Found bugs about 4 of them. (other people may already posted this bug)

Title: Found bugs about 4 of them. (other people may already posted this bug)

Summary: Found bugs about 4 of them but i’ll report just 2 of them for now. (the other 2 i still not sure what they really are).

Bug 1 is when installing a Tapestry (Wall-mounted Tapestry) and it not stay on the wall, instead it drop to on the floor foundation.

Bug 2 is when the new day rise and a notification show for a new character (in-game people) going to spawn, as i surpass the level of food moral and net worth. ding A character join in town and then the notification gone, it not go alone it took all my control menu with it. I can’t click or command anything for menu button, i have to force close down game and re-open into latest autosave.

Bug 3 is what i’m not sure as it a bug or not, but when starting game normally there sometime the logo “radiant” didn’t show during start up of game and had me worry as it going to be black screen bug or somethings.

Steps to reproduce: Tapestry

  1. Click on Tapestry > choose move (click on green move icon) > paste on the wall in a building.
  2. Worker pick up wooden block to make ladder go up the wall and then carry tapestry to building.
  3. As the worker hammering the tapestry to nail it to wall, the tapestry Ding! show on the floor just below position where i told work to put it up.

Expected Results: Tapestry stay on wall like other wall-mounted items does.

Actual Results: The hook or nail came off and drop Tapestry to the floor.

Versions and Mods:
Stonehearth 0.11.0 (release 453) x64 build.
No mod

System Information:
Window 10 home
Intel® Core™ i7 CPU, @ 2.80GHz
RAM: 4.00GB
64-bit OS, x64-based precessor

Heyo, @Sila_Sirivan. Welcome to the forum!

  1. The bug with the tapestry has been reported and will be fixed in the next patch (as per this thread).

  2. Did you happen to click the “x” button instead of the “Accept” or “OK” button when you got your new Hearthling? If yes, then this has also been fixed for the next patch!

  3. Has this ever made the game crash?