[1665] Roof direction change

Attempted to change roof direction, got this bug - Just when I thought the bug was fixed :cry:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add roof to building
  2. Change direction

Here’s the first thing that happened:

Fig 1.1

After pressing the “ok” button 3 times, I got this:

Fig 1.2

EDIT: After attempting to Undo the roof to it’s original state, I got more of the same assertion failure window, and then just before reaching it’s original state, game crashed.

MORE TESTS: I attempted to do the same process in reverse, changing direction and THEN placing the roof, but no luck, the assertion failure window popped up, and then windows told me Stonehearth had stopped responding - different crash from others I’ve encountered, but still no luck.

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Nuuuu, I’d hoped that was gone too. Paging in @ponder!

I’ll experiment more to see what else I can find with roofs :blush:

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Been trying with various designs the last few minutes, and I just cannot reproduce :frowning: .

Even this abomination was handled by the game, with no errors thrown up at all :open_mouth: .



Also: take heart, @ponder, we will build Zelda-style dungeon with this tool yet! :smiley:


ok, so i’m not the only one who had that flashback… excellent! :smile:

You’re all killing… me… gah! I have an idea about some of these ASSERTs in region.cpp that I want to try out tomorrow morning. Keep fingers crossed!


Maybe I should record some gameplay to demonstrate the bug? What do you think @Ponder ?

OMG, that would be awesome. I would love you forever!


wow, just wow… I wash the guys unmentionables for months and nothing… you merely offer to record some bug footage, and suddenly everyone’s swooning…



The way to the heart is easily won with video footage :wink:


I’ll get it done as soon as I get home from class, being at class now means I don’t have access to recording software :stuck_out_tongue: So just assume I will get it to you in less than 12 hours :wink:

EDIT: Video recorded, will post in this reply as soon as I minimize the size of the video itself, since it recorded close to 8gb of data :stuck_out_tongue:

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Having trouble editing, I’ll get it up as soon as I can >_>
Sorry for the delay, should get it done tomorrow

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