A couple of ideas about decorating and loot


FIrstly, although I I am relatively new to the game I have been enjoying playing and its very good indeed.

Secondly, I have a couple of suggestions for the game as follows.

  1. I like to decorate and make my town look nice. I would like to be able to create a lawn effect in from of my houses and I was thinking that if we had green roads or green blocks as options this would work.
  2. Later in the game I find the loot drops are quite unsatisfying because I already have the items in my town inventory. I was wondering if it might be possible to create a few special items of loot. I was thinking of rare recipes for decorations, clothing, food, even architecture, that could only be obtained from random drops from the harder mobs.

Thank you.


you should check out.
for terrain_color.smod

I like the idea of special recipes that (unlock) based on encounters and campaigns. the Current campaign allows you to unlock the wind chime recipe and the gongs are creatable based on loot drops from the Kobold. I can foresee others items as part of the developing game as well as from mods.