Future additions

So, 1.0 is coming. Although I am a bit sad and would argue the game would really do with one or two more years in active development, the decision has been made and little we can do about it now. What I am worrying about now is future content to keep the game fresh. The modding community on the steam market place is already cranking out new content at a steady pace, so I came up with an idea.

Would it be possible for certain mods that complement the game really well (may that be crafting recipe’s, biomes, classes, etc.) for them to be officially integrated with the game. I know this is going to give more work to the team who are responsible for its future, but I do think this is a way for the game can still get extra content post launch without putting too much pressure on the team.

On an unrelated note, I wish you all best of luck in your future ventures but please, do communicate these kind of changes earlier and over a longer period.

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You’ll find some answers here ACE - Authorized Community Expansion Project . A group of modders are already on it and have already gotten an answer on it possibly being included in 1.1.