A20_r701 My forsaken town in hard mode--never raided by a Goblin/Orc Camp

Summary: A forsaken town that has never encountered any raiding camp. Gongs even don’t work (but daily skirmishes do happen)

Steps to reproduce:

Actually i have no idea how to reproduce it but i did met this bug before so i’ll just guess it was because I didn’t build too much at the beginning but in the middle of the game, many buildings are built then the net worth goes so fast as to skip the goblin chieftain and thus affecting the following events?

Expected Results: chieftain camp, Ogo, Red kiln camps

Actual Results: they won’t come to play with me :glum:

Notes: I’ll give more reflections down blow

Attachments: gamesaves:buggy_stuff.zip (7.8 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use: A20 r701, no mods

System Information: No

Other Stuff:
/1. Battle control: a phenomenon happens in the early game, I have 2 teams, Team1 has a cleric and footmen, Team 2 has archers. When a stone golem comes and kills all but the cleric in Team1, the cleric will be attacking the golem rather than healing archers when the archers are hurt even if the cleric is beside the archers.

/2. Archers: I don’t know if they are designed this way, but the fact is that when an archer have an arrow shot, use the attack command to click the target again can cancel an archer’s moving position and continue shooting arrows again. The trick does increase the efficiency though i think they’re not desired. I know that moving position is to avoid being attacked in close quarter combats but it also lags an archer’s dps, even if the trick can avoid this, I think, a personal opinion, it will be better if there is a button to switch between concentrating fire and kite mode.

/3. Buildings: Design a building with foundation, click build! then cancel the building task before they go for digging, hearthlings will still go to dig a hole for foundation, leaving scars in earth.

/4. Miscellaneous: Mood mechanism is cool! Very looking forward to see traits! (and volcanos!!!)

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I’ll look into the save when i can if nobody has checked it yet, but is your town completely sealed off? So no entrance like doors and gaps? If so raiding camps that don’t have a doorbreaker(if there is a door) will not work, though, the sinario’s should play off, so as i said, i’ll look into the save when i get to my PC again

:merry: Nope, my town is completely open.

i haven’t figured out why this happend, but i did manage to fix it

if you have the debugg tools on, click the campaign browser(the book) and on the goblin war branch click on ‘wait to start’ and click ‘trigger now’ this will force the campaign to trigger, and the story seems to continue after that too, and i believe the gongs only work after the Ogo part of the story, so that’ll be my guess on why they didn’t work

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Yep, I triggered it, but this bug needs to be fixed if it is a bug at all, :merry: so i uploaded the last save before I couldn’t help to “cheat”, thanks for the help anywhere.
btw, ballista mod is awesome :grinning: I super like it!

Glad you found the solution before i got in!
I guess it is a bug, my best guess would be that the banner was moved and thus got undeployed Exactly when the net-worth was met, buut i find that unlikely and i doubt there’s a way to trace back to the time when it was suppose to happen

Oh, you were using the mod? Glad you enjoy it! I hope the more or less recent crafting recipe changes and balancing made it more enjoyable

Thinking of it,i forgt to test it myself