A way to best preview in build mode (not ghost)

Hello people

Is there a way to preview a build/creation without transparency (ghost mode)? Some times its so hard to identify things, place things :confused:
I get confused even with the shades/colors of the blocks. In ghost mod it seems one thing when it builds is something else.

It would be so cool to have a button to hold and have a preview as if the building was built.
Like hold β€œP” on keyboard to shows the creation with finalized appearance, constructed, without ghost transparency.


Agree, it’s definitively a chore to do fine tuning at material level with the actual system!

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Good idea, you have my vote!

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sadly there currently isnt a way to do this, but it would be a good addition!

i changed the category to suggestions, hope thats fine.



I’d like this as well. It can be pretty difficult to see what the heck I’m doing in ghost mode when I’m building something.


Agreed. It can become very difficult to see what you are doing. It would be better if the ghost mode was less transparent.

Have fun, Kyth.