A discussion about a potential future mod, series thereof and/or poll to know which you might like


While you both certainly bring up valid points, I’m not good with starting small; an issue of ambition and general disinterest of small projects I believe :sweat_smile:.

Besides… If this was to become what I originally envisioned, it’d need to start big, since the heart of the mod is an overhaul of features the smaller elements and other mods call from.

My main issue, that I think I’ve explained in the last post, would be time and focus. If I don’t feel a lot of effort is warranted, then I’d just go at it as personal modding at first (while occasionally giving ideas and/or updates on the forum if I feel it’d be usable by others) and perhaps post them as public mods if I ever become satisfied with the quality. If that happens, then progress would be… quite slow. I’m not much of a modder myself and have too many other things on my plate to learn it all that quickly, so I’d mostly just tinker. That is why I want a reason to consider it a ‘responsibility’, since then I might be able to persuade myself to do it faster and more constructively :wink:.

Don’t worry, I’m not vanishing simply because this doesn’t become what I wanted :stuck_out_tongue:.

That was already one of the things that I wanted to eventually implement, but I’d prefer to have a solid base before even looking at such detail-oriented elements.


By small, I mean not the mod size or its contents, I mean the areas that it covers.
Like the suggestion Fornjotr gave about an armor mod, which then could be expanded with fine armors, weapons, cloths, and grow into other areas like random custom drops from monsters and so on.


Yeah, I got that. Sorry if I didn’t bring it across well enough. The issue with this mod/modpack was its reliance on one or more centerpiece mods/mod concepts… If I was to start with those ideas you suggested, a lot of it would need redoing if I/we then returned to the idea of making these bigger, core mod concepts later on. Furthermore, I’m not too hot on making content mods, as I don’t quite believe that’s what this game needs most of all to become better; it’s an expansion (or even an overhaul) of more core elements… Once that’d be done, then I’d be all for adding content, especially seeing as it might no longer be going in the same direction as the base game and therefore require completely new and different content.

My end conclusion is thus still pretty much the same as it, in fact, always was… I will start small’ish, by making an expanded and overhauled jobs/classes list and it’ll grow from there. If it wasn’t understood from the intro (which I admit would be because it was never stated at any point, since I assumed it’d be taken for granted), then I don’t plan to release everything all at once. The idea was to make core changes at first and adapt what needed to be adapted for it to work (jobs/classes probably first and central) and then eventually slowly implementing the other elements one by one.

Two of the main reasons behind me trying to draw together a group to develop this, and asking for the community’s approval, are:

  1. I know from experience that I tend to work slower when I work alone; among other reasons, because I hold myself to ridiculous or even unachievable standards (which I tend to lower considerably, but I believe still reasonably so, when working in a group) and I tend to jump between projects way too often to be effective (which I do because I’m a thinker and catalyser, not a doer; something that changes when I become responsible for a workflow, for reasons that are beyond me)… Now that I look at it, that does seem quite selfish and probably is, but it’s quite likely what originally motivated me to do it… sorry :expressionless:.
  2. I personally love the idea of community mods and quality of life modpacks (like for instance CBA for Arma, CCL for Rimworld and especially big ones like Long War mod for XCom) and would much rather have a larger thing the community gets credit for than something I alone (or mostly so) get credit for.

As a disclaimer, the latter is not feigned humility, I won’t claim to be a humble sort myself :sweat_smile:. If anything it might more be a combination of what is read at face value, me not being all that fond of the spotlight and other minor things.


A’ight, the week has passed and I see no noticeable change in poll. As it stands, I will no longer pursue a TCM, but you might see a mod or two on the forum from me with enough time. I will also provide a full dump of my ideas at a later date and allow the community to skim over them. Any and all other modders are welcome to use anything suggested by me here and in the future post and I wish any who take up such a challenge the best of luck. I will certainly still maintain a presence (or at least attempt to), but without a big project like this for me to dedicate to, I would not expect to see me produce a whole lot of content.

A big thank you to all who read the original post and in particular to any who partook in the ‘discussion’ and the poll.


Sorry to hear the project is a no-go - but, if you begin other projects and want someone to through around ideas with or some help in model-creating, know that I will be around :slight_smile: