Chieftain coming for a visit


Steps to reproduce: (Expected reason:)

  1. Spawn the Golbin camp in a relatively small place with mostly cliffs to the sides.
  2. wait?
  3. Chieftain seems to run to a patrol point beyond the cliffs, crossing my town.

Expected Results:

Chieftain guarding his camp.

Actual Results:

Chieftain going to town? Also, not fighting back.



Version Number and Mods in use: No mods, release-707, 64bit

System (5.6 MB)

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I’ve seen this recently, but was away and didn’t bug-report it. Sorry. But the chief can path right into your settlement and when he does, he doesn’t fight back as he moves toward his camp to get away. Usually there are no other goblins following/protecting him.

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Were you in peace with the goblins?

I was not. I never am.

Hmm yeah so if there’s another goblin camp he might patrol between them. :thinking:

Thanks for reporting this.

The chieftans have always patrolled between camps for me, I’d taken it as an intended behaviour to provide some extra incentive to deal with those smaller camps (and possibly a chance to attack the chieftan away from his support.)

I’d always wondered why the interactions were one-way only, though… if it turns out this was never intended, I’m going to feel a little silly. And here I was, thinking that the goblins were marking out territory and setting up their own patrol routes, when really the big lug couldn’t even keep track of which camp was his!

As I see it it’s just the normal behavior when patrolling (like, the same would happen for hearthlings, they patrol things from their own kingdom).
But the fact that they don’t fight back sounds fishy. :confused:

Its also happened to me before. The goblin chief was just like hey imma walk through this village k bye… oh hi I’m back just passing through… Heyyy about me demanding things from you and you saying no I am going to kill you. Ok just passing through again.

While the chieftain does not fight back if he is away from his own camp, if his warriors are within range they WILL attack. :merry:

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The whole Goblin Camp decided to walk throw my town to get to a campfire from an random encounter.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. have a Goblin Camp on map
  2. have a random goblin encounter spawn with campfire
  3. random thing i dont know

Expected Results:
Chief and rest stay inside Camp

Actual Results:
whole Camp walks throw my town


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 22 r737
No Mods

System Information:
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070, 16GB RAM, WIN10

Have you send the requested resources from the Chief to the Goblin Camp? When you always satisfy the quests of the Goblin Camps they will be kind to you and your Hearthlings. Visiting your city :wink: