Building will note build

Couldn’t find where to submit buildings that will not build so hope this new topic is aright.

This design does not seem to build.
I’ve tried 3 times to build this and each time they get stuck.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play Rayyan’s children set up
  2. Palace this building and ask it to be constructed.

Expected Results:
Hearthlings construct the building.

Actual Results:
On two attempts they left a hole in the centre plinth. Hearthlings were trapped inside and no one could get in to fill in the central hole.
On one attempt they got round this, I think because one corner had scaffolding in the way of one corner so they filed the canter before they blocked it off. However one square on the roof was missed during construction. They would not build any way up to it so I manually placed a ladder. This did not spur them on to place the missing block. As a result the scaffolding was not taken down or any decorations, windows or doors were placed.


building_templates.7z (52.0 KB)

Version Number andMods in use:
Alpha 0.22 (release 729) x64

System Information:
Windows 7, 26 bit.

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