A little help with Assertion Failed Error

Hi there!
My game crashes with an assertion failed error every time it gets to selecting the expedition roster part.
This is the message I’ve been getting.

Assertion Failed: status ==

I bought the game on steam and I’m running it on iMac Late 2013 using Windows 7 on parallels desktop.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, show me!

Hey there @Merryvetica, welcome to the Discourse! Can you share your stonehearth.log file, I’m curious if there are more details there that could help. I’m not sure the folder structure of Windows 7 in Parallels, but normally you’d find the log in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

gl framebuffer - that means issue with graka ^^

first try the 32bit version: usersettings - “force_32_bit” : true,

if this not help - try to remove fullscreen in the usersettings: “enable_fullscreen” : false,

I used the folder structure you’ve provided me but I can’t seem to find the .log file.

Is it anywhere in here?

It’s the third Stonehearth file, the one that likely is saying it’s a “text” file.

Edit: @Wiese2007, I agree it’s likely graphics related, but want to double check.

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Found the file! Thanks.

When I try to upload the file it the website tells me new users can’t upload attachments.
Any other ways how I can upload it here?


Sorry about that! Fixed. Please reload the page and try uploading again.

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I’ll give it a try!

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stonehearth.log (46.8 KB)

Here it is.

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As @Wiese2007 said, please do check that your drivers are up to date. Please check both on the OS X (Mac) side and on the Windows side. I’m having a hard time confirming how drivers work with parallels on a Mac, but based on the driver version in the log you are very out of date (based on the current Windows driver version number).

ok its an imac sooo the groundsystem should be mac and windows is only simulated ^^ so he needs to update the macdrivers … but in the end i dont know if stonhearth will be work so …

the only option that i see is the make it working on the macside -


So does that mean updating OS X and windows(update windows 7 to 8↑)??
I’m kind of lost. I have zero knowledge on this stuff,

Thanks a lot man!
I’ll go ahead and try to download the mac version :slight_smile:


No, no, no! Sorry! I was trying to explain that you need to update your Graphics drivers. not the operating system itself. It’s really late here on the East Coast, I’m off to bed. @Wiese2007 will continue to assist you here.

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Your information helped a lot! Thank you.

Have a great night.


I downloaded the mac version that you showed me but I don’t get how to run wineskin on my iMac…
You’re not the one who made the mac version and I know that I’m asking too much but will you help me with getting the mac version started?

I’m a total noob on PC I don’t get what the forum is even talking about.
Thanks a lot.

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have you followed the steps like he has given? best dont use steam - use the humblebundle version

my prob i dont have a mac (and never will to pricy and to less configurable xD)

Well, the problem is I don’t understand those steps in the first place…

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so you have download at first Wineskin Winery? then download stonehearth from humble bundle as zip and unpack it.

3: Open Wineskin Winery and press update, then press the little + so you can install the latest engine.

4: Click on Create New Blank Wrapper

5: Name it Stonehearth or whatever you like.

6: Let it build and yes install gecko and mono.

7: Open your completed wrapper and press Install Software

8: Press Copy a Folder Inside and choose the stonehearth folder you unpacked.

9: Then choose the right executable: Stonehearth.exe or x64/Stonehearth.exe(not tested)

10: Double click the wrapper and you’re off!

What are gecko and mono??

I need to setup and use wineskin winery in able to play a windows file, stonehearth, on mac right??