[A16] "Decorative Master Gong" uses "Elite Kobold Hat" in recipe

The crafting recipe for the Decorative Master Gong uses the Elite Kobold Hat instead of the Master’s Bling Hat

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Unlock Decorative Master Gong Recipe

Expected Results:
Recipe requires the Master’s Bling Hat

Actual Results:
Recipe requires the Elite Kobold Hat


Version Number and Mods in use:
A16 r553 x64
No Mods

Thanks for catching that! A fix will be in the next build.

Hi :slight_smile:

The bug is still there in Alpha 17 (build 3002) :wink:

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Confirmed. The fix isn’t in A17 dev 3002.
The Decorative Master Gong recipe shows the wrong ingredient:
"ingredients": [ { "material": "wood resource", "count": 2 }, { "uri": "stonehearth:monsters:kobolds:loot:elite_bling_hat", "count": 1 } ], "produces": [ { "item": "stonehearth:decoration:decorative_master_gong" } ]

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Also, General’s Golden Gong is made with Master’s bling hat and not General’s hat :wink:

Yes, thanks. We’ve corrected this for the next update.


I cant receive Elite kobold Hat. This character doesnt spawn. Do you have some command to spawn his, or spawn elite kobold gong