450 - Stranded workers

So, I have run into this a couple times with 2534. In one game I had workers end up stranded in a couple places. As you can see from the screen shot, I had a worker strand themselves on top of a wall (and die which was quite funny). Additionally, I had a whole group strand themselves on the roof of a simple building. I got them down from building ladders… One soldier remained on the roof until I called for an attack and then they came down. This bug is annoying but repeatable. 2534 has been fun so far.

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i never build anything, but is it realy that hard to get them down?

i whould take these steps
1.put victims in a party(place attack order close to the house)
1.5.place ladder
1.7.pause the game to let evrything process
3.unpause the game see if they move
if not:
let the game run a min for the orders to get in then repeat from 1.6½

(took out a few ir-elefant steps like getting caffe and laughing at them ect)

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I basically did this and got all of them down, except for one (you can see their tombstone in the background).

Its not THAT hard to get them down…but they shouldnt get stuck so easily building simple things.

You dont build anything???..This is a town BUILDING game right?

Never skip the laughing at them step!

i like hoarding, and fighting the preformance, and optimizing the workers
my idea with the game i have is to dig up a mountain, and ive learned alot from it
but i was a bit sad to find out the limit of ppl is 40(im sure its easy to mod so it allows more, but i always play games as they come)

im thinking of starting an normal game where i have 1 carpenter, 1 worker(i think you need 1 to place things) and then the rest soldiers, havnt started it yet, stuff like… you… and other things have been distracting me to much this night xD

I get this Bug in mutiple computers all the time, i just put a ladder up when they start the outer ring of the roof when they build it, but it would be nice if i didnt have to worry about them starving to death

ive tagged this as Res seeing as it’s supposed to be fixed in R 450, but if anyone runs into this problem again, go ahead and necro this post :smile:

it appears this bug wasn’t fixed, as other hearthlings can still remove the ladder whilst someone is on the roof.

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Alas! Paging @albert, but the fix is probably way beyond the scope of the bug (hearthings build their own ladders when they want to path somewhere).


what about allowing hearthlings to get summoned back to the base flag when stuck more then a day?(or when other conditions are met)
whould avoid death when they are unknowingly stuck somewhere

@8BitCrab - As you noted in your other post, the fix doesn’t prevent workers from getting stranded. It only fixes the problem that made it worse. We could fix this in a hacky way, but having too many of these fixes can create really odd behavior in the long run, so we try to avoid coding in workarounds to a specific situation. With that said, I have an idea that might solve this in the majority of cases and doesn’t specifically cater to this situation.


I was actually going to post about this until I saw this xD I have been getting my hearthlings stranded up on buildings all day, having to build ladders to get their little butts down @_@.