[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday: Sneak Peek at Construction!



well, it’s brief… but true to form… “whatever happens to be on my screen at the time”… :smile:

loving how even the simple planned walls look so purty… clever screenshot too, showing the transparency… :+1:

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The shortness might also illustrate that they’re quite busy and don’t have much time to spare :slight_smile:

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Holy crap, I just realized that it says “sneak peak” instead of “sneak peek”. C’mon, Radiant! PLZ FIX DIS, @Tom!

my phrase for you is

Radiant is busy working on the game we all want to have be done so NO it will not be fixed

But what happens when their reputation is in the toilet for not even using proper grammar?

So, quick question, do you know how you are going to handle transparency in modding?, you seem to sort of have it down at the moment for planning, so why not have transparency in actual buildings, like windows etc.

well, it certainly seems more likely now… :+1:

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if you do manage to sort it out, would we be able to mod our own transparency into the game? say using something like 3DS max or coding to get the transparent blocks?

And when the game is released, say we have something like 3DS max, will you give us access to the tools you used to say, animate the mammoth?

@Azhrak That was already confirmed as it was confirmed that the plan is to support something less expensive than 3ds Max :wink:.

Transparency on the other hand is a good question. Qubicle is not supporting transparency, so no chance to export this kind of data from that tool. You would either have to “add” it in the 3d-tool of choice or Stonehearth would have to provide an option to display loaded voxels / objects with a certain trasnparency. I am also curious if this will be possible.

I use 3DS max because I have access to it because of college so I get students versions and because I won’t be making money from my mods its Okay, its also what I am familiar with :), I wasn’t saying about specific, I just put what I was familiar with :smiley:

I hope there is 3DS max support for those who do have it or have access to it. I don’t want to have to learn stuff from another program.

I am quite sure that there will be support for 3ds Max, Maya and Blender… this or that way. E.g. @TobiasSabathius has posted some time ago that he is / was working on an addon for Maya and I have started to do the same for Blender some weeks ago. I don’t know if there is a reason why the devs should not share the stuff they use with 3ds Max (high price or not, as Autodesk offers free student licenses we might end up with quite some people using it).

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