Can't Switch Roof Direction

Whenever i try to build a roof i get stuck when i need to change the roof direction. First off, the buttons : front, back, left, right never change or only change upon game restart. When i click on the buttons to try and change the roof slope direction i’m blind because i have no idea what has been clicked and what hasn’t (it does make the clicking sound though). Occationally the roof will change directions but then i’m commited to that direction until i restart the game since that is the only time that the check marks denoting roof direction is altered. I’m not sure if this is a bug or not or just a problem with the builder itself or me.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a building, pick a roof
  2. try to change the roof direction using the front, back, left, right options
  3. place roof, get different roof direction
  4. try to change roof direction again

Expected Results:
different roof direction from original roof each time.

Actual Results:
Same roof direction and cannot change roof direction until next restart of game

Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 841 (x64) [M]; Many mods

tried deselecting and reselecting the roof?
it happens to me when i just set the roof and try to change it
after reselecting it changes propperly


Yea, what I was thinking. I have to actually grab on to the roof after Ive. made it.


I agree that this is one of the cases where it seems to me it would be better to select the new thing you’ve just placed and make you reselect the tool if you want to use it again, rather than going back to the tool and make you switch to the select tool to select the thing you’ve just placed if you want to edit it after seeing how it looks.