[Youtube] Stonehearth Pax Trailer Final

I did not see a topic about this new trailer:

At minute 0:36 you can see some stuff that, at least, I did not see(like this) before:
the chair
the decor on the wall
and the signe

Oh and greate cities, by the way


Oh, that decor on the wall is awesome! The shield with swords!
And the sign is changed, this one shown is not placed in the wall but in the roof?

The chair is the cathedral chair.

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Seems so.

Yeah, but the legs of the chair are shorter.

And at the beginning they have FOUR starting items. Minute 0:10
Herbalist Staff
Carpenter Saw
And hmm looks like … the trappers knife or is it the farmers items?

Staff, saw, sword and hoe. It is normal, and costed 150 gold (50 gold each, saw is free)


A lovely summation. Did anyone record the dev stream, though?

I could be mistaken, but it looks to me like the sign is attached to a single block in the corner, thus still attached to the wall not the roof.


Jup, now I see it too.

can confirm - there is a hole while building and the an normal banner is attach to the wall in the hole xD

so the chair is new (or a bug and he is sunken in the floor xD) and a new sword deco ^^

i dont know why but i think i have seen the sword deco anywhere before -.-

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That chair is just the fine cathedral chair.


The music is so great. Still has the familiar themes but it’s just so - uh, something. Like modern but retro and fast and stuff. The editing’s also pretty smooth (now I just wish I could jump-cut in-game :stuck_out_tongue:). I played Stonehearth again yesterday, for the first time in a while, right after seeing this trailer.