A17_r584 Building that my hearthlings still won't build

Summary: A building using crenellation as balcony can’t be fully built

Steps to reproduce:

  1. place the template(uploaded in the attachment)
  2. wait for building

Expected Results: Fully built

Actual Results: Selectively abandoned

I firstly made the template in the hard mode and chose a river side to build it.
When the worker was idle, the building was:

As you can see, it’s incomplete

The single chosen stone block is not built, then I think whether or not it is because the building’s being adjacent to the water, so I put it in a peaceful mode on a totally flat area, and it turns out to be:

still the crenellation block is missing and the project cannot proceed, so here’s where the bug (Path-finding bug or something else?) lies.

Besides, there are some other sort of things, firstly, crenellation generation in the corner is not… perfect sometimes

Secondly, crenellation generation in the place where a door is placed (or maybe wherever there is a hole existing), It’s fine when we first generate the crenellation roof then put a door on the wall

But when the whole building is saved as a template and replaced:

the crenellation generates in the hole for doors

Attachments: template.zip (25.6 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use: a17r584

System Information: No engine errors appeared

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