Chief wanders around

For whatever reason, the chief, after I agreed to give him his items, marched right through my camp with another goblin (his escort, I presume) and started marching around a different campfire from a smaller goblin camp.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play the game and obtain 4000 Net Worth
  2. Be lucky (unlucky?) enough to have another goblin camp spawn at the same time as the Chief’s
  3. Watch him (maybe?) and/or a couple other goblins migrate to the new camp

Expected Results:
Everyone would stay in their own camps.

Actual Results:
Some goblins (I might’ve gotten lucky to have the chief be chosen) will change camps.

This could be an intended feature, I guess, but it didn’t seem so.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 16

It has been like that for a while.

Don’t remember if intended or not, but does make sense. I mean you effectively made peace with them for the time being. Although I guess in this sense it is more of a truce.

Right now that is what happens. I personally like the fact they do that, as peacetime people visit each other. War time or similar they have borders. So by giving in the demands you are effectively opening your borders to them roaming.

However I do think they should only do that if you completely make peace with them, and not just completing the demands. That is more of a suggestion to them, than what actual happens.

So for now it is as it is.

Too true, and I considered this, but I wasn’t sure if it was intended and wanted to inform them just in case it was a bug :wink:

As a side note, I can no longer find the chief. He seems to have…wandered off? O.o

he does that on occasion. Took me sometimes moments to find him in a very discreet area. He wanders around a whole lot in a pretty big area. I only know this due to watching him every so often trying to keep track, as I had made peacetime with the goblins. Although that was in A14 save that got transferred through the versions. Had to start over due to my 20 pop getting slaughtered with the A16 update with no chance to get the things i needed; namely the new classes.

Have to say that you will probably find him in some of the oddest places when he does that… At least all the places are accessible.

I think if making peace he should be leaving, but mine never did in that save. That is when that portion of the campaign is finished. But to wander off out of sight is odd. Could be in the dark areas. But no biggy, if you keep up the demands. :slight_smile:

Well, sticking around is part of the campaign. “Making peace” isn’t really the right term since you have to give him stuff. The idea is, he leaches off of you or kills you, so the leaving wouldn’t make much sense (or be very exciting ;))!

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just wait for the time when he wants more thingies

Well in that particular save, it was technically peace. The leaching stopped. As in after a while of doing so it was the end of campaign and he was suppose to leave, but didn’t; although the text said he did. So effectively peace.

Tribute would be another way to look at it. As that is basically what it is. However in that one it stopped after that point I mentioned. Probably due to the save being transferred from A14 to A15. Something like a bug happened or maybe glitch would be more apt to what it is.

The idea is that he leaves and another comes to do the same thing I think… Unsure beyond that point. It is just in mine since mine never technically left; that never happened. There can only be one, apparently, at any given time.

That is the story of "Sorenia"
A save I had to give up due to the increase or changes in combat that A16 brought.

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My mistake, I didn’t realize there was an alternate ending to the goblin campaign! That’s actually pretty neat :stuck_out_tongue:

Update: After the chief wandered off, I think he died. As soon as I refused his demand, he declared war then the defeat bubble was activated :confused:


He will wander from goblin camp to goblin camp if multiple are in the area on his lvl of terrain

Correct, I just wasn’t sure if that was intended or a bug, and if a bug I wanted to let them know :slight_smile:

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