[2630] Trees can be planted inside a cave on floors and roads

On a whim I tried this out. It works on roads as well as floors.

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Hmmm… This could be a problem when they grow (just mayyybe).

Are you posting this as a bug, or just for discussing with others? (Just to have an idea of the category where it should go).


this could make for some interesting decorating, actually lol


Personally I find this adorable and will have to try it at home lol.

However it is probably more of a bug than anything. Imo at least

So, let’s say it’s not a bug :sweat_smile:

As long as it doesn’t produce any bugs, I think it’s better if we can plant the trees wherever we want.


those make cute “little” shrubs… also i like your design for the firepit.

Alright, I wasn’t sure if it was working as intended since it’s also growing inside, on a built floor or road without any ground for the roots. My next project is going to be an indoor garden with park benches.

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It might still be a bug. Isn’t the point of that fix to prevent trees growing on top of trees due to unlimited growth?

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The fix was to prevent trees from growing if they were too close to something that would collide with it if it grew.
There wasn’t a fix to prevent you from planting trees on top of other trees or from planting trees on stone, etc. (I mean, there’s pine trees in the mountain rocks anyway XD).




playing around with the tree glitch? lol I wanted a roof tree garden xD