[A17 dev-3013] Camp placement doesn't care for flat terrain

Summary: Built the Decorative Elite Gong and got the messages about the camp, when I found it it, it looked like this.

Expected Results: The hut should be on the ground.

Actual Results: The hut entrance is in the air.

Notes: Since there are no slopes in Stonehearth placement of camps can be really stupid.


While this does seem like a problem, I’d say the bigger problem is the army you’re about to face! I hope you’re ready.

But yeah, this seems to be related to things that happen when the small goblin camps spawn, as sometimes blocks of wood can end up on higher (or lower) cliffs, if the camp spawns close enough to an edge or mountain.

Two level 5,6 Clericks
Two level 6 Footmen
Two level 6 Knights.
Two level 6 Archers.

Isn’t it enough?

Hah, yeah, that is enough I believe.