Curtains moving when using ib

When a Curtain is placed over a 2x2 window (either the Wooden Window Frame, or the Diamond Window Frame), and a building is completed using the instabuild console command, the curtain will move in the final build by x+1.

Does not occur when the hearthlings build

Does not occur when the curtain is placed without the 2x2 window (haven’t tried the other windows)

(a17, dev3000)

hmm… not sure about this one, while yes, it is a bug, it does involve console commands… @yshan do you consider bugs involving the console as bugs?

Maybe it is like my market stalls… Since they fixed the stalls placement.

You may have to create new ones, while selling the old ones. At least that is how I had to do it. Unsure why the existing ones did that though, as I am unaware that the curtains changed… However sell the bugged curtains first, then make new ones. See if that works, but still concerning of old things.

This is assuming you are using an old file; one from A16 brought into A17. If that is not the case and this a save you newly created in A17, then ignore what I just said, as that shouldn’t happen; or not suppose to in either case I would think.

it was in a fresh game I made solely for testing stuff out in d3000, so it was of no consequence to me :stuck_out_tongue: