A few questions


I saw this game on kickstarter, even since my little days I wanted a game where I could design my own houses, create my own cities and so on, with rpg enemies, I found The Guild 2, which was somewhat close, but that game was a disaster, but from what I’ve seen on this game, this is just what I always wanted, but I have a couple of questions -

  1. Will the world be like open world, or will it be in a single plot of land (a map) (PLEASE TELL ME IT WILL BE OPEN WORLD!)
  2. Will I be able to create my own faction?
  3. How large will the armies be? Like Warcraft armies, or like Total War armies?
  4. Would I be able to build a huge Empire with trade networks and ships?
  5. Will countries be able to go at war with each other?
    6 …Destruction with physics?

Kickstarter question, if I donate, lets say 25$, it says I get two downloads, so does that mean I get two games? One for me and one for someone else?



in answer to the pledge: Kickstarter Pledge Table


Well, I don’t fully understand the kickstarter thing, but I guess that does give two copies?

  1. You will probably not hit a map border.
  2. No, unless you mod one in, which is appare tly going to be easy to do.
  3. A large population will be 80-100
  4. They have stated that it is city management, not empire, but you could probably attempt to do so at the very least.
  5. I think the goblins probably won’t like you.
  6. Yes.
  7. I’d assume so.


For the Open World question:

"The world is procedurally generated, so it's theoretically of way larger than you could explore. There might be good game play reasons to stay close to your town, though. We'll find a good balance when we do beta testing"

"Re: world size, our goal is that the world will expand as you explore it. Remember, since this is a city management game it's not like you're going to be trekking hundreds of miles away from home, but we don't want you running into any map borders either."


precisely… for $25 you get two copies at release… :slight_smile:


Oh I see, well, thank you guys for all your answers!