[3008] CTD when designing new building


Second crash so far in 3008 for me. Was designing a new structure. Since we can’t seem to Undo auto-wall placement, I’d designed a second, similar (1-story, convex-foundation) structure next to the main one I was designing, to test a layout. When I went back to the first structure, crash to desktop. I don’t recall what tool I had active at the time, or what exactly I’d just clicked on :confused:

World was a fresh 3008 one.

The other crash (NOT the one in the attachments), was from placing a 3002-designed structure in that same 3008 world. Place it, hit ‘Build’, immediate CTD. (on a second attempt using the same 3002-design, I hit edit, added and then removed a couple windows, and /then/ did Finished Editting->Build, and it proceeded without issue)

Stonehearth.log & Attachments:

crash.dmp (155.1 KB)
stonehearth_3008_CTD2.log (119.1 KB)

Is there a way to have the game not overwrite Stonehearth.log every time? (ideally, renaming the old one rather than appending to it) Whenever I have an error or crash, my first instinct is usually to restart the game and make sure it / the autosave is fine. But when I then consider reporting whatever just happened … I’ve already overwritten the log file :confused:

Versions and Mods:

Vanilla 3008 (Steam Latest branch, no mods)

System Information:

Win 7, GTX460 (768MB version), separate single monitor.

same problem I am having, seems to be a common bug with dev 3008

Another CTD when building. This one was on a leftclick on ‘empty space’ (naturally-generated ground next to the building, just to clear my current selection, which had been a segment of auto-wall on a 1-story, roofless structure still being designed).

crash.dmp (178.5 KB)
stonehearth_3008_CTD3.log (90.4 KB)

glad to know I’m not alone in this issue

I had debated appending my crashes to your thread, but decided the yours were more about crash-on-click while building, mine was crash-on-clicking-GUI-button while building. But now that we’ve gotten more, it’s sounding like it’s all the same, and I probably should’ve just put these in your thread.

this sounds like multiple issues caused by taking the same action in different parts of the game, not sure how related they are beyond that

CTD 4, when clicking to place a square of foundation tile next to a existing design, with nothing selected.

crash.dmp (154.9 KB)
stonehearth_3008_CTD4.log (39.6 KB)

Wonder if it’s useful to keep posting these, since they’re so similar (at least, from the user perspective, dunno how similar the dump information is)

I will stop posting as its harder for me to post log and dump info, you keep at it

I’m going to update graphics driver see if that does anything at all

ah, the new user restrictions :frowning: . Those seemed to end for me quite quickly (shortly after my first post, it felt like - but could’ve been longer than I’d realized), but having to put stuff on mediafire would definitely be more annoying than just uploading it as part of the posting.

yeah its a lot more time consuming

anyway, I am playing in windowed mode with v sync enabled using gtx 960 (windows 7) not sure how similar your setup is, might be useful to know

Very similar - Win7, windowed mode (drag-to-top-of-screen-style maximized), no vsync, on a GTX 460 (768mb version). Relevant chunk of user settings:
"renderer" : { "run_once" : true, "use_high_quality" : true, "enable_ssao" : false, "enable_shadows" : true, "msaa_samples" : 1, "shadow_quality" : 3, "max_lights" : 50, "max_shadows" : 3, "enable_vsync" : false, "enable_fullscreen" : false, "screen_width" : 1920, "screen_height" : 1080, "draw_distance" : 1000, "last_window_x" : 0, "last_window_y" : 0, "last_screen_x" : 0, "last_screen_y" : 0 },

CTD5: Designing a slab structure that was on a in-design building structure. Finish->Remove->I’mSure on the slab design, and the entire thing (slab design, building design, other slab design on building) seemed to be cancelled, then a second or so later came the CTD. I took one action inbetween, though I’m not sure what it was - clicking on the terrain, or ctrl-B to bring up the design interface (in case it was merely hidden, not removed).

crash.dmp (146.6 KB)

stonehearth_3008_CTD5.log (32.4 KB)

CTD6 - another Designing->Finish->Remove->I’mSure (beat) (CTD). Pure ‘building’ design, no slabs, no prefab. I’m accustomed to these giving an ingame /error/ in Dev3002 (and occasionally in A16), about failure to destroy (especially for roads). Removing a design yielding /crashes/ seems to be new to Dev3008.

crash.dmp (168.3 KB)

stonehearth_3008_CTD6.log (46.0 KB)

Edit - CTD6 seems to be reliably reproduceable for me. I’ve done it 3 times in a row now. Load the game, remove the building … next time I click, it crashes. The rar of the save is 4.2 megs, if it would be useful to upload.

CTD7: Finish confirming a building, beat, then crash. So akin to CTD6, but Build not Remove. This was in a completely new 3008 world, with no pre-existing designs used, viewed, or clicked on etc. This one is /not/ reproduceable via the save.

stonehearth.log (219.9 KB)

crash.dmp (170.0 KB)

Been a while since the last CTD. This one was painting one in-design foundation over another in-design foundation (ie, color change a portion of it). The design had a few objects on it (the 3 cooking stations), but was otherwise only the foundation. Unlike the other CTDs, the game froze for a moment, then crashed, rather than immediately crashing.

As a bonus, this log has two of the “rabbit stuck on a bed in a cave” errors - same actual rabbit, though - I tried marking it for butchering and forgot about it. When the second error popped, saw it was the same, marked-for-butcher rabbit on the same bed, so I guess the shepard couldn’t access it there either. Moved the bed, and that freed it fine. Makes for the first time I’ve gotten that error twice from one stuck critter, but I imagine the time lapse is why (~20 minutes apart).

(3008-gen’d world, no prefab designs used, no mods)

crash.dmp (153.7 KB)

stonehearth_3008_CTD8_2Rabbit.log (727.2 KB)

Thank you so much for all the crash dumps. They were very helpful!
I think I have a fix for this. Will try to get it out today.


@yshan Many thanks in advance!

Decided to allow me some stonehearth after all-day hard work, just to experience MANY CTDs in a row, couldn’t find any pattern to the cause, so I decided to search in the forum.
I would guess it has something to do with building, especially trying to place old templates, but that wasn’t the only thing which triggered the CTDs for me.

BTW, I know TR talked about this feature before, but can you guess when we will see a resolution-setting?
Can’t really test the new performance features, because my Surface Pro is aching under rendering alone.

Keep up the good work and grats to all for the good progress on features in the last updates!

stonehearth.log (57.2 KB)
crash.dmp (201.8 KB)