A noob builder learning new building tricks

I never noticed this before, but the blue carpets are not symmetric, so when I rotated it the stripes were not matching anymore.

This is a screenshot just after I realized that.


its the same with the dining tables :merry:


ok, time for new symetrical furniture.
The king will be pleased.

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I learned some new tricks! :jubilant:

I added a bunch of objects in the same block to get new shapes!
Though, while playing on low quality graphics there are a lot of z-fighting (those bright spots flickering where objects intersect)


I like the flag/banner on a post in a pot. Can it have differing designs? :merry:

The other potter pots look good too.

Also, a tower brazier at the stone benches will give a nice effect.

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Huh. I didn’t realise so many of the furniture items could stack into the same cube.

Another useful trick: while you can’t build crates on top of each other anymore, you can build them nearby and then move them on top. I actually like that unintended interaction, since it makes sense and has a great narrative – you have to get your hearthlings to physically stack the crates!

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One more!

You can place a block at the same place of a fence, to give the impression the fence is just a small piece.