450 - Minor Bug - Curtains keep falling to the floor

As I place a curtain on a window, the hearthling, sure enough, builds a ladder, and another puts it on the window. However, immediately, the curtain just falls down and rather than be placed on the window, it is placed on the floor. Doesn’t appear to be a building issue as other buildings of the same design have no problems.


“does your carpet match your drapes?”
“my carpet is my drapes.”

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@Cubone85 - I tried several methods and my curtains are staying up. Can you provide more details on how to reproduce this? Thanks!

I’m pretty dumbfounded as to how this happened. Nothing in particular previously occurred for this to happen. Anyway I can just forward my saved game or something?

if you’re playing stonehearth via steam, your save file should be at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

you can get there quicker by right clicking the game, clicking properties, clicking local files, and clicking “browse local files”.

then just upload the save to any file-sharing site (mediafire, mega, etc) and share the url here.

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Happened to me with the wall tapestry:

The hearthling that placed it was also stuck in the air above it; had to use the reset command in console to bring him down

I also don’t remember what I did in particular; though I did just discover the “place item” UI today… so I was probably using that to place it

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Here’s a link to the save game folder.


@Cubone85 - Did you ever delete a picket fence with the console in this game? I see the curtains on the ground when I load the game, but am still unclear what led to it.

If anyone else sees this occur, please post to this thread. Thanks!

I deleted a ghost picket fence using the console in the game a few times, but that’s about it.

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I confirmed a tapestory slipped off into ground in R447.So this issue already has begun in former release,I suspect.It went like this.I started a new game at R447,and I saw a tapestry slipped off,so stopped playing to wait for bug fix,I expected R450 solves this issue but unfortunately not.And fyi,I have never deleted picket fences,but I remember I deleted a ladder (which is built by hearthlings,they wouldnt break down in spite of completing their task) with console command.English is not my 1st language,Im happy if this info helps.

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then perhaps deleting an object with the console command is linked to this bug, @Albert?

I don’t know if this information helps, but I messed around with the building to see how the curtain would function in different ways. In this case, I console destroyed the building but left certain parts intact: door, window, lantern, bed and the curtain (that’s still on the floor). Essentially, I removed the walls, roof, and floor. Interestingly, as I removed t he floor, the curtain continues to fall down to the next bottom layer of blocks while everything else remains “afloat in the air”.

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hmm… so the curtains have the “gravity effect” to them, just like items, so perhaps the game isn’t registering that they are placed and still think its in iconic form, thus causing them to fall to the ground.

sorry, that was just my random thought/blurb :blush:

Here is time series save data you can see slip_off_issue.


If you got a problem to download,just tell me on this board. =)

Removing DL Link

@Sthenno - I wasn’t able to load the game because I’m missing some mods you’re running. Not a huge bug, so we’ll leave it outstanding until we have a better repro.


[quote=“Albert, post:15, topic:15543, full:true”]
@Sthenno - I wasn’t able to load the game because I’m missing some mods you’re running. Not a huge bug, so we’ll leave it outstanding until we have a better repro.
[/quote]Ack,my bad,I wasn’t aware of that :weary:
Anyway Im looking forward to Alpha12.WTG Albert and all of Team Radiant :smile:

@Albert I’m having this same issue in my last village with tapestries falling to the ground. I’m not using any mods so I’ll try to send you a copy of the saved game later tonight and see if it helps. (R453/A11)

Have fun. Kyth.

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@Kythandra - If you hang the tapestry again in the same spot will it fall down again?

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I think yes, they do, but I’ll try again when I get home and I’ll confirm it, or not. And btw, it depends where you hang them whether it falls or stays ;).

Have fun, Kyth

If it’s reproducible, I’d love to have that save!

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