A few r880 problems

Bug list:

  1. Widespread restocking problems. Hearthlings started ignoring trapper and farming drops first and early. The moment I had a regular building/mining queue built up, hauling started becoming a problem. They do pick them up eventually, it just takes them literal game months sometimes, and some are still there from the very first game days. Shift-F5ing it didn’t seem to help much either.
  2. Shepherd livestock are able to spawn in inaccessible areas, like tops of trees (See screenshot below). mob spawning generally seems to have regressed in this build, with campaign spawns also happening in places which are not routable to the player’s town.
  3. First wolf in the woods campaign spawn event happened, night fell, and my game immediately CTD’d. logs and savegame below.
  4. Unable to place workbenches on in-progress building roofs. Specifically flat crenelated rooftops. The icon version is placed instead of the full workbench, and is eventually restocked. See screenshot.


crash.dmp (292.0 KB)
stonehearth.log (835.5 KB)
v1.0r880-megashub-ctd-savegame.7z (4.8 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
v1.0r880 vanilla

System Information:
Win10 x64