sooner or later). Perspective really change the way a person think.


First off, welcome to the Discourse! :merry:

Hopefully your post gets enough traffic to enable you to upload the thing soon, but I’ll just quietly @moderators all the same – one of them will be able to tweak your permissions and let you upload the file immediately :wink:


Welcome to the forum, bud :slight_smile: Regardless of what brought you here, I’m glad youre here and it sucks that you experienced this as well! :laughing: Youll be happy to hear that there is an entire building overhaul on the way, and that it will fix even more unbuildable building bugs!


Welcome to the Discourse! Trust level 1 granted.


@DapperDanger it is always good to see activity from more players here on the discourse, so welcome :sunny:
I hope to see much more from your side of the hearth in the future :merry:

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Thanks for the warm welcome guys. This forum surely has a friendly community spirit :grin: