64-Bit version is amazing, Major performance boost

I just have to say that the 64-Bit version is amazing. It gave the game a major performance boost and fixed some problems. On the 32-bit my game stuttered and crashed frequently when i reached around 15 citizens. And i was unable to save after 10+ citizens.

Thank you for the update Radiant :smile:


The 64 bit has been really stable for me so far, besides the few bugs I found. Now if I can just figure out the pathfinder and LUA-CB thing, everything will be golden.

Good job guys, keep it up.

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Yeah the 64 BIT version is amazing, So far I’ve not come a-crossed any unbearable bugs, So far it’s been amazing! There’s been a few bugs but overall it’s made a huge improvement :smile: Amazing work from Team Radiant like always :smiley:

I’ve noticed performance boosts with mining and farming. Possibly roof-building as well. Is this related to the switch?

During game play i would agree the 64-bit does seem to have improved the game play alot less lag.


  • Game initial load
  • saving a game
  • loading a saved game

something which should take seconds is taking minutes to accomplish.


Everything right and wrong about the 64bit version in a few words. Good one :slight_smile:

15 hearthlings, currently sitting on 23 day.

-One major crash (restart game and right back at it)
-Couple of footman refuse to equip better armor
-Possible problem with workers working too far from home (need to physically stop mining so worker would go eat)